Put Common Areas to Work with Digital Signage

Whether you own a restaurant, retail, business or home services franchise–each site location has a front entrance, lobby, or common area perfect for digital signage. Placing screens in the right place can increase add-on sales, promote new services, or educate customers in a fun, fresh and interactive way. If you’re not putting these spaces to work, you’re missing a great opportunity to boost sales and engage customers.

Why Franchises Choose Arreya

Arreya makes it easy to incorporate digital signage screens for an unlimited number of domestic and international locations. Our best-in-class digital signage software gives you and your team the tools they need to create great content and produce engaging presentations. And the best part? Arreya is super easy to implement and deploy with minimal lift or impact to your IT team. Plus, we custom fabricate kiosks, displays, and screen enclosures to match any brand, theme, or interior design palette. Get everything you need to launch and grow a digital signage program with Arreya.


Everything in ONE Enterprise Solution

Implement the best solution to create, publish, schedule, and manage digital content. From our complete Creative Studio to our unique widgets that makes customizing presentations and layering in graphics fast and easy–Arreya is the only solution you’ll ever need.
• Drag-and-Drop Software Anyone Can Use

• Fully-Loaded Content Creation Creative Studio

• Create Video and Touch Screen Presentations

• Super Flexible Scheduler

• FREE Design Templates

• Use with a Variety of Devices

• Cloud-Based, Always-On, Simple to Implement

• Unlimited User Seats Per Subscription

• Remote Management

• Online Training & Knowledge Base

• Exceptional Customer Support

Franchise Verticals We Serve

We serve a variety of franchises in the US and globally. Our software makes it easy for your organization to push content to screens and mobile devices. Whether you are just starting out or are an established franchisor with over 1,000+ sites–our experienced team will guide your launch and help you scale to meet future growth.


A Leader in Kiosks, Screen Enclosures and Digital Signage Displays

Many brands want more than just a screen on a wall to incorporate digital signage into their restaurant, retail or business locations. For these customers, Arreya provides a full scope of custom fabricated signage and display services. From enclosures to wayfinding, our in-house production team will meet your franchise requirements and ensure the end result is tasteful and impactful.


Go-Live In a Few Steps

While working on a laptop computer at a table with a coffee a close up of a computer screen shows someone updating their digital signage content remotely.
To get your digital signage solution live, you need just a few things: our software, a player/device, screen, and internet connection. Our team can help you select the best devices and screens for your budget or you can work with your franchise purchasing team. Whatever you choose, we bring a variety of services to take your site live.

Setup Your Arreya Software Account + Choose Your Display Options

Getting started with Arreya is a quick process and straightforward. Simply pay for your subscription and you’re good to go. Plus, most users are efficient in our platform after a short guided training. If you want to take your program next-level, you can also add custom screen enclosures with our signage fabrication team.

Choose A Player Device

Choosing a device is essential to run your Arreya solution. We can help you choose a Google ChromeBox, Brightsign, or Raspberry Pi device that suits your budget. Get your device with us or through your franchise purchasing team.

Select a Team

We are used to working with architects and designers. Our team can recommend and help you choose from a variety of screens and sizes to best suit your location needs.

Wifi Connection

This is one of the few things we don’t provide that you will need to set up in advance to launching your digital signage program.


Templates or Custom Design Any Way You Want

Our creative studio mimics design programs without code writing and being locked into zones–so design options are limitless. Our intuitive drag-and-drop software is easy to learn so you can quickly create and manage digital signage.
• Free Form Design Without Zones

• Customize to Match Branding

• Runs with Just a Browser

• Free Templates To Get You Started