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To display your Google Slides presentation within your Arreya presentation, follow these instructions –


  1. Create your Google Slides presentation

  2. Publish your Slides presentation to the web

    1. Go to [File] -> [Publish to the web…]
    2. Click [Embed]
    3. Choose “Large” size
    4. Adjust your options
      1. Auto-advance timing
      2. Start slideshow as soon as player loads
      3. Restart slideshow at the end
    5. Click [Publish]
    6. Click [OK] to publish to the web
    7. You will need to copy PART of the link displayed in the box.  Find the part that begins with src=” and ends with .  This URL can be displayed in Arreya.  Here is an example, the part we need is in bold.
      1. <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”1620″ height=”2909″ allowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>
  3. Embed the Slides presentation within Arreya

    1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] -> [Presentations]
    2. Click edit next to the presentation you would like to change
    3. Click [Widgets] -> [Website]
    4. Paste the link for your published Google Slides presentation
    5. Add &rm=minimal to the end of your link (this removes the Slides toolbar)
    6. Click [OK]