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digital signage gyms and fitness center
A 24/7 Solution For Hotworx

Arreya is business critical for Hotworx, since it is responsible for displaying content on every screen of every sauna at specific times. The time zone scheduling built into Arreya allows Hotworx to offer automated workouts around the globe and in 15 minute intervals.

Custom Hardware Advice and Setup

Arreya provided a plug and play solution, using a Chromebox and Matrox video processors. Our integrator partner handled all the hardware, content creation and connection to  the 8 monitors.

Custom Development Projects

Recurring Schedules

Hotworx Fitness Studio

Digital signage should not be something to worry about often. Hotworx found the need to have recurring schedules to display fitness classes. For this reason Arreya made recurring schedules for displaying content which saves Hotworx time and money.

Language Translation

Lover's Key State Park

Digital communications should have the option to translate content for the world's diverse population. For this reason Arreya built-in Google Translate, allowing users to translate text, voice, photos, and more on interactive signage.

Hebrew Date

The Ark

Most customers stick to standard time calendars, but sometimes a request for a special format appears. For example Arreya created the Hebrew Date widget for The Ark in Chicago. Users are now able to determine time and date from the Hebrew calendar.


Mary Greeley Medical Center

Geonetric is a healthcare website standard, due to the simple interface it offers. Because of this Arreya designed a widget that takes Geonetric data and loads it into signage content.

Mass Alerts System

Austin Community College

Emergency alerts are important to ensure safety. In addition triggering Common Alerting Protocol and emergency alerts streamlines platforms. This is why Arreya made an alert system for signage on ACC campuses.

Flight Data

Cedar Rapids Airport

Figuring out if flights are on schedule, delayed, or cancelled is crucial for air travel. As a result Arreya developed a flight data tracker. In tandem with digital signage this data keeps travellers informed on trips.