All the tools to CreateManage and Deploy your screens

Create it Your Way

Creative Studio

With the built in free form editor you can easily create signage within your Arreya Subscription.

Pixabay Image Library

Stunning free images & royalty free stock. High quality content and videos you can directly import in.


Included are many widgets to help integrate your content with less work to keep it current.

Drag ‘n Drop Interface

With a few clicks and no coding you get to move and place your content into position.


Make it your own with fully customizable templates.


What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get. No guessing, Your viewers see what you see in the creative suite.

Included with every subscription is our amazing content design program

Easily create and edit digital signage

Simple to Manage

Remote Access

Manage your content from anywhere by simply logging into your Arreya subscription using a browser.

Assign Unlimited Users

Individualize user access with administrative or viewing privileges.

Unlimited Photo & Video Storage

Easily upload most media types with automatic conversion. No need to convert file types.

Real Time Analytics

Track success of your signage. See reports on your content and device interaction.

Lock it Down - Kiosk Mode

Ensure your devices only display your presentation and prevent the viewer from changing it to unwanted web content.

Widgets to be excited about

Dynamic content with just a few clicks

Reliable & Scaleable

Unlimited Screens

Your subscription lets you play your signage onto any number of screens. Easily scale your signage without the extra per device fees.

Instant Changes

When you update your digital sign it will appear instantly on all your devices. No waiting.

Scheduling + Recurring Schedules

Create multiple presentations for your Arreya channel and pre-schedule for hours, days or weeks.

Control Your Screens

Remotely activate devices with the ability to monitor activity.

Offline Mode

Know your content stays on and runs even if the internet connection is lost. Content is cached and plays offline.

Onto Tablets & Phones

With automatic resizing your content can reach viewers on any device with a browser.

Included with every subscription is an all-in-one manager to keep your screens running

Scheduling. Device Monitoring.  User Access. Analytics. Media Storage. Alerts.

Amazing Integration


Link your Google content like Calendars, Sheets, Slides, Charts, and Forms into your digital signage display.

YouTube Live

Livestream from YouTube or Broadcast from an event to your digital displays.


Play your twitter feeds to your screens for trendy social messaging.

Alert Messaging

Interrupt your content instantly with warnings and alerts.

Touchpoints for Interaction

Turn your content interactive to work on touchscreens with the intuitive touchpoint widget.

Internet Of Things

Use your digital signage to send and receive data to other computing devices.

Connect with Beacons

Nearby phones will receive a link to your display for mobile viewing.

A Modern Way to Run Your Screens

Reliable, Powerful, Affordable

Superior Cloud Performance

Security - Single Sign-on

Protection at every layer of the software to keep your company’s data safe and secure on the web.

Automatic Updates

You will always be running in Arreya’s latest version at no extra cost to you.

Flexibility to Scale

Have the agility to deploy new screens in less time. Sync and manage all your devices online.

Latest Technology

Your signage is aligned with today’s web-based world. Your investment will never be outdated.

Device Health Monitoring

Manage from a single place. Reboot, screen capture and receive incident alerts.

Interaction to Think About

Share your Digital Signage like a Web Site

Tablets  •  Phones  •  Kiosks

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Terms and Conditions


• An fully functional Arreya account with every option active
• The ability to set up, design, and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices
No software to download or hardware to purchase
• No credit card needed

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