How to enable On-Screen Keyboard in Google Admin Console

Enabling the On Screen Keyboard is necessary for certain widgets inside of Arreya, most notably the SMS widget requires the user of a kiosk to input their phone number. While many ChromeOS devices have On Screen Keyboard enabled as a default, the safer option is to enable it in the Google Admin Console. This ensures that the kiosk functions as expected regardless of updates or changes to the configuration or firmware.


  1. Log into your Google Admin account at:
  2. From the options on the left, click and expand the Devices category, then click and expand Settings.
  3. Click Device under the settings sub-category.
    on-screen keyboard for digital displays
  4. From here, choose the Organizational Unit for which you would like to enable the On Screen Keyboard. It is important to note that enabling this in a Organizational Unit will change the setting for any device or Organizational Unit underneath it. If you enable it at the top level Organizational Unit, all devices will have On Screen Keyboard enabled.
  5. In the primary window, scroll down until you find a category of settings titled “Kiosk accessibility”
  6. Underneath “Kiosk accessibility” you will find a setting called “Kiosk on-screen keyboard”. Change the setting to “Enable on-screen keyboard” as shown.
    enable on-screen keyboard for digital signage
  7. In the top right of the screen, click Save to save your settings and have the On-Screen Keyboard enabled for your chrome devices.

How to install your Arreya channel PWA as a Kiosk app

Each Arreya channel can be deployed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and has settings to customize the look and feel of your PWA. The PWA can be force installed to managed devices via the Google Admin Console.

  1. After logging in to your Admin console, go to Devices. Arreya channel PWA as a Kiosk app
  2. In the navigation menu on the left hand side, select Chrome > Apps & extensions > Kiosks Kiosk App 
  3. Select the OU (Organization Unit) on the left hand side of the screen that you wish to configure. Only Chrome devices in this OU will have the settings applied.  
  4. Click on the KIOSKS tabKiosk App
  5. Hover your mouse on the Yellow Plus button on the bottom right corner of your screen, next click on the Add by URL option. 
  6. Enter the address of your Arreya Channel in the URL field. (e.g., click Save to add the PWA. You will be warned that permissions will automatically be granted to the web app. Click Agree to continue.
    Arreya Channel
  7.  After the PWA is added, you will see it in the App listing and the kiosk app will be installed by default. You must select the app to be automatically launched by selecting it in the drop down box next to Auto-launch app.

  8. Once you have set the app to auto launch, you can change the kiosk app settings by selecting the app in the app listing, and adjusting settings in the window on the right hand side. You need to turn on Allow App to Manage Power. We recommend turning on Enable Health Monitoring and Enable System Log Upload. Allow App to Manage Power


Please visit Getting started with Chrome Device Management  for more information regarding Chrome Device Management.

Configuring Chrome Kiosk device settings

Setting up your OU (Organization Unit) is an important step to make sure your Chrome Devices and Kiosk Device Settings are properly configured for kiosk mode.

  1. After logging in to your Admin console, go to Device Management > Chrome management.
  2. Once you are on the Chrome Management screen, click on Apps & extensions.
  3. Select the OU (Organization Unit) on the left hand side of the screen that you wish to configure. Only Chrome devices in this OU will have the settings applied.
  4. Click on the KIOSKS tab
  5. Hover your mouse on the Yellow Plus button on the bottom right corner of your screen, next click on the Chrome icon to open up the Chrome Web Store.  Search for “Arreya” and click +SELECT.
  6. Under the Kiosk Settings heading click the dropdown box under Auto-Launch Kiosk App. Select “Arreya”.
  7. After the Arreya app is selected to Auto-Launch, it is recommended to enable device health monitoring. This will give you the online and offline status of the Chrome device in your Google Admin console. Enabling device system log upload is optional, which will upload device logs every day.  Click Save in the upper right corner to confirm these settings.
  8. In the upper left, change the dropdown from Apps & extensions to Settings.  Click on DEVICE SETTINGS and scroll down to Device update settings. Under Device Update Settings, it is recommended to have Auto Update set to “Allow auto-updates” and Auto reboot after updates set to “Allow auto-reboots”
  9. Click [Save] in the upper right corner to save your changes.

Please visit Getting started with Chrome Device Management  for more information regarding Chrome Device Management.


Configuring a Chrome device with Chrome Enterprise Management (Managed Kiosk mode)



Before you Begin

Before enrolling devices into your Admin console, you will need to configure your Chrome kiosk settings (managed kiosk mode) in your admin console, otherwise the Arreya application will not start automatically. You can find information regarding configuring the Chrome device settings here:


Part 1 – Reset Device To Factory Settings (Optional)

If your device has been used in consumer/desktop mode previously, you will need to reset the device to factory settings.

  1. Power device OFF
  2. Connect keyboard and mouse
  3. Insert paperclip in reset hole next to SD card slot (Above the lock slot, to the left of the SD slot)
  4. While holding the paperclip in, press and release the power button to turn the box on
  5. A screen will appear that says “Chrome OS is missing…”
  6. Release the paperclip
  7. Press CTRL + D
  8. Press and release the reset button once using the paperclip, the box will reboot quickly
  9. A screen will appear that says “OS verification is OFF”
  10. Press SPACE, then press ENTER to confirm resetting the device.


The device is now reset and you should be at the welcome screen.


Part 2 – Enroll Device in CDM

  1. Complete the Connectivity setup screen
  2. Accept the agreement
  3. At the sign-in screen, DO NOT LOG IN – Press CTRL + ALT  + E or More Options and then select Enterprise Enrollment
  4. The sign-in screen should now say “Enterprise Enrollment”
  5. Sign in to complete enterprise enrollment


Note: You may need to move the Chrome device into the correct organization once you’ve enrolled it into your admin console. Otherwise the Arreya kiosk application might not be configured.


Part 3 – Pair your device with an Arreya channel

  1. Power on your Chrome device, verify it starts the Arreya app and displays a 4 character pair code
  2. Log in to your Arreya account
  3. Under “Management” menu click [Devices]
  4. Click [+ Add Device]
  5. Enter a name for your device and the 4 character code displayed on the device
  6. Click [Add Device!]

Where can I find the Arreya kiosk app for Chrome?

Where can I find the Arreya kiosk app for Chrome?

The Chrome Kiosk App for Arreya is found using this code in the managed kiosk apps menu. Simply type the code in and click [add]. Arreya will show up and click [set to Auto Launch].

The code is: nloplhgjobaomjdppnbcdjfgbefifbdo