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Creative Studio and Digital Signage Software

Creative Studio

The exclusive drag and drop digital content builder combines the ease of Powerpoint with the abilities of Illustrator.

  Widgets and styling tools
  Unlimited media storage
  Touchscreen capabilities
  No download needed

Dynamic Widgets

Use powerful integrations to help your content thrive with less effort. Arreya has over thirty built-in widgets as well as the option for custom integration development.

 RSS feeds
 Google apps
 Many more

Dynamic Widgets
page templates for digital signage content

Template Library

Every subscription includes pre-made templates for easily creating digital content. Simply update template colors, logos, and photos with our freeform edting.

✔  Order custom designs
  Not locked into zones
  Over 500+ templates

Chrome Digital Signage

Arreya with Chrome delivers the latest tech in digital signage with the robust security of Chrome Enterprise Management.

 Single sign-on technology
✔ Easy remote management
 Lock down in kiosk mode
 Chromebox hardware

Chrome Digital Signage Using Chromeboxes

Tech Support

The Arreya team is here to help solve your digital signage problems. Call or email us whenever you need help.

 Live support
 Talk to signage experts

Free SaaS Tech Support
Progressive Web App-PWA-Digital Signage Features

Progressive Web App

Play and edit content on any device; digital signage, phone, computer, to add to your internet of things.

  Edit content from anywhere with internet
  Make your channel an app icon for easy access

  Let customers take your content everywhere

Instant Changes

Updates you make to content will populate to signage in real time. The Arreya builder will auto update as well.

 No delays or waiting
✔ Automatic rolling updates

Instant Changes-Digital Displays
Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Your digital content continues to display even if internet is lost and will update when connection resumes.

✔  No lost information
✔  No black screens or downtime
✔  Content is cached for ease of mind

Real Time Analytics

In the dashboard see users, user devices, viewing analytics, and location analytics for insights into user interaction.

 Gain insights on user interaction
 See events occuring with content

Real Time Analytics-Insights into Digital Signage Features
Unlimited Users for Digital Signage Manager

Unlimited Users

Manage users and user permissions to keep your digital content running smoothly with no extra charge.

  Unlimited users
  Manage user permissions
✔  Included with subscription

Live Viewing

What you see in your Arreya dashboard is the same as what is displaying on your screens.

 No preview mode
 Confidence screens are displaying correctly

Live Viewing for Digital Signage

What Makes Arreya A Great Tool For Digital Signage?

An easy to use digital builder for any project.

“…the Arreya support staff is more than willing to help make our vision a reality. We had them use their system to help deploy some flight information to one of our displays which was out of scope of the usual product usage. They were on-the-spot about pulling the data and getting it integrated into our system…”

Jared Vetch, IT System Coordinator, Eastern Iowa Airport