Allowing Arreya through a Firewall or Content Filter

Arreya uses HTTPS (SSL) over port 443, along with secure websockets (WSS) on port 443.

  • There is a basic websocket test here – – You should be able to connect (use secure / TLS), send a mesage, and get a response.

Please allow the following URLs through your firewall to view and edit Arreya content.

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

Additional information

  • Google services such as Google Slides, YouTube, and Chrome Device Management may require additional firewall configuration to function properly. Visit for more information.
  • Other services may require additional firewall configuration.


Why is my screen blank?

A blank screen can be caused by several things.  Here are some common causes –

  1. No content is pushed live
    1. Go to [Content] > [Presentations]
    2. Click on the Green Edit button on your presentation OR click [+New Presentation]
    3. Add content and then [Push Live]
  2. No content is scheduled to play
    1. Go to [Schedules] and check to see that you have something scheduled
    2. If nothing is scheduled, click [+New Schedule]
    3. In the [+New Schedule] window, select a Presentation, Start time, End time, and a Name for the schedule
    4. Click [Create]
  3. Device or screen is powered off
    1. Check your display screen to make sure it is turned on
    2. Check that your signage device is powered on
      1. If a Chromebit, you will just need to remove the power cord and plug it back in, there is no external sign that it is powered on
      2. For Chromebox, Chromebox Commercial, and Chromebox Mini you will see a light on the front of the device
  4. Video cable is no longer connected
    1. Double check that the video cable is plugged into your digital signage device
    2. Double check that the video cable is plugged into your display device

What should I do if my device is showing “offline” in the dashboard?

An “offline” device is typically caused by an internet connection issue.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to determine the cause –

  1. Verify there are no internet outages or security changes that may affect your device
  2. In the “Device” section of the manager app, press the “refresh” button next to the device
  3. Reboot the device
  4. Reboot the device, and at the Arreya loading screen, press “Connection Test”.  If any of the tests fail please contact