Creative Studio

Included with every subscription is a creative studio design program for easily creating & editing digital display content.

• Complete free form design
• Runs on your browser
• Endless options to create content
• Play on touchscreens, mobile devices, and more

Layout Options –  So You Can Design The Way You Want

Creative Studio with Built In Templates

Use a Built in Template

Choose one of our pre-made layout templates or have us design one for you. Also each template can be custom edited.

Import Designs into the Creative Studio

Import Your Own Design

Design a custom layout in your preferred design program and then export the elements into Arreya to build in the software.

Creative Studio Digital Signage Editor

Design Your Own In Arreya

Our advanced creative studio mimics common design programs to provide you with the freedom to create unique content without writing code.

Pixabay Integration – So You Can Quickly Add Free Images and Video

Arreya allows access to import Pixabay media directly into your media gallery. Also with the ability to find free media you can design digital signage the way you need. 

Pixabay is a site where people share copyright free images and videos. Moreover all contents are released under the Pixabay License. This means that all the media is safe to use without permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial uses.

  Built into Arreya’s media manager
  No extra sign-in or download to Pixabay

User Friendly Features – So You Can Create & Edit With Ease

Creative Studio Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop Design

The editor works like the most popular design programs with drop down menus, toolbars, and controls. Also text, images, shapes, and video are easily added on screen.

What You See Is What You Get

What you create, edit, and see on screen is exactly how it will appear on your display. Also have the confidence that your signage is displaying correctly.

Dynamic Widgets

Widgets can be styled, sized, and moved to fit your design. In fact add as many widgets as you want to your layout with no zone limits. Once styled and deployed your content will update instantly to all your devices.

No Formatting

The creative studio converts your content to size for all of your devices. Never worry about needing to know any technical or coding aspects.

Media Manager – So You Can Upload, Store, and Sort Content

This tool converts content into the correct format to use in your digital signs. Also the media manager allows you to import from almost any source, edit them, and then save in the storage library.

 Automatic Conversion
 Use Your Existing Media
 Free Storage
 Built in Photo Editor

Styling Tools – So You Can Make Digital Signage Look Amazing

CSS Styles

Apply shadows, borders, rounded corners, background fills, and color to any object.


Control the opacity of any image, video, or text to blend elements together.


All objects can be placed over each other to create depth and layering effects.


Type or insert copy and format the size, color, font, spacing, alignment, and opacity.

The #1 reason customers have switched to Arreya is

Being Unable to Easily Keep Digital Signage Updated

“Our main 3 factors for switching to Arreya Digital Signage are – easy replacement of screens and compatibility with current TVs, low hardware cost and an equal or better annual subscription fee, software that is easy to use and navigate”

Nicole Fenner – Marketing Coordinator, Medeco

Assa Abloy Creative Studio
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