Channel Based Digital Signage

One affordable subscription that plays onto any number of screens.
No additional fees for licenses, storage or users.

Why channel pricing works.

What are Channels?

Each subscription runs one channel. A channel plays onto any number of your screens you choose and they can be all over the world. In each subscription you create and edit presentations with your content. A presentation is then scheduled when to play on the channel.

Your channel plays onto any internet connected device; digital screen, kiosk, phone, computer, and more.


Channels & Presentations Digital Signage_Pricing Arreya Digital Signage
Scheduling Presentations Digital Signage Pricing Arreya Digital Signage

Scheduling Presentations

An unlimited number of presentations can be created in the subscription. A channel can only schedule one presentation to play at a time. One presentation can continuously play or you can have different presentations change out at scheduled times or days.

If you want 5 of your screens to show one message while 10 other screens show something else an additional subscription for a channel is needed. A second channel will play a presentation on 5 screens and the first channel will play a different presentation on the 10 other screens.

The cost does not increase from adding more screens. With Arreya there are NO monthly device fees.

Display the same digital content on 1, 10, or 1000 screens WITHOUT adding device fees or additional costs.

Unlimited Screens Digital Signage Pricing Arreya Digital Signage

Reliable Digital Signage

Learn How Arreya Digital Signage Is So Dependable

Live Viewing for Digital Signage

Live Viewing

What you see in your Arreya dashboard is the same as what is displaying on your screens.

Unlimited Users

Create and manage as unlimited users to keep your digital content running smoothly.

Instant Changes

Updates you make to content will auto populate on signage. Also the Arreya software will auto update.

Offline Mode

Your digital content stays on and runs even if internet is lost. Also content is cached and plays offline.

Free Tech Support

The Arreya team is here to help solve your digital signage problems. Call or email us whenever you need help.

Progressive Web App

Play and edit content on any device; digital signage, phone, computer, to add to your internet of things.

See how channel pricing works

Learn how the Arreya’s pricing can save you hundreds.

Q: What is the price per screen?

A: Arreya does NOT charge per screen, you pay the same price for one channel, no matter how many screens. This pricing method could save you hundreds on per device fees that you would be paying with our competitors.

Q: Can I add a channel at a later date?

A: Add a channel at any time. Channel subscriptions are done on a monthly basis, allowing for easy additions to your Arreya digital signage system.

Q: I don't have the time to design digital signage content. Is that something Arreya can do for me?

A: Yes! Arreya proudly boasts the ability to create designs catered to your specific digital signage needs for you. Pricing for content design is a case-by-case price, based on the scope of the project at hand. Contact us for custom quotes.

Q: If I would like live training on how to use the design software, how much does that cost?

A: It does not cost anything. One-on-one free demos and trainings are included with your Arreya Digital Signage subscription.