For pre-owned or refurbished devices

To completely wipe all user content

  1. Plug in a keyboard and monitor to the device
  2. Press [ESC] + [Refresh] + [Power]
  3. On the device itself, there is a small hole
  4. Unfold a paperclip to be able to push straight into the hole
  5. While pressing [Power] push the paperclip into the hole
  6. Once the device restarts, press [Ctrl] + [D]
  7. Press [Reset]
  8. Once the device restarts, press [Ctrl] + [D]
  9. Developer mode will load for about 5 minutes
  10. Once developer mode has loaded, press [Spacebar]
  11. Press [Enter]
  12. The System will reboot once again
  13. Congratulations, you have now learned about resetting a chrome device