Digital Wayfinding

Implement dynamic digital mapping to guide visitors through your spaces.
From lobby directories to kiosks, discover one platform that provides everything.

Our digital wayfinding software can add videos, photos, and more.

Also it is easy to create without any coding or design skills needed. Along with this you can quickly change listings and add touch points for new areas.

• Touchscreen Maps
• Interactive Directories
• Smart Kiosks

• Database Integration
• Translation
• Dialog Flow
• Progressive Web App

Create Touchpoints

Create buttons and use icons for touch screen directions, menus, and more. 

Also include data sources to auto fill fields of content for directories.


Track Screen Analytics

Track visitor touch analytics  through the software management console.

Learn how often displays are used and see high traffic locations.


Setup Maps

Also this digital wayfinding software can add text, icons, media, and shapes for maps.

Not to mention our widgets like weather or twitter can also be added.

Digital Wayfinding

Guide visitors to locations using maps. Also design displays with custom colors, fonts, and media. Moreover insert weather, time & date, and more.

Add touchpoints without coding
Animated maps to show paths
Easily make live updates

Digital Directory

Create directories for users to search for locations by departments, people, or services. A database can drive page and content creation without having to create each page.

Set up groupings
Order by room & floor data
Provide contact info
Link YouTube videos
Text map links for mobile usage

Smart City Kiosk

Digital kiosks can welcome users, show facts, and provide wayfinding. Arreya has endless options wayfinding like language translation. Be sure to give each customer a positive user journey.

Voice commands
Speech translation
Motion activated
Charging stations
Analytic reports

Using Voice Commands

✔ Actions like Next, Back, Home
Ask questions about wayfinding 
✔ Touch for manual language picking


Automatic Language Detection

✔ Up to 4 languages at once
Triggers content translation
✔ Touch points for language picking

Grab Attention

✔ Motion detection can trigger a menu page or cue media to play
✔ Facial recognition for when faces are looking at the screen
✔ Machine learning with TensorFlow