How to enable On-Screen Keyboard in Google Admin Console

Enabling the On Screen Keyboard is necessary for certain widgets inside of Arreya, most notably the SMS widget requires the user of a kiosk to input their phone number. While many ChromeOS devices have On Screen Keyboard enabled as a default, the safer option is to enable it in the Google Admin Console. This ensures that the kiosk functions as expected regardless of updates or changes to the configuration or firmware.


  1. Log into your Google Admin account at:
  2. From the options on the left, click and expand the Devices category, then click and expand Settings.
  3. Click Device under the settings sub-category.
    on-screen keyboard for digital displays
  4. From here, choose the Organizational Unit for which you would like to enable the On Screen Keyboard. It is important to note that enabling this in a Organizational Unit will change the setting for any device or Organizational Unit underneath it. If you enable it at the top level Organizational Unit, all devices will have On Screen Keyboard enabled.
  5. In the primary window, scroll down until you find a category of settings titled “Kiosk accessibility”
  6. Underneath “Kiosk accessibility” you will find a setting called “Kiosk on-screen keyboard”. Change the setting to “Enable on-screen keyboard” as shown.
    enable on-screen keyboard for digital signage
  7. In the top right of the screen, click Save to save your settings and have the On-Screen Keyboard enabled for your chrome devices.

How to use the SMS Widget


The SMS widget requires user input. An on screen keyboard should be configured for the device if available.

  1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] then [Presentations]
  2. Select the green [Edit] button on the desired presentation
  3. Select [SMS] from the [Widgets] drop down menu
  4. In the ‘Message’ field you can enter the body of the text message that the user will receive. In the ‘Text’ field you can edit the button text that will display on the touch point.
  5. Click [OK] once finished to insert the new SMS touch point.
    1. It is important that you have an on screen keyboard configured on the device that is running the Arreya App. If this is not configured the user will have no way of entering their phone number.
  6. Remember to save your changes by pushing the green [Push Live] button in the top right of the editor