Remote Communication Tools

Share a digital content stream that will reach employees in and out of the office.
From workstations to on-the-road employees, use one platform that provides everything.

Engage and connect with anyone remotely.

During this Covid-19 global crisis virtually all business has been forced to figure out how to navigate a new normal. This is a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the potential impact a successful work from home environment can have on your success—both internally and externally with your audience.

Team focused daily announcements, goals and information
Secure internal discussions, statistics and videos
Real-time analytics to see who is viewing your Arreya channel


Remote Sharing For Working From Home
Remote Sharing For Working From Home

Quickly share what’s important to keep everyone updated.

This is not the time to under-communicate but what if instead of creating more insecure emails and Zoom calls you could post a sales feed on part of your secure Arreya channel that updates daily along with employee birthdays and fun facts. With Arreya remote sharing, the content you create on your channel can be viewed at any time while working from home.

Focus individual channels of content to specific teams
• Update content from your home
Remotely manage all users and editors

Connecting to a channel takes seconds and can be viewed while having a cup of coffee.

Everyone wants to be connected to their news— effective communications help employees at their job and helps them maintain better relationships with their coworkers. With access from anywhere you can stay connected to your Arreya channel on a phone, tablet or computer – it’s easy!.

Viewing on phones, tablets, or computers
• A go-to resource at anytime
• Access using a private and secure web link – no downloads

Remote Sharing For Working From Home

Remote sharing increases company’s culture and gives a sense of belonging to those working from home.


Use the Twitter or RSS feeds to display dynamic news content on your company or industry related topics to keep your employees informed.


Live stream events or meetings. Display product demonstrations. Upload training videos. 


Sync your calendars for automatic updates to upcoming events, zoom meeting and even company charity programs.


Flow live data like stock tickers or call center reports with Google Sheets. Set up your data once and it will automatically update. 


With the slideshow widget you can recognize great work, promotions, awards and welcome new employees. 


Answer common questions and provide links to forms to download. Even provide a digital HR Resource.


Embed forms and surveys to gain insight. Show that it is worth hearing what they have to say. 


Promote real time results. Share goals achieved and recognize those involved.

Here is how Remote Sharing works.


Each channel of content can be set up for public or private sharing. A secure URL can then be shared with those working from home.


When working from home the channels URL  just needs to be entered into a current browser. An internet connection is required to play the company channel.


 The channel can be shared on any tablet, computer or phone as long as it is newer and runs a current browser.


Content can be marked private and is not searchable by the public. Users can be assigned access passwords or private links.

Top Arreya widgets used for work from home communications

You Tube

Feed video from your YouTube channel. Create playlists to shuffle, even stream live to show news and events

Google Apps

Sync your Google Calendar, Forms, Sheets, Charts and slides to feed content

RSS Feeds

Pull content into your page from a news feed


Monitor performance goals, sales achievements, safety reports, and overall efficiency

As a Result Many Companies Large and Small Have Remote Communication Success

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