API Reference

Arreya offers a REST style API. Our API has accepts URL encoded data, form-encoded request bodies, JSON formatted bodies, and uses standard HTTPS responses and authentication.



Arreya’s API uses API keys to authenticate requests. Information on locating your API Key can be found at



  • [YOUR CHANNEL] – The name of the Arreya channel you want to issue alerts for, information on locating your channel name can be found at
  • [YOUR API KEY] – The API key for the channel you want to issue alerts for
  • Supports GET and POST requests
  • Supports POST of CAP xml
  • Supports parameters as url parameters, form data, or JSON post
Parameter Description
icon Optional, available icons –
title Title text
message Message body
color Optional, controls the text color
background Optional, uses CSS color values, can also use images with CSS url property
timeout How long the message stays on the display. Send a timeout of 0 to clear any active alerts.
animation Optional, animate the icon using one of the animations from
apiKey Your channel API Key

Example request URL:

https://[YOUR CHANNEL][YOUR API KEY]&icon=exclamation-triangle&message=This%20is%20a%20test&background=red&color=white&title=ALERT%20TESTING&

You can run this simple test in your browser by inserting your API key and your channel name