How do I force Chrome device display resolution?


The Google Admin console allows you to force the resolution and display scale of the internal or external display output for Chrome devices. This may be useful for hardware that doesn’t properly negotiate resolution with the Chrome device. It could also be useful in certain cases where you want to use a lower resolution than what the display is capable of displaying.

  1. After logging in to your Google Admin console, go to the Device Management section.
  2. On the left hand side navigation menu, go to Chrome > Settings > Device to access device admin display resolution
  3. Select the appropriate Organizational Unit (OU) on the left hand side that you would like to apply the settings to.
  4. Under the Device Settings tab, scroll down, or search for the Display settings heading.display resolution
    Allow user changesAllow users to overwrite predefined display settings (recommended): This allows a user to override these settings in desktop mode.
    Do not allow user changes for predefined display settings: This will not allow these settings to be changed by a user
    External resolutionAlways use native resolution: Use the auto-detected resolution
    Use custom resolution:
    Select this option if you want to force the Chromebox to output at a specified resolution for all external monitors.
    External display width (in pixels)Desired custom resolution width in pixels
    External display height (in pixels)Desired custom resolution height in pixels
    External display scale (percentage)Set a custom external display scale percentage
    Internal display scale (percentage)Set a custom internal display scale percentage