Employee Digital Signage  

Implement a digital system to engage employees and add culture to the workplace.
From dashboards to phones in the field, use one platform that provides everything.

Arreya provides the tools so you can create a custom digital signage that speaks to your employees.

Our employee communications digital signage solution can add videos, data feeds, Twitter, and more to give staff a resource to stay engaged.

Plus this solution is easy to update and create without having to know any coding or have design skills. Also change messages in seconds and easily share them with employee phones.

• Daily Messaging
• Events Calendar
• Employee Recognition

• Progress Reports
• Training Videos
• Company News
• Industry News

Employee Communications Digital Signage


Live stream events, meetings, or show product features. Also upload training videos for staff to access from anyhere for review.

Employee Communications Digital Signage

RSS News Feeds

Show current news for all staff to see on digital signage with RSS feeds. Moreovoer broadcast Twitter or news feeds live.

Employee Communications Digital Signage

Web Content Integration

Insert live data from your website or internal analytics. Set up your data and it will auto update when stats change.

Reach All Employees – Share digital signage to staff at all locations even those who are remote.

Broadcast Live  – Upload training videos and live events without the need to reformat them.

Celebrate Wins – Show employee sales, customer service wins, birthdays, and more.

Easy Content Design – Create content using the Creative Studio which is similar to design programs with drag-n-drop features.

Employee Communications Digital Signage

Arreya Digital Signage Can Help You:


Use the Twitter Widget or RSS Widget to display company news or industry related topics to keep your staff informed.


Sync your calendars with your digital signage to show updates for upcoming events, menus, charity programs, and more.


Use the slideshow widget to show off great work, praise promotions, awards, and welcome the new staff.


Use Google Sheets integration to show live statistics, stock prices, production goals, and other live data.

As a Result Many Companies Large and Small Have Employee Communication Success

What makes Arreya a great tool for employee communications?

Employees out of the office can view the digital signage content on their phones or tablets.

“We are comfortable with the platform and templates. We are so happy with the outcome. You did amazing!”

Sarah Smith – Office Manager, Bickerstaff Parham


Reduce maintenance and increase reliability

Fast to deploy. Once up and running, automatic updates and long-term support ensure ongoing reliability and performance.

Monitor and manage it all, remotely

Easily check the status of devices, receive proactive alerts, and remotely reboot if errors occur.

Keep systems secure and data safe

Includes regular security updates and built-in protections. It blocks executable file, and secures your files.