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Create Digital Communication in Public Spaces

Arreya provides the tools so you can create a custom display that reaches your audience with information they need.

Our digital signage software solution also integrates videos, photos and dynamic information to give visitors that complete resource of information.

Plus this public communication solution is easy to update and create without having to know any coding or complicated design. When using Arreya you can change a calendar of events in seconds and schedule an announcement 

• Smart Kiosks
• Directory Listings
• Safety Announcements

• Marketing Messages
• Promotional Videos
• Wayfinding Maps
• Events Calendar


Current reports for your area or others to keep visitors and staff posted on the latest conditions.

RSS News Feed

Keep current news and information available to all employees through your digital signage with RSS feeds. Broadcast Twitter or news feeds live.


Setup Maps and Content

The built in studio lets you add text, icons, color blocks and shapes to create your wayfinding map. Our free form editor lets you add content like photos or videos onto your pages for further information.

SAM CERTIFIED – ready to implement into government agencies for local, state or federal digital signage displays

SECURE KIOSK MODE – be confident knowing your devices only display your government agencies content. Prevent viewers from tampering or viewing unwanted web content.

REMOTE MANAGEMENT  – securely control the content of your government agency digital signage display from anywhere. Assign administration roles for each user.

SMART CITY CONNECTIONS – Interactive wayfinding and informational kiosks connect people to instant information at your government agency. Use touchscreens, voice recognition, AI assistance and Machine Learning for fast responses. Integrate Google translation for a multi-language interface to exceed ADA requirements.


Arreya Digital Signage Can Help You:


by making updates from anywhere and deploying to specific locations across the globe. Notify personnel and their families of events, alerts and military community news.


Interactive self-service public kiosks put critical information at everyone’s fingertips. Direct veterans and visitors to their destinations in military and government facilities. Wayfinding can be easily updated when departments relocate.  


using interactive museum exhibits. Tell visitors the history of National Parks, historic battlefields or buildings. Update or change digital content when new information is published or the exhibit is updated.


on calendars that can be updated directly in Arreya or Google Calendar. Flight information directories, city hall, courtroom, conference rooms and public agency schedules can be posted directly at entrances.

As a Result Many Government Places Are Having Digital Success

Chrome Offers an Affordable Digital Signage Experience

Advanced yet Reliable

Chrome is an easy-to-use powerful platform, created and supported by Google. Provides a secure, worry-free experience that is simple to integrate and a leader in today’s digital world.

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are small computers that provide all the speed and power you need for digital signage.

Complete Management

Chrome Enterprise Management provides access and control of your device from anywhere. Locks your display into kiosk mode, provides complete security, and manages a network of screens.

What Makes Arreya a Great Tool for Government Digital Signage?

Easy platform with lots of features to create and change dynamic content quickly.

We needed something that was easy to create dynamic and visually appealing content. We further determined that it needed be something that could be updated from remote locations in a hurry.

And then I found Arreya….

Arreya met every single one of the requirements we had. The cloud-based platform allows us to remotely manage the display content from where ever. The simple and straightforward user interface for creating displays required very little learning and with the fantastic templates provided by Arreya the initial set up time was minimal.”

Jon Ellwood, City of Hanahan

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• An fully functional Arreya account with every option active
• The ability to set up, design, and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices
No software to download or hardware to purchase
• No credit card needed

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