Government Digital Signage

Distribute secure digital content to promote services and inform the public.
From state parks to military bases, discover one platform that provides everything.

Arreya provides tools to create a custom government digital signage that reaches your audience with the info they need.

Our digital signage software can add media and info to get visitors the complete resource that they need.

Also this tool is easy to create with, without the need to know any coding or how to design. Moreover you can make updates and change content then and there.

• Smart Kiosks
• Directory Listings
• Safety Messages

• Marketing Displays
• Video Promotion
• Wayfinding Maps
• Events Calendar


Current reports for your area or others to keep visitors and staff posted on the latest forecast.

RSS News Feed

Make news on hand for all staff through your digital signage with RSS feeds. Even broadcast Twitter or news feeds live.

Setup Maps and Content

The editor lets you add text, icons, and shapes to create wayfinding maps. Also add media and more to evolve content further.

SAM CERTIFIED – ready to use in agencies for local, state, or federal digital signage displays.

SECURE KIOSK MODE – know that your devices only display your government digital signage content. Also prevent viewers from messing with devices or from viewing unwanted web content.

REMOTE MANAGEMENT  – securely control the content of your government digital signage from anywhere. Further assign admin roles for each user.

SMART CITY KIOSKS – wayfinding and kiosks connect people to instant info at your agencies. Use voice recognition, AI backing, Google Translate, and machine learning for fast responses.

Arreya Digital Signage Can Help You:


Make updates from anywhere and deploy content to locations across the globe. As well as notify staff and their families of events, alerts, and military news.


Interactive public kiosks get info into everyone’s hands. Likewise direct visitors to areas in your spaces. Also wayfinding can be easily updated when departments move.


Use touch screen museum displays to tell visitors the history of National Parks, historic battlefields, buildings, and more. Also easily update digital content when new data is published.


Make use of calendars through Arreya or add Google Calendars. Moreover flight info, city hall, courtroom, conference room, and public agency schedules can be posted directly at entrances.

What Makes Arreya a Great Tool for Government Digital Signage?

Easy platform with features to create and change strong content quickly.

We needed something that was easy to create dynamic and visually appealing content. We further determined that it needed be something that could be updated from remote locations in a hurry.

And then I found Arreya….

Arreya met every single one of the requirements we had. The cloud-based platform allows us to remotely manage the display content from where ever. The simple user interface for creating displays required very little learning. With the fantastic templates provided by Arreya the initial set up time was minimal.”

Jon Ellwood, City of Hanahan


Reduce maintenance and increase reliability

Fast to deploy. Once up and running, automatic updates and long-term support ensure ongoing reliability and performance.

Monitor and manage it all, remotely

Easily check the status of devices, receive proactive alerts, and remotely reboot if errors occur.

Keep systems secure and data safe

Includes regular security updates and built-in protections. It blocks executable file, and secures your files.

As a Result Many Government Locations Are Having Digital Success

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