Simplify Multiple Location Communications with Digital Signage

Simplify Multiple Location Communications with Digital Signage


Digital Sign Employee Call Center DisplayMany businesses have remote employees or multiple offices spread worldwide. The task of communicating effectively across the multiple locations is a challenge. Emails or newsletters are lost or ignored and they are not secure, so internal communications run the risk of getting beyond the office walls. Most companies avoid publishing sensitive information or information that is not relevant to all employees.  Multiple location digital signage has unshackled the way corporations communicate and brought back the individualized employee communications lacking in today’s global economy.


cloud com·put·ingGoogle Chrome Digital Sign Devices

the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

In simple terms, the cloud has changed the business world. Business’s internal communications can happen face-to-face even if they aren’t in the same room or on same continent. Essentially removing the roadblocks imposed by traditional employee and office communications. Remote employees and offices no longer have to feel left out in the cold and isolated from the daily corporate happenings or the corporate vision and mission.

Multiple location digital signage can be managed through the cloud and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Taking the road of other cloud based business communications, digital signage can be created, edited and managed from anywhere by logging into an online subscription. Many software programs have adopted the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, including Arreya Digital Signage Suite. There are many levels of SaaS programs, some require users to download the software to a designated computer and pay a licensing fee per device and require you to pay for updates.  Digital signage (SaaS) programs are no different. Many require licensing fees, proprietary hardware and fees for updates, special features, design and storage.

The best digital signage platform for multiple locations is one that allows you to control your content from anywhere and deploy to unlimited devices across the internet without all the extra roadblocks of software downloads, proprietary hardware, zoned content templates and extra licensing fees. Basic needs for a multiple office digital signage platform:

  • True Cloud based SaaS – The software resides on the cloud so there are no software to download. This allows for online access from any computer.
  • Secure Login – Access to the platform can be controlled
  • Multi-level Management – Allows for specified individuals to have access to specific parts of the content for individualized messages while restricting changes to other content or full access for administration. Allowing auto updates from Google sheets or other data sources adds an extra level of content security.
  • Flexible Hardware Choices – Pick the hardware that best fits each of the locations depending on need and reliability. Interactive touchscreens, kiosks or video wall options.
  • Easy to Use – Content needs to be easy to update so your content is always fresh and relevant.
  • Real Time Viewing – No preview mode. Corporate communications is only good if it gets in front of the employees. Real Time viewing allows for real time content viewing also known as WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get.
  • Kiosk Mode – Locking devices into kiosk mode makes sure your content is the only thing on the monitors. No unwanted URL access on devices.


Traditional corporate communications limit the distribution of information and do nothing for spreading the corporate values and brand. Paper communications are outdated instantly and at risk for getting outside corporate walls. Printed information is limited to general information, just like emails. Digital signage makes it easy to have consistent communications across large corporations and is secure. Content can be designed with the corporate branding, mission and vision of the company. Insuring all offices, no matter how remote, are part of the corporate message.Employee Communication Digital Signage Phone WB

Content that normally couldn’t be distributed, such as employee birthdays, wins or specific office communications, can be distributed through digital signage. Content can be divided into different information for different departments. Call centers can show call statistics or wins. Individual departments or offices can celebrate an employee’s birthday or welcome a guest.

Weather alerts can be issued for employees that work outside or on the road, giving them advance notice so schedules for deliveries or outdoor work can be alerted.

With Arreya, you can create a hierarchy of channels to categorize information. Complete corporate communications for all employees in all departments. Digital signage channels can be outward facing in lobbies with wayfinding, corporate marketing messages and videos, stock tickers, RSS news feeds and of course social media.

ACTIVATE INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENTdigital kiosk corporate lobby

Interactive touchscreens are another employee. Publish training videos to your digital signage. Employees can login and watch necessary training videos from anywhere, saving time and money used in personal training and employees traveling to a specific office for training. With the built in analytics, in Arreya, you can track which employees logged in, how long they watched and what they watched.

Videos are easily updated as they become outdated. Installations that would normally take two employees, one for training, now only take one; the training videos are the second employee.

Interactive monitors in the lobby or a public kiosk can be a source of corporate mission and vision for visitors. Publish key employee biographies, allowing visitors a glimpse at your corporate foundation. Corporate history timelines and videos can become part of digital signage and easily updated as key moments happen in the future. A corporate overview along with different office locations throughout the globe can become a part of every location. A clear, consistent message for all.

Lobby kiosks can accommodate employment applications and can be added and reviewed by the human resource department to any location without travel. Streamlining the employment process for the entire corporation.

Wayfinding can be a necessary tool in large public buildings and offices where receptionists are usually the source of directions. Valuable work time is wasted on giving visitors directions on costly printed maps. Interactive wayfinding allows visitors to find exactly where they need to go. In hospitals, wayfinding is one of the key components to making the stressful patient, visitor experience tolerable. Interactive wayfinding can be broken into different floors, department lists, or individuals all giving precise directions.  Add GIF videos to show directions along a floor map.

Employee benefit packages and corporate employee handbooks can be added to your internal digital signage and shared through a secure login. No more costly printed employee handbooks, that are outdated or thrown into a drawer instantly. Digital signage gives all employees access to the corporate information wherever they are located. Updates can be handled by the human resource department and with Arreya, deployed instantly to all devices, including phones and tablets.

POWER UP HARDWAREChromebit digital signage

Software is only part of the equation to multiple location digital signage. Powerful, reliable devices that work seamlessly with the SaaS are critical to insure your corporate message is seen. Many digital signage services have proprietary hardware that is costly, but also requires manual updates to coincide with the software updates.  Because the hardware is a connection between the software and the monitors it must be compatible with both, which doesn’t always happen. Hardware updates can shut down monitors or block content information from being released to the monitors. Many digital signage softwares show content in preview mode, so even though you see your content in the editor, you don’t know what is being shown on the monitor. In the end your digital signage content is not seen and your message is lost.

Google Chrome devices along with Arreya is the most reliable and powerful platform on the digital signage market. The devices and service work seamlessly together. Updates to Google Chrome devices, like Chromebox, Chromebit and Chromebase are automatic and rolling just like the Arreya software. No extra fees for updates and with Chrome Enterprise Management, all devices can be managed remotely. The health of your devices is at your fingertips through the online Management System. Know which devices are working and if there are any issues.

The big key to a successful multiple office digital signage deployment is using hardware that isn’t a wall between the software and the monitor. Hardware should make the experience better without interfering with the transfer of content. Google Chrome devices lock into Kiosk Mode insuring your content is the only thing on the monitor. Even if the monitor loses connection, your content automatically restarts when the connection is fixed. Arreya was developed in the latest technology with a free transfer of information from the editor to the monitor with real time viewing or a WYSIWYG platform. There is no need for proprietary hardware and Arreya is hardware agnostic and tested on many devices but recommends specific hardware for it’s reliability and commercial use.

All digital signage needs a good internet connection to handle content effectively. High speed internet makes videos play consistently and loads content quickly. Even though content is cached on the Google device, internet speed is critical.


Digital signage can make corporate communications easier if done correctly. It can increase employee engagement and happiness which increases employee productivity. The right digital signage system can save money and increase the bottom line for multiple location businesses. The ripple effect can be felt throughout the corporation including the human resource department, by decreasing turnover due to employee happiness.  Multiple office digital signage makes corporate life easier.

10 Reasons to use Digital Signage for School District System Wide Communications

10 Reasons to use Digital Signage for School District System Wide Communications

Communicating with students and parents has never been more important than it is now. Security issues that school districts face to rising costs for traditional means of delivering information, edtech and digital signage for school district has become the answer to many of the issues. School districts now have the ability to create consistent system wide messaging viewable on screens, tablets and phones by all students, faculty and parents. Yet still allow for individualized school content and distribution while keeping an eye to the huge expense associated with communications for schools and edtech.

using-digital-signage-for-schools-youtube1.  COST SAVINGS

The time and expense put into newsletters, flyers, multiple edtech platforms by the schools and school districts is a large part of the schools yearly expenses only to have them ignored or lost. When my children were school age, notifications would get buried in the bottom of a book bag or lost on the bus. Many times I would miss homework assignments or events because of lost paperwork or trying to track all of the edtech sites for teacher communications.

There were numerous phone calls to the school for schedule updates. E-mails sent to teachers to learn about missed assignments or grades. All of these things take extra time by me and the school staff. Taking valuable teaching time away from educators to explain something that was sent through some other form of school communication.

Digital signage for school districts streamlines the schools communications eliminating the need for costly printing and numerous edtech sites. With Arreya Digital Signage Suite, parents and students away from the school can view the content on tablets and phones using the schools personal URL.


With the use by schools and school districts of multiple forms of communications there was always inconsistencies between the information. Wrong dates and times were printed or typed into online sites. If not corrected, I would miss appointments for parent/teacher conferences, events or deadlines for turning in forms or have to double check by calling the school or emailing the teacher.

When it came to district initiatives such as bond votes, new school planning or redistricting unless I watched the local news or subscribed to a newspaper I had no idea what was going on at that level.

With Arreya Digital Signage Suite, numerous content managers can add content to the district wide school site and deploy to the entire school system or deploy to a single school. Corrections can be deployed in an instant, along with current information or changes to venues, events due to weather, or school schedules.

phones and tablet digital signage for schools3. VIEW ON TABLETS AND PHONES

My children’s grandparents live a great distance and couldn’t travel to my children’s events. When the school’s robotic program shared competitions through a online live streaming service, it was terrific.  I could watch the competition even when I couldn’t be there and I could share the link with relatives so they could watch. Digital Signage for school districts doesn’t have to confined to monitors in the buildings. Arreya Digital Signage Suite, parents can keep up to date with school information or watch live stream events, just by bringing up the schools Arreya channel on their tablets, phones or computers.

Traditional digital signage is displayed on a few monitors located throughout a school, but in today’s world most people including students get their information from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Arreya’s modern design and deployment tools are purpose built to deliver your message to any device that can pull up a browser, by simply sharing a URL on your website, social media, beacons to name a few.


School use to be a safe place for children. I would drop them off in the morning and feel confident they were okay during the day and learning. With all the insecurity of school safety, it gives piece of mind to know what is happening at schools. Arreya allows parents to be informed through instant updates. School staff can pre-schedule content, add an instant alert, use RSS feeds and marquee messaging, or add a twitter feed directly to their Arreya channel. No waiting for updates, every update is automatically deployed live. School or school district staff can even upload photos directly from their phones.


Not all digital signage for schools is created equal.  Many make claims to be easy, but rarely is that the case without sacrificing flexibility or cost.

With the advent of Arreya Channel based content a school can create an unlimited amount of content of all types such as, calendar of events, broadcast morning announcements both slides and video,  and daily lunch menus and live stream sports, plays and concerts anywhere in the world just to scratch the surface. Districts have another tool at their disposal it is called the administrative channel.  The administrative channel is an overarching channel that manages all of the other channels within a district, content relevant to all schools can be displayed on all channels without the need to add content to each individual channel simply by using our hierarchy of content this information can be weather related closures, events, ballot initiatives or emergency notifications.   The hierarchy of content will allow the individual schools to independently create content on their specific channel as they desire and but not allow them access to other schools content.

Creating content is very easy and Arreya includes flexible content templates for the design challenged or a full free form option for those who choose, in both cases full support is included along with onboarding personal tutorials that are recorded for later review, knowledge base and YouTube tutorials that are constantly updated.

The last part is connecting your content to monitors within the school is very simple using chrome devices such as a Asus Chromebit, the devices are simple to set up into kiosk mode with chrome management or they can come preconfigured from many vendors including Arreya for a fee.  Once you have the device simply plug it into an available HDMI port and a power source and your done.


Chrome Digital Signage Touchscreen Display For SchoolsOne of the hardest challenges of school administrators is to motivate students to want to do better. Keeping students motivated from any demographic is a bigger challenge with inner city schools where school populations can be very diverse through income levels, race, nationality and intellectual levels.  One thing all students have in common, is enjoying being recognized for doing something well or better than the other students. This is an easy way to get their attention. Take photos of individual students getting a certificate or achievement award and instantly post to an individual school digital signage or across the school district.  

Students will begin to do better so they can also be recognized on the school’s digital signage. Spotlighting achievements and building confidence through a student population. Increasing graduation rates, school rankings and increasing engagement in all demographics.


Streamlining the management of the school’s communications means staff can spend their time interacting with students and teaching. What a novel concept – doing what you were hired to do! There is still time associated with keeping content current, but the easy to use intuitive Arreya digital signage service gives you many ways to do the same thing. You pick what design program you want to work in. Comfortable with Adobe products or Microsoft products, no problem. Arreya accepts all of them or design directly in Arreya using the Arreya Creative Studio.


I used to watch as school staff would spend their time writing cafeteria menus or school schedules on white boards in hopes that students would pass by them early enough in the day to see them.  Everyday, valuable time would be used to update the daily information. With Arreya digital signage pre-schedule content to post when you want for as long as you want.

Completely different presentations can be scheduled for weekend or nightly events, or to welcome student groups. Complete updates in advance when time is readily available. No morning rush to get critical school or school district information updated. No need for principals to come in earlier than usual to update information. Changes to content can be made from any computer by logging into the secure online subscription. Because Arreya is completely cloud-based, there is no software to download onto a designated computer. Updates are free and automatically roll to subscriptions.

school digital signage monitor and phone livestream video9. SPECIAL CONTENT

The schools my children attended have a historical past that was interesting to learn. Other than signage in the hall, it was difficult to read about the past of the school or the school district. Many parents want to know the sports statistics or school rankings when deciding on a particular school. This is especially true of private schools who base their income on tuition. They have to sell the parents on sending their children to the school. Arreya digital signage is the perfect edtech platform to highlight the school achievements. The school’s Arreya channel can be shared with parents to review at home or along with a tour of the facilities.

School history or Athletic Hall of Fame can be on it’s own Arreya channel within the school. Interactive content can make it easy to navigate between decades or themes. Static content can be added for a complete display.


My children were very involved in school activities and so I was involved in school activities. Each activity was branded with the school logos. School spirit is a huge part of schools and bringing together student populations. Mascots, logos and overall school and school district branding distinguish systems.  Huge revenue is generated for the school district through sales of school spirit wear. Add a store to your Arreya digital signage, allow people to order spirit wear right from your digital signage or add a QR code or link for people to access your school edtech store.

It is easy to add school spirit to Arreya digital signage. Upload logos, design with school colors, type in school slogans and add even brand with school district branding.

Digital signage for school district and edtech change the future of schools and school districts.

How they interact with students, parents and faculty has changed significantly and people are used to getting information wherever they are at the moment through smart phones, tablets and other digital media. Arreya makes it easy for school districts to manage and deploy digital signage to all the schools while saving time and money. There really isn’t a negative to using digital signage for schools, the real question is why not now?

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Expanding Chrome devices for use in Video Walls with USB HDMI adapters

Expanding Chrome devices for use in Video Walls with USB HDMI adapters

One common issue with the majority of the Chrome devices on the market today is the limitation of built in video outputs or Chrome device expansion for video walls. Devices like the ASUS Chromebit and the AOpen Chromebox Mini are limited to a single HDMI video output. Higher end Chromebox like the AOpen Chromebox Commercial, ASUS Chromebox CN60/62, or the Acer CXI2 have an additional video output in the form of a DisplayPort output which can be connected to the majority of modern displays either directly through the DisplayPort connector or via an adapter to convert the DisplayPort output to HDMI.

In Chrome OS R45, support was added for DisplayLink USB adapters that allow HDMI or DisplayPort outputs to be added to Chrome devices. The initial implementation only worked with DisplayLink USB 2.0 adapters, however Chrome OS R51 added support for USB 3.0 adapters.

Various other bugs relating unified desktop mode and surviving reboots prevented utilizing these features for digital signage.

USB HDMI chrome device expansion for video wallsWith the advent of USB DisplayLink adapter support in Chrome OS, we’re now able to add more video outputs to a Chromebox where we were limited before. This means that technically single output devices like the Chromebit and AOpen Chromebox Mini can drive more than one monitor. USB display adapter support was still limited, and only allowed multiple displays to be unified in 1 row. This limitation kept us from using the feature except in a few special use cases. 

Finally in Chrome OS R64, arranging external displays in unified desktop mode was fully implemented. This will allow Chrome OS Kiosk and WebUI apps to arrange and rotate as many displays as the hardware will support. With this feature fully implemented, multi-monitor video walls will be possible without using an additional video wall controller, matrix switch, or monitors with built in video wall functionality.

Video wall controllers scale and split a single video input for output to multiple monitors, this results in a loss in quality. Using a Chromebox with the built in video outputs and additional outputs via USB adapters, means that full resolution can be achieved on each monitor.

Arreya Tests on Chrome Device Expansion for Video Walls:

Asus Chromebox for Digital Signage and Kiosks

In our tests, we verified the display arrangement feature functions properly in Chrome OS R64 and we were able to create a 2×2 matrix of 1080p monitors. After unifying the four monitors, Chrome recognizes all four monitors as one 3840 x 2160 display that our kiosk app can display on as if it were one monitor.

A simple performance test was performed with an ASUS CHROMEBOX2-G015U Chromebox with the i7 processor. Playing a 4K video across the 2×2 video wall resulted in smooth playback. A higher end Chromebox with at least the i3 processor is likely going to be required for optimal playback across 2 or more screens.

This method of creating video walls without using an external video wall controller is still in the early stages. Currently, a higher end Chromebox required to run 3 or more displays in a video wall configuration isn’t cheap. As processing power increases and hardware costs continue to decrease we will see video walls become easier and more cost effective to implement for a broader range of clients.

Read more about Arreya Chrome integration on our website.


The Difference Between Arreya Digital Signage and Chrome Sign Builder

The Difference Between Arreya Digital Signage and Chrome Sign Builder

chrome sign builder          Arreya Creative Studio in Action


We get a lot of questions about how Chrome Sign Builder different from Arreya Digital Signage.  With a free tool called Chrome Sign Builder you have everything you need for Chrome Signs, right?  Not quite. The name Chrome Sign Builder implies that you can build digital signs, but the reality is quite different.  Chrome Sign Builder has one primary function – Scheduling existing content that is already hosted online. I think It would be a better fit to call it Chrome Sign Scheduler.  With this in mind, you have to ask – if it only schedules, how do you create and manage the content?  Keep reading to see more about how the Arreya experience is different from Chrome Sign Builder.

Arreya VS Chrome Sign Builder

One easy way to spot the difference between Arreya and Chrome Sign Builder is to look at their core features.  In the chart below you will see that Chrome Sign Builder has one core feature – scheduling content. If you look at the documentation for Sign Builder they list 4 main functions –

  1. Creating a schedule
  2. Setting a default URL
  3. Exporting the schedule file
  4. Deleting a schedule

Need to do more than that?  Then Chrome Sign Builder isn’t going to cut it.  Want to edit your existing schedule? Nope, that option hasn’t arrived since being requested back in 2015. Every time you want to make a change to your existing schedule you will need to start over completely.  There’s also some issues with the core feature of Sign Builder that will throw a wrench in your signage once it’s up and running – like this one where schedules are off by a day every new year.  But, it is free.  Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Arreya on the other hand, provides you with a complete easy-to-use package with Templates, Arreya Creative Studio, Scheduling, Management, Analytics, and more.  Of course, this package wouldn’t be complete without our outstanding support and training that is included with every subscription. Take a look at the chart and compare for yourself.

Why Arreya?

If free is your primary motivation and you are willing to spend time creating a system to manage the content, Sign Builder may be a good fit.  It’s great for DIY folks and technical people like IT or developers that understand the Admin Console, policies for kiosk apps, and have a handle on how to create and host their own content – along with the time to do it all.  It will be up to you to generate policies and apply them to the correct OU to perform an update to your signage. Keep in mind though – time is money. You will be spending an unknown amount of time piecing together parts to create a system, not including the time it will take to keep it running day to day.So, who would use Chrome Sign Builder if all it can do is schedule content?

If you are concerned with ease of use, saving time, and in turn saving money – then Arreya is your best choice.  Arreya provides all the tools you need for your digital signage system in one easy to use web interface. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features Arreya provides that are missing in Chrome Sign Builder –

  • Templates

Arreya provides a library of pre-made templates that cover our most common use cases and variations.  This includes different industries like Retail, Healthcare, and Education. There are also different formats within each category like Portrait, Landscape, and Interactive.  Templates can be modified by you for any look and feel, nothing is locked in stone.

  • Design Program

One of the biggest features Arreya provides, and that sets us apart from other solutions, is the Arreya Creative Studio.  The Arreya Creative Studio gives you a web based tool to create your content. While the main interface is similar in layout and features to other presentation and graphics programs we have enabled advanced tools like transparency, drop shadows, layers, and filters.  Combine these tools with our widgets for Sheets, Slides, Calendar, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. You have complete control over your design and we give you the tools to easily integrate content from the web.

Arreya Creative Studio in Action

Content Management             

Arreya makes it easy to bring in almost any type of file.  We make it easy with automatic conversion, and we support transparency.  Photos, Documents, etc. Videos? No problem. We convert everything automatically.  Even things like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator documents, and CAD files. Already have media assets in another service like Dropbox, Drive, or Facebook?  We can import media from almost anywhere, saving you the time and hassle of moving files around. If you are on a device with a camera attached you can also record photos or video directly in to your Arreya media library.  Need to make changes to an image? Click edit on an image and we embed the Adobe Creative Cloud photo editor. Crop, Resize, Rotate, Touch Up and add Text, all within your browser. Nothing to download, no files to manage.

Arreya media library


What good is content if you don’t know how well it performs?  Arreya includes real time analytics. With Analytics you can tell who is interacting with your content, what content they interact with, where they are at, and what device they are using.  When you combine this with interactive content and the ability to share via your Arreya URL you can actually see which content is most popular and how users interact with your content.

Arreya digital signage analytics


Arreya also supports private content.  Yes, you have a public URL, and yes, you can make it private too.  Many private organizations are successfully using Arreya for their private, internal communications – office digital signage, call center digital signage, employee kiosks, multiple location and enterprise digital signage – even for remote employees.  If you need to keep your Arreya Channel private, just change the switch from public to private. Under strict rules to keep content on your internal Network? Arreya can still work for you. Using our RSS and website widgets we can pull data from Local URLs so sensitive content never has to leave your network.  Images, Videos, Text, Data Tables, Lists, and more.

Arreya private channel


Check it out – we even share our phone number – 319-294-6671.  Have a question? Give us a call. You will talk to our team and get direct answers to your questions.  Of all the feedback we receive, our outstanding support is #1. We’re here to answer questions before and after the sale.  Need training? We record 1 on 1 training as part of your onboarding, but if you need more, contact us and we can set up a custom training session.

Automatic Updates

We update Arreya every week.  Sometimes it is big new features, sometimes it is little fixes.  Our automatic update system makes it so we can respond to your feedback quickly.  Arreya is always up to date. Nothing for you (or your IT team) to manage or worry about.  Have a new feature request, or want to report a bug? Contact us here –  Want to stay on top of the latest developments?  Check out our release notes blog here.

Arreya can schedule too, right?

Of course!  This is one area that is similar to Chrome Sign Builder.  Arreya has a similar schedule interface, allowing you to schedule what presentation shows on your channel.  We also give you a preview of your content and a quick link to open it in the Arreya Creative Studio.

TL;DR – Chrome Sign Builder doesn’t do anything more than scheduling.  If you have content and understand the technical nature of how to use it, it might work for you.  Arreya packages everything in one easy to use web interface – sign up, create content, and deploy it.

Start with our 30 day free trial and see if Arreya is right for you


10 Reasons to Use Digital Signage for Donor Walls

10 Reasons to Use Digital Signage for Donor Walls

Every fundraising entity and foundation needs to find a way to increase donations and save money. Using Digital Signage in Donor Recognition Walls is the perfect solution. Even though there is more upfront costs, the overall cost of updates is small compared to static donor wall updates. Digital Donor Recognition also allows for donor stories, events, information and other content that normally is not included in donor walls. Donor walls with Arreya also allows for sharing of the personal URL, so long distant donors can see the content, keep up with the organization and help build donor relations.

  1. Versatility – Digital signage can blend with the display that surrounds it, or be a stand-alone kiosk piece.
  2. Immediate Updates – You can add new names to your digital donor display in seconds. Even if you plan to add the name to a physical donor wall, it buys you time to make updates to static walls.
  3. Cost Effective – Once the hardware and software is in place, you can make changes to the display without any further expenses.
  4. Recognize More People – If you want to list $5-$10 donations there is nothing stopping you. All you have to do is add the name to the digital list versus having donor plaques manufactured.
  5. Get Creative – Your digital donor display can be as simple, or as creative and complex as you want to make it. That depends on the design skills of the people maintaining the display, or if you have the initial design created professionally.
  6. Tell a Story – Iowa Methodist implements Arreya for an Organ and Tissue Donor Recognition Wall, and they use the digital signage component to tell the stories of more than 70 heros. Donor stories can easily be added to digital display.
  7. Interactive Displays – Draw visitors into your display with buttons and pages that they can explore, while telling the story of your mission and cause. Allow them to interact with the touchscreen display and learn more about why they should donate.
  8. Increase Donations – On the spot donations can be made with digital kiosks. Credit card processing or pledge forms to be filled out instantly or a link can be emailed to visitors.
  9. Increase Engagement – By adding videos, social media and award announcements you increase the visitor counts to your donor wall. Periodic updates keep the content fresh and ensure recurring visits from prospective donors.
  10. It’s Easy – If you find the right digital signage platform, making and publishing changes is just a click of a few buttons.


BYOD Bridges Communication Gap for Corporations

BYOD Bridges Communication Gap for Corporations

Digital Signage Saves Time and Money

Bruce Melick, Vice President of Finance/IT for Linn Star Transfer

The need to keep employees who are on the road, traveling or working from home informed with the latest company information, leaves many companies in a bind, but Arreya offers the perfect answer for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) digital communications.

One company utilizing Arreya is Linn Star Transfer, a national delivery and installation company. Linn Star has streamlined communications, human resources, and even compliance training for truckers by adding television screens in their conference rooms and iPhones for over-the-road drivers.

Increased Adoption of Employee Owned Devices Being Used

In 2016, it is estimated that 38% of companies allowed company information to be accessed on personal devices. By 2018, it is expected that 70% of professionals will conduct business on their personally owned smart devices, nearly doubling BYOD use in just 2 years.

Arreya was developed specifically with the BYOD platform in mind. Companies that needed an affordable way to communicate and market with the growing digital trend, but could not afford to change the infrastructure of devices they were already using at their offices or wanted to add digital signage for the first time.

Communications Was a Problem For Transport Company

Linn Star Transfer is a company that offers delivery and installation services across the national for such companies as GE. Having drivers spread across the United States, the company, previous to integrating Arreya, was sending an HR employee to the drivers, or have them gather in central locations to watch training videos and update them on the newest human resources policies.

Linn Star Communicates Across the Country

  • 233 Employees
  • 130 Independent Contractors
  • 16 Locations

Arreya Digital Brings the Solution to Employees Anywhere

Linn Star created a private Arreya channel that is only viewed by employees through a password protected website. The channel was activated more than 3 years ago, and has proven to be a versatile mode of communication for the company.

Many Uses for BYOD Solutions:

  • Human resource policy updates instantly
  • Training videos to keep employees informed or compliant with regulations
  • Calendar of events or deadlines
  • Paperless employee communication without bombarding workers with emails

BYOD is a Cost-Savings Option

According to Bruce Melick – Vice President of Finance/IT at Linn Star Transfer, “the company’s Arreya subscription has absolutely been a cost-saving piece of their technology.” Upgrading internal office signage without buying expensive proprietary screens or devices, and allowing employees and independent contractors access to information at the tip of their fingers has been beneficial in saving valuable time and resources.

Whether you have 20 employees or 20,000, Unlike other digital signage suppliers that use proprietary hardware that charge per device, Arreya is ready  to connect and inform through the BYOD platform, at no extra cost. As a company, you cannot buy each of your employees signage players or proprietary devices. However, you are likely investing in laptops, cellular phones or tablets for the employees who work outside of the office anyway, and they can be used to share information with BYOD solutions.

Employees and Companies Benefit from Using BYOD

On a worldwide scale, employees like using a single device for personal and corporate purposes, and productivity goes up when companies offer that option. If employees can flip seamlessly to a work alerts and emails to personal business, they tend to spend more time on work, and productivity increases. In fact, studies have shown that workers who use a single device for work and personal use end up working an extra 30 minutes per day on average (that’s 600 minutes per month.) However, they don’t notice the extra hours put in because they are more connected to family and social circles while they work.

Protecting Security of Company Information

With employees using their own devices, there are always security issues if your company information is on a non-secure site. With Arreya, you can set up usernames and passwords for employees who access the information on personal computers and cellphones. This protects your private or proprietary information, while allowing employees the freedom to work from anywhere. It also tracks who is logging in and how long.

BYOD is Everywhere

With Arreya – you bring your own device, and simply provide a link to your display, and employees can view the latest messaging on their tablet or cellphone at home, in the airport, or anywhere. Your signage display can also be managed from any computer, anywhere, making it possible for changes to be made in an instant.

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