Add Digital Signage In Your School

Arreya provides the tools so you can run a custom digital signage in your schools lobby, cafeterias and hallways.

Our school software solution also integrates videos, photos and dynamic information to give students that complete resource for school communications.

Plus this school signage solution is easy to update and create without having to know any programming. When using Arreya you can schedule daily school messaging and display school calendars

• School Events
• Daily Schedules
• Live School Feeds

• Twitter Feeds
• Recognition
• Alerts and Cancellations

Google Integration

Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Calendar can be used for easy access to Arreya content by multiple personnel without accessing the Arreya software.


Twitter Feeds

Upload and control your school twitter feed content directly from your phone to your digital signage without accessing your Arreya dashboard.



Quickly produce alerts for school security threats and deploy for instant viewing across your digital signage content.

Recognize Students – Broadcast students awards, achievements and live events for increased student involvement and productivity.

Easy, Instant Updates – Capture events when they happen by taking photos on your phone and uploading directly to your Arreya Digital Signage.

Save Time and Money – No more costly newsletters or emails that never get read, instead, share your personal Arreya URL with parents for viewing on tablets, phones and computers..

Use Your Google App – Schedule calendars and slideshows directly in Arreya or use your favorite Google Apps

Arreya Digital Signage Can Help You:


Students like to see their photos on the digital signage. It is an attractive and cost effective way to keep students interested in what is going on at school.


Scroll event reminders with a marquee on your digital signage and broadcast live events for parents and relatives who can’t attend the event.


The easy to use Arreya software allows you to schedule in advance data updates to things like lunch menus, events, and class times.


Eliminate morning announcements that take up valuable class instruction time and are ignored by students.

As a Result Many Schools Large and Small Have Digital Success

Chrome Offers an Affordable Digital Signage Experience

Advanced yet Reliable

Chrome is an easy-to-use powerful platform, created and supported by Google. Provides a secure, worry-free experience that is simple to integrate and a leader in today’s digital world.

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are small computers that provide all the speed and power you need for digital signage.

Complete Management

Chrome Enterprise Management provides access and control of your device from anywhere. Locks your display into kiosk mode, provides complete security, and manages a network of screens.

What makes Arreya a great tool for school signage?

Integrating into schools is simple and keeping your students informed with current content is easy!

“Your team has been A DREAM to work with! …The fact that any faculty, staff or student can go to our URL and have the content on their device is FANTASTIC! This is a HUGE improvement over our current sign solution. Thank you for following up, you have been AWESOME..”

Dave Hirschler, Marketing Content Manager, Ohio Christian University

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Terms and Conditions


• An fully functional Arreya account with every option active
• The ability to set up, design, and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices
No software to download or hardware to purchase
• No credit card needed

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