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White Background Animated graphic of "Black History" written in black text rising up the screen with fists punching up

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Thanksgiving Day November 24
Black Friday November 25


Light blue background with sketched news reporters on the left side of the graphic reporting if the groundhog was spotted out of the ground. Text on the bottom right of the screen reading "Can Spring Be Far Behind? Happy Groundhog Day"
Background is made up of textured green, white, and red diagonal sections. Little illustrated italian chef throwing a pizza with a chef hat on.
Ham, cheese, and tomato pizza on a wood round with a black textured background. 'National Pizza Day' written in a bold sans serif font.
Used Wilson Football sitting horizontally on a green turf field
White "Super Bowl Sunday" spanned across the screen with a photo in the background of two glasses, a bowl of chips, a remote in hand, and the tv displaying some football.
Light Pink washed out background with subtle hearts. Black and pink text span across the graphic reading "Happy Valentine's Day"
White background with Pink, green, blue, and purple hearts spanned across the graphic in lines.
White background with two red horizontal lines breaking up the middle of the graphic. On the top and bottom of the graphic there are 2 toned small and big red hearts creating a pattern.
White background with black and pink decorative handwritten text that reads "Happy Valentine's Day"
White background with frosted heart shaped cookies. Other candies like red and white kisses, red hard candy hearts, and sugar message hearts, are dispersed across the bottom and left and right side of the graphic.
Mount Rushmore heads in the background with a overlay of the american flag across the whole graphic. "Happy Presidents' Day February 20th, 2023" is written across the bottom left corner of the graphic.
Grunge looking Red, White, and Blue American Flag.
Light blue radial gradient background with white and blue stars dispersed throughout the image.
Purple background, with green and yellow stoned necklacesspread across the bottom of the graphic. Purple and yellow mask are spread across the top of the image. Scramble letters spelling our "Mardi Gras" in the center of the graphic.
A teal and gold sparkly mask with teal feather along the top centered with a blue diamond jewel. On the right top corner of the graphic there is a purple vase with a lit candle in it.
Yellow background with a purple, green, and yellow bowa positioned in the top right corner of the graphic. There also lies a pink mask with silver and gold beads along the far right of the screen.
Black and White etched out linoleum block of African-Americans working a number of different jobs. African-American History Month is spread across the bottom of the graphic in Green, yellow, and red text.
Grey grunge background with black, green, and red overlapping text spelling out Black History Month
Orange, pink, black and yellow hexagon background pattern with a purple circle. within that circle there is a square that reads "Black History Month" stacked in red, yellow, and green blocks.
Orange background white a Red heart in the middle with a White heart beat spanning across the graphic. "February NAtional Heart Month is spelled out across the bottom of the graphic in a serif font, calling out February and Heart.
White background with a sketched family surrounded by a heart and a solid red heart overlapping the sketch. National Heart Month February is on the right hand side of the graphic.

Animated Gifs

Animated groundhog popping up out of the ground looking both ways.
Illustrated animated pepperoni and sausage pizza falling down the graphic with Happy Pizza Day spelled out in the middle of the graphic.
Animated graphic of a football spanning across the bottom of the graphic with a white sign coming out of it that says "Game Day" in green in a bold serif font. Stadium lights make up the background of the images with them turning on and off.
White stars in a blue bar across the top and bottom followed by red and white lines making their way to the center of the graphic. "Happy President's Day" is flashing in the middle of the graphic in a bold sans serif font.
Purple background with dancing yellow, orange and green bold text spelling out "Mardi Gras". Across the bottom there is a trumpet, drum, and tuba being played.
Animated gif of two leaves that are moving. First one spells out "Healthy Boundaries" in between the leafs reads "lead to" and the other leaf reads "Healthy Mindsets"