Widgets for Digital Content

Built-in integrations to add dynamic signage content onto screens.

Powerful integrations to help your content thrive with less effort.

• Real Time Communication Widgets
• Dynamic Content Widgets
• Google Widgets
• Video and Social Media Widgets
• Custom Integration Development

Real Time Communication Widgets

Time & Date

Time and Date Widget for Digital Signage

Display time and date with built-in time zone awareness for screens worldwide.


Countdown Widget

Create excitement for future events by adding a counter to track progress.


Marquee Widget

Add custom text to scroll across your screen to share announcements.


Alerts Widget for Digital Signage Mass Notification System

Trigger alerts across your digital signage and add to mass alert systems.

Hebrew Date

Hebrew Date Widget

Show time and date from the Hebrew Calendar in a variety of formats.


WebCam For Digital Signage Display - Arreya Digital Signage Suite

Enable webcams with the camera’s URL for live streams and more.

QR Generator


Produce QR codes for your digital signage content for viewers to scan.

Dynamic Content Widgets


Slideshows Widget for Digital Signage

Schedule images and videos to play in a slideshow with custom transitions.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds and News Feed Widget for Digital Signage

Pull content from feeds using free web URLs or your own paid subscriptions.


Website Widget for Digital Signage

Embed a website to display in your content or embed online signup forms.


HTML Widget

Input and alter elements such as text to match your branding guides.

Flight Data

Digital Sign Airport Display Flight Information Flight Tracker Custom Development

Show flight data on kiosks and displays outside of airports and hotels.

Financial Tickers

RSS Feeds and News Feed Widget for Digital Signage

Include stock values, stock dashboards, and provide market updates. 


Website Widget for Digital Signage

Display progress on sales, safety reports, planning, and other goals.


Beacon Widget for Connecting to Digital Displays

Nearby phones can receive a link to digital content for viewing on any device.


Listeez Integration for Creating Donor Recognition Lists

Make spreadsheet data like donor lists into columns and pages with controls.


Weather Integration for Digital Signs

Display any location’s current or future forecast in many formats.

Gallery View

Website Widget for Digital Signage

A slideshow with thumbnail previews below for touch navigation.


Healthcare Digital Signage Hospital Signage Custom Development Digital Doctor Geonetric Integration

Widgets pack designed to work with your Geonetric website data.

Google Widgets

Google Slides

Google Slides Widget for Digital Displays

Design pages in Google Slides and embed them in your Arreya content.

Google Sheets

Menu for Digital Displays Using the Google Sheets Widget

Sync cells to your content to make menus, stock tickers, and more.

Google Forms

Marquee Widget

Make RSVP forms, quizzes, order forms, collect contact info, and more.

Google Charts

Google Charts Widget for Digital Signs

Generate charts that will auto update through your Google Sheets data.

Google Maps

Google Maps Integration for Digital Screens

Include street, city, state, and other maps to help viewers locate areas.


Weather Integration for Digital Signs

This widget allows voice interaction on your digital display content.

Google Translate

Digital Signage Google Translate SMS Messaging Custom Development Widget Development Integration Arreya Digital Signage Lovers Key

Translate signage content instantly into many languages with touch.

Google Calendar

Calendar for Digital Signage Using the Google Calendar Widget

Show daily, weekly, or monthly events on a calendar that auto updates.

Video Feeds


Arreya_Digital_Signage_Template_Simple_Video-youtube widget

Feed video from YouTube, create playlists, and live stream content.

Live Streaming

YouTube Widget for Digital Displays

Embed real time live feeds such as live events, web casts, and live webcams.

Unsure How to Use a Widget?

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Custom Widget Development

Don’t See What You Need? No Worries!

Custom Integrations

If you do not see a widget that you would like for your digital content, do not worry. Our signage experts can help develop widgets for you.