Create Digital Wayfinding

Arreya provides the tools so you can create a custom interactive touch screen using maps and directory listings.

Our wayfinding software solution also integrates videos, photos and dynamic information to give visitors that complete resource for wayfinding.

Plus this wayfinding solution is easy to update and create without having to know any coding or complicated design. When using Arreya you can change a listing in seconds or add a new touch point button for a store that just opened today.

• Touchscreen Maps
• Interactive Directories
• Smart Kiosks

• Database Integration
• Translation
• Dialog Flow
• Progressive Web App

Create Touchpoints

No special programming so you can create a text button or use icons to navigate through content on maps or directories. Its easy to set up menus, back buttons, additional information, or touch to play a video.

Even integrate data sources to auto fill fields of content that get styled and formatted for directories.


Track Screen Analytics

With our built in analytics you can track and identify unique interaction on the display when a visitor touches the screen.

You can learn how many times a week the display is used or what is the most popular destination. This is all available and included in the management console. 


Setup Maps and Content

The built in studio lets you add text, icons, color blocks and shapes to create your wayfinding map. 

Our free form editor lets you add content like photos or videos onto your pages for further information

Even our dynamic widgets like weather or twitter feeds can easily be integrated.

Digital Wayfinding

Navigate visitors to a location using maps, listings and categories. Brand and design your display with custom colors, fonts and images. Even include digital signage content like videos, weather and time & date to enhance the experience.

Add touchpoints without any programming
Play animated maps to follow a path
Include additional videos, photos and text details

Organize your content in any way
Easily make updates at any moment

Digital Directory

Directory based wayfinding to search by departments, individuals or services. It’s amazing how a spreadsheet database can drive page creation and content population without having to create each page. Make a change in the database to change the digital signage.

Set up categories
Organize by room / floor information
Include photos
Provide contact information
Link YouTube videos

Text link to a phone for mobile wayfinding

Smart City Kiosk

Kiosks can welcome visitors, provide information and showcase an organization or place. But a Smart Kiosk goes beyond and will easily include multiple types of content for wayfinding and has the technology to adapt to each user. So even if they speak a different language or they can have a positive experience with your kiosk.

Voice command instruction
Language detection and translation
Motion activated
Charging stations
Enhanced reporting

Using Voice Commands

Actions like Next, Back, Home

Ask a question like how to get to cardiolog? Where is the lobby?

Touch points can be created for manual language selection


Automatic Language Detection

Up to 4 Languages

Language detection triggers content translation

Touch points can be created for manual language selection


Attract attention at the right time

Motion detection can trigger a menu page or cue audio or video to play 

Facial recognition is an option that can detect when a face is looking at the screen

Use machine learning via TensorFlow


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