Setting a device in managed kiosk mode:

Part 1 – Reset Device To Factory Settings

  1. Power device OFF
  2. Connect keyboard and mouse
  3. Insert paperclip in reset hole next to SD card slot (Above the lock slot, to the left of the SD slot)
  4. While holding the paperclip in, press and release the power button to turn the box on
  5. A screen will appear that says “Chrome OS is missing…”
  6. Release the paperclip
  7. Press CTRL + D
  8. Press and release the reset button once using the paperclip, the box will reboot quickly
  9. A screen will appear that says “OS verification is OFF”
  10. Press SPACE, then press ENTER to confirm resetting the device.


The device is now reset and you should be at the welcome screen


Part 2 – Enroll Device in CDM

  1. Complete the Connectivity setup screen
  2. Accept the agreement
  3. At the sign-in screen, DO NOT LOG IN – Press CTRL + ALT  + E
  4. The sign-in screen should now say “Enterprise Enrollment”
  5. Sign in to complete enterprise enrollment


Part 3 – Publish the Arreya app to an organization (OU)

  1. Log in to your Google Admin console at
  2. Click [Device management]
  3. Click [Chrome management] on the left
  4. Click [Device Settings]
  5. Select the OU you would like to configure on the left, or create a new one
  6. Scroll down to “Kiosk Apps”
  7. Click [Manage Kiosk Applications]
  8. Click [Chrome Web Store]
  9. Search for “Arreya”
  10. Click [Add]
  11. Click [Save]
  12. Under “Kiosk Settings” and “Single App Kiosk” is “Auto-Launch Kiosk App”
  13. Select Arreya in the list below “Auto-Launch Kiosk App”
  14. Click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the page


The devices in the selected OU will now be set to auto-launch Arreya in Kiosk Mode. Be sure to move your devices to this OU. 


Part 4 – Pair your device with an Arreya channel

  1. Power on your Chrome device, verify it starts the Arreya app and displays a 4 character pair code
  2. Log in to your Arreya account
  3. Under “Management” menu click [Devices]
  4. Click [+ Add Device]
  5. Enter a name for your device and the 4 character code displayed on the device
  6. Click [Add Device!]