You may need to limit access to digital signage content if proprietary or sensitive information is displayed. By default, your Arreya channel is publicly viewable via your channel URL. This means anyone with your URL can view your content from a web browser. However, your Arreya channel is not indexed and cannot be searched through search engines like Google. Marking your channel private will restrict access to view your content by requiring users to log in to Arreya with an account that you have created.


Arreya channel manager

Marking your Channel Private

To mark an Arreya channel private, first log in to your dashboard. In the upper right corner, click the channel drop down, and click “Create & Manage Channels.” Next, navigate to the channel that you wish to mark private, and click the public toggle to mark the channel private. Marking a channel private will not affect devices that are paired to the Arreya channel.

Creating a Sharing Link


sharing link for Arreya channel

You can create a sharing link if you wish to share your content temporarily without requiring a user to sign in to Arreya. Click the Settings button next to the channel you wish to share. Then, in the sharing tab, click the Link Sharing checkbox. You can share this URL for users to view the content without signing in. If you wish to disable this link in the future, simply uncheck the Link Sharing checkbox.

Restricting Access to a Public IP Address

Restrict access to specific IP Addresses in Arreya channel manager

Another way to limit access to your Arreya digital signage content, is by restricting access to a public IP address. Limiting access by IP will prevent access to the entire Arreya account including logging in to the dashboard. Take caution, as changes take effect immediately, and could lock you out of your Arreya account. Click the Settings button next to the channel you wish to limit access to by IP address. Next, in the Security tab, enter the IP address, or addresses you wish to allow. Multiple IP addresses should be separated with a comma with no space. Click Ok to apply the changes.