The Arreya manager has four different user roles. They are: Viewer, Manager, Admin, and Owner.

In this article, we will define these four roles, and outline the scenarios in which they would be beneficial.











The Viewer role has the least permissions of all Arreya user roles. Viewers are only allowed to view live, scheduled presentations. Viewers are not able to make any changes to Arreya content or schedules, and they are not able to access any other pages in the Arreya account. The Viewer role is useful for sharing digital signage content with individuals who shouldn’t be able to make changes to content or schedules.


The Manager role is one step above the Viewer role in terms of permissions. Managers are able to update schedules, edit and create new presentations, and access all of the Arreya account aside from billing information. Managers cannot purchase additional channels, nor can they view payment information. The manager role is useful for granting access to individuals who should be able to edit and schedule digital signage content, but should not have access to billing information.


The Admin role is one step above the Manager role, and has the second most permissions under the Owner role. The Admin role has access to make changes to presentations and schedules, and admins can even add new channels. The only thing Admins can’t do that owners can, is view or change payment information.


The Owner role has top level permissions in the Arreya account. Owners can make any changes to their Arreya channel they wish, and they alone can update and change the payment information.

The user roles in Arreya’s user management dashboard allow organizations to grant individuals access to proper permissions. User roles can be changed or updated by Owners, Admins, and Managers at any time.

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