Digital Signage for Employee Communications


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Reach All Employees – Share your digital signage to employees at all locations including remote and traveling employees.

Broadcast Live  – Upload training videos and live events without pre-conversion.

Celebrate Wins – Recognize employee sales, customer service wins, birthdays, and more.

Easy Content Design – Create your content using the included Creative Studio. Similar to popular design programs with drag-n-drop features.

Arreya Digital Signage Can Help You:


Use the Twitter Widget or RSS Widget to display dynamic news content on your company or industry related topics to keep your employees informed.


Sync your calendars with your digital signage for automatic updates to upcoming events, cafeteria menus and even company charity programs.


Use the slideshow widget to recognize great work, promotions, awards and welcome new employees. Promote real time achievements in call centers and sales teams.


Use Google Sheets integration to show live statistics, stock prices, production goals, or other live data.

Top Digital Signage Features for Employee Communications


Live stream events, meetings or show product demonstrations. Upload training videos for employees to access from any location for review.

Google Apps

Use your Google Calendar for automatic updates to your digital signage events. Share the calendar with multiple people for easy updates from multiple departments and locations.

RSS Feeds

Keep current news and information available to all employees through your digital signage with RSS feeds. Broadcast Twitter or news feeds live.


 Flow live data to your digital signage with Google Sheets. Set up your data once and it will automatically update the information your employees see.

As a Result Many Companies Large and Small Have Employee Communication Success

Chrome Offers an Affordable Digital Signage Experience

Advanced yet Reliable

Chrome is an easy-to-use powerful platform, created and supported by Google. Provides a secure, worry-free experience that is simple to integrate and a leader in today’s digital world.

Powerful yet Affordable

Chrome devices are small computers that provide all the speed and power you need for digital signage.

Complete Management

Chrome Enterprise Management provides access and control of your device from anywhere. Locks your display into kiosk mode, provides complete security, and manages a network of screens.

What makes Arreya a great tool for employee communications?

Employees out of the office can view the digital signage content on their phones or tablets.

“We are comfortable with the platform and templates. We are so happy with the outcome. You did amazing!”

Sarah Smith – Office Manager, Bickerstaff Parham

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• The ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices
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