Chrome devices and Google’s operating system, ChromeOS, are optimal tools for digital signage. Chrome Enterprise Management and Chromeboxes combine for a digital signage experience that is secure and reliable with remote management capabilities.

Remote Management

Remote management is a critical feature in the digital signage industry, especially for clients who have hundreds or thousands of devices in multiple different locations. Chrome devices can be controlled remotely from the Google Admin Console, allowing users to reboot any device they have enrolled from one place. Users can also take screenshots, and view live content through remote desktop. The Google Admin Console allows users to lock devices down in kiosk mode. Kiosk mode is perfect for digital signage, because it prevents tampering, and ensures that the right content is being displayed. Chrome Enterprise Upgrades are required to enroll devices in the Google Admin Console.

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Enterprise Hardware

Digital signage depends on consistent and reliable hardware. The form factor of Chrome devices gives users excellent options. The AOPEN Chromebox mini is a small, but powerful device. Its dimensions are 5.9 x 2.8 x 9.8 inches, making it small enough to easily mount behind a monitor. Chrome offers an all-in-one solution as well in the form of the Chromebase. Chromebases are powerful all-in-one devices that provide an interactive digital signage experience. Chrome hardware is production ready and enterprise grade.

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Easy to Get Started

ChromeOS is a user-friendly operating system with built-in automatic updates. The Google Admin Console makes setting up devices for digital signage seamless. Devices can be programmed in the Google Admin Console to automatically download and run applications. Users receive their pre programmed devices, and all they need to do is plug them in and connect them to the internet. Kiosk mode and the Google Admin console take care of the rest.

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Optimal User Experience

Overall, using Chrome devices for digital signage provides users with the best possible experience. Management and deployment have never been easier, and the Google Admin console makes using digital signage scalable for even the largest of organizations. Robust Chrome security features like verified boot and kiosk mode protect users from unauthorized access and tampering with digital signage content.