1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] then [Presentations]
  2. Select the green Edit button the desired presentation
  3. Select [RSS Feed] from the [Widgets] drop down menu
  4. Use the [Feed URL] field to choose the URL for your desired feed
  5. Use the [Widget Format]  drop down to choose how the feed is formatted
  6. Use the  [Item Animation] drop down to choose the transition style between RSS items
  7. Use the [Max Items] field to choose the maximum amount of feed items to be displayed
  8. Use the [Separator] field to select a separator for between feed items
  9. Use the [Title] switch to choose whether to display feed item titles
  10. Use the [Description] switch to choose whether to display feed item descriptions
  11. Click [Ok] to insert the RSS widget
  12. Remember to save your changes by pushing the green [Push Live] button in the top right of the editor