Utilize Office Spaces to Promote Services and Educate Customers

As a business services franchise, it’s sometimes a challenge to share with customers your wheelhouse of services. Cross selling and upselling to bigger service contracts and packages could be easier if customers had a fun and inviting way to be exposed to your full-scope of services. Digital signage can deliver your message in a video, interactive format, or animated presentation that will get their attention and also increase awareness for the add-on services you want to promote. With screens placed in key areas, exposing prospects or customers to new brand specials, packages, and services is quick and easy with Arreya.

Inside this a travel agency lobby a 3 screen video wall hangs behind the bright yellow and white trimmed desk
Overhead view looking down at a tablet being held and looked at by two people discussing their digital signage progress reports

Create Awareness for New Offers or Under Used Services

Promote and bring new services into the spotlight with digital signage. With Arreya you can quickly add information about a new service line, promote a special service, or create revenue for an under used service your business provides.

Two ladies reviewing print out in a print production office

Promote Consulting, Hiring, Printing, or Service Bundles​

Digital signage makes it easy for business services franchise owners to promote services and bundled packages. Promote on-site in your main office and push your message to customers handheld devices in real-time. Your message is sure to be noticed.

Group of business people at a table overlooking documents about their digital signage benefits

Upsell Customers to New Services and Products

Digital signage is a great way to expose customers to other service lines they may not be aware of. Posted screens in high traffic areas can help customers expand their knowledge and potentially upsell them to a service that better suits their needs in a fun and entertaining way.