Improving Corporate Communications with Digital Signage

Improving Corporate Communications with Digital Signage

In today’s fast-paced business world, communication is key. Effective corporate communication is critical to the success of any organization. It ensures that everyone within the company is on the same page and working towards common goals. Although traditional communication methods like email, meetings, and bulletin boards are still in use, more and more companies are turning to digital signage to enhance their corporate communication. In this blog post, we will explore the role of digital signage in modern corporate communication.  DOWNLOAD OUR Corporate Digital Signage Isometric Flowchart

Enhance Visual Corporate Communication

employee digital signage kioskVisual communication is an essential aspect of corporate communication. Using digital signage can help organizations present information in a more visually appealing way. Visual communication is also easier to remember, making it great for showcasing company goals, achievements, and other important messages. Dynamic and vivid displays used in digital signage can engage and impress employees, thereby increasing their interest and promoting better understanding and recall.

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Improve Employee Engagement

employee digital signage engagement arreyaKeeping employees informed and engaged is vital for any organization’s success. Digital signage can help organizations create visually stimulating content that communicates key messages to employees. Digital signage enhances corporate communication by increasing employee engagement and improving empathy. By using digital signage, companies can keep their employees informed about everything from company news to upcoming events, promotions, and other critical updates that might impact their work. Thus, Digital Signage creates deeper bonds between employees and the company.

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Build a Collaborative Culture

cafeteria digital menu corporate digital signage arreyaCollaboration is essential in today’s modern corporate world. Digital signage can help create a culture of collaboration within organizations by fostering an environment where people share ideas, exchange feedback, and collaborate on projects. Companies can use digital signage to share best practices, work progress, and project outcomes. By sharing data and progress in real-time, digital signage can help employees feel more engaged and invested in the successes of the department and company as a whole.

Increases Efficiency

Efficiency is key in any business. Digital signage can help organizations save time, cut costs and ensure that all staff and departments are on the same page. For example, if a company uses digital signage to display meeting schedules and conference room reservations, it can eliminate the need for printed schedules or spreadsheets, which can take time to update and distribute. Digital signage can also be used for training and onboarding of new employees. Thus, Digital Signage makes everyone more effective in their roles.

Provide Real-time Feedback

corporate digital signage employee manufacturing arreyaDigital signage can be used to provide real-time feedback to employees. It can be used to measure employee satisfaction and engagement through interactive feedback systems. Companies can get real-time feedback from employees can pick up on issues earlier, and take corrective action to address them. By having this information readily accessible to management, digital signage can be used to improve employee morale and retention.

Digital signage is transforming corporate communication for the better. It enhances visual communication, builds collaboration, increases efficiency, and provides instant feedback to employees. As more and more companies adopt this technology, it is no longer a unique idea but a common infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. It will become the backbone of tomorrow’s successful companies. Companies that invest in digital signage stand to benefit significantly from better communication, employee engagement, and efficiency, making it a wise choice for any organization looking to improve its corporate communication.

How to Use Digital Signage for Manufacturing Operations

How to Use Digital Signage for Manufacturing Operations

Efficiency is key to success in the manufacturing industry. Everything from employee schedules, training and onboarding, equipment location and maintenance, and energy usage needs to be tracked and planned carefully. Manufacturing organizations are using digital signage to streamline communication, and to make operations more efficient. 

Monitoring Plant Energy Usage

manufacturing digital signage statisticsOrganizations are being pushed to be more energy efficient and environmentally, now more than ever before. Energy and material usage not only affects the global environment, but bottom lines as well.  Digital signage is an excellent tool for manufacturing organizations to monitor their usage of water, electricity, natural gas, or any other material of value. Making data on energy consumption more transparent helps to inform decisions.


Improve Employee Communications

manufacturing digital signage PWAManufacturing firms need a way to organize and display complex scheduling information across multiple shifts and departments. AppSheet combined with a powerful digital signage software, creates customizable scheduling applications for individual manufacturers needs. AppSheet creates the schedule and its structure, and digital signage software makes it accessible to any permitted person with stable internet access.  Arreya integrates with AppSheet and other Google products for easy, automated updates.

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Display Safety Protocols and Metrics

warehouse safety digital signageSafety of employees and visitors is of utmost importance for manufacturers. Safety guidelines and industry standards must be followed at all times to prevent liability and injury.

Manufacturers use digital signage software to regularly update their safety videos and procedures. Employees can clearly see safety requirements at all times, whether they are on location, or permitted to view content from their own devices. Rules and regulations change from state to state, so large manufacturers spanning several states or countries may use separate channels of digital signage content in order to keep regulations current and accurate based on location. 


Company-Wide Scalability

Manufacturing organizations need tools that allow them to display information on thousands of screens, nationwide, and all across the globe in some instances. Channel-based digital signage pricing allows them to play one monthly fee to display the same content on unlimited screens. Channel-based pricing makes digital signage much more scalable for manufacturers than per-screen pricing. 

Inventory Management

digital signage manufacturing industry equipmentIt’s critical to the success of a business to have all the inventory and equipment they need to be fully operational. Manufacturing firms are using digital signage to display real time inventory data. They even set up alerts to notify them when they are running low on inventory. They use this data to place orders, and they also use it to set proper expectations for clients and vendors.

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Streamline Operations with Digital Signage

manufacturing digital signageGetting the right people, equipment, and resources to the right place at the right time is tough. Manufacturing organizations need to plan with precision to operate with optimal efficiency. Digital signage is a valuable tool for manufacturers to keep on top of inventory, equipment maintenance and staffing. Communication and accurate data are vital for success in manufacturing. Digital signage presents realtime data to everyone who needs it, without compromising security.


Using Digital Signage for Banks

Using Digital Signage for Banks

Financial institutions are faced with the challenge of building a strong degree of trust with their clients. Strong enough trust that clients trust them with a large portion, if not all of their wealth. Banks and credit unions are using digital signage to display professionalism and vital information. They leverage technology to communicate more effectively and build lasting credibility with clients.

Internal Digital Signage for Banks

Banks use digital signage as a tool to communicate internally on a daily basis. Everyone clearly sees announcements and reminders, and updates take little to no time. Banks and credit unions are subject to strict regulations, and they’re consistently being audited. Digital signage is used to display banking laws and regulations as well as upcoming changes to existing requirements. 

There are so many options for working locations and it is common to have employees across the globe. This makes clear communications critical. Easily communicate between branches and include WFH work from home employees with the Arreya PWA progressive web app feature.  Connect your vision and mission with clear internal messages across multiple locations.

Customer Facing Digital Signage for Banks

Digital signage is a great tool for banks and credit unions to advertise to their customers. They display current interest rates, CD offerings, and investment options.

Banks use digital signage to display infotainment content like news, weather, and sports as well. Many of them use content feeds like SCREENFEED and DATACALL to pull in fresh content on a daily basis. Customers use interactive digital signage to check account balances and settings. This saves time and money by freeing up some responsibility from bank employees and gives clients more direct control over their money. 

Display Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an important focal point for businesses in general, but specifically in the financial sector. Stakeholders expect banks and credit unions to use their money in honest ways, and they also expect them to give back to their communities.

Digital signage is an excellent tool to display CSR programs and philanthropic activities, because pictures and videos of charitable actions really illustrate the impact of their work.  All of these efforts visually represent the bank in a positive way to the clients and employees.

Secure Communication Tools

Banks and credit unions are high value targets for both physical and cyber attacks. They need tools that are secure and reliable. Chrome devices are excellent for digital signage, because they have built in security features. Those features include verified boot and automatic updates. Banks and credit unions using Chrome devices for sensitive data have confidence in the stability, security, and reliability of data access. LEARN about using Chrome digital signage.

Build Credibility with Cutting Edge Technology

Trust is extremely important in the financial industry. Investors and clients need financial institutions they can rely on regardless of market volatility. Banks and credit unions have fiduciary responsibilities to their clients, and they need to maintain a high level of transparency, honesty, and accountability.

Banks use digital signage to clearly communicate quarterly earnings and financial decisions. They display board meeting notes and important announcements so clients can clearly understand how their money is being used throughout the year. 

Better Technology in Banks

Banks and credit unions need reliable technology to run efficiently and securely. They also have responsibilities to their clients. Banks need to be transparent, and they have an obligation to maximize wealth for their clients. Banks and credit unions use digital signage software to effectively communicate to all stakeholders, both internal and external. Clients enjoy the convenience that digital signage adds to their banking experience, and they are protected with robust security features built into digital signage hardware. Overall, digital signage is an excellent tool for the financial industry, and it’s being used in the market today more than ever before.

Navigating Airport Digital Signage

Navigating Airport Digital Signage

Advertising on digital signage is a fantastic way to grab the attention of all airport passengers.  A recent airport installation by the Arreya team is a complete design. In addition to the massive 98” monitor, there is custom wallpaper, designed to look like luggage, a 3-D luggage tag and dimensional lettering. The Arreya digital content, managed by the airport marketing team, is welcoming advertising for passengers arriving in the area. 




Airports, international and local, deal with thousands of clients on a daily basis. Including businesspersons, tourists, domestic and international travelers, and the people that accompany them to the airports. Navigating airport digital signage can be a positive if planned correctly and thought out.  It should be done by a professional digital wayfinding team, like Arreya. Many times wayfinding is left to the architectural firm, who think of signage as an afterthought on projects. 

While the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is the most common content for airport digital signage, there are a numerous variety of functions that digital screens can provide.  CURRENT US FLIGHT STATS

Traveler Experiences

Airport digital signage improves an average traveler’s experience at the airport. The most common stress source for passengers at the airport is being rushed and confused by the lack of signage.

First-time travelers or not, passengers tend to pause when trying to get to gates or find amenities at the airport. The several terminals, counters, and intricate airport landscape is often very overwhelming.

The foremost benefit of digital signage solutions at the airport is enhancing the customer experience. Airport personnel can optimize the display screens by running signs, helpful tips, directions, and reminders on schedules so that passengers can easily locate their needs. Easily optimizing digital content by pinpointing specific travelers during the day or months. Similarly, digital displays catch travelers attention with bright colorful and dynamic content. Thus, digital signage screens provide the best customer experiences.


The financial rewards of digital advertising is the easiest sell with digital signage. Airports are packed with people, a common hub to catch interest with digital content, either international or domestic. Airports are a focused location for the specific brands targeting their audiences.

Retail and businesses are an easy sell for advertisements on screens across the airport space. You can make excellent revenue off the displays via promotions and advertisements for local and national businesses. Advertisements for jobs, vacation specials, ground transport, or restaurants can grab the captive audience. Brand owners are aware that not everyone boards their flights on time so they can capitalize on the wait time spent inside the airports.

Entertainment and Information

Besides wayfinding and relaying relevant information to the passengers, digital signage is a secondary source of entertainment and engagement for travelers.  Bored with scrolling mobile devices, travelers can look at something different with entertainment and information digital content.


Spending hours waiting at the airport, sadly, isn’t uncommon. Flight delays, the processing time of security, check-ins, and customs can be time consuming for passengers should they have nothing to pass the hours. Digital signage can help reduce the wait time despite having mobiles in the hands.

It can run sports, weather news, concerts, TV series, and even Disney movies to diminish the torture to some extent. Generally, other kinds of infotainment about the environment and animals can also work fine, as long as there is something to watch on a bright, vibrant screen. In fact, cartoons work even better to keep kids distracted.

Internal Communication

Moving from the external audience benefits to internal ones, digital signage screens is an extremely convenient tool to communicate super-smoothly with the audiences on the other side of the fence.

These include airport managers, employees, counter staff, and other workers trying to effectively run the airport realm. Communication is the key to proper management. Hence, digital signage screens placed strategically can exchange information to hundreds of workers within a second. It helps increase the productivity of staff twofold. Simultaneously, communicating a security threat is a prime example of such cases to alert not only the staff but also instruct travelers on what to do.

What to Consider For Airport Digital Signage Launch

  • Placement

Navigating airport digital signage can feel overwhelming. Help is there, in professional digital wayfinding teams, like Arreya. First, consider what digital content you want to show. Start with the basic information such as FIDS and work up to the advertising and entertainment displays.  Then, map a path through the airport and include the employee areas. Mark the locations on a map. Include the access to electrical and internet to make installation easier.

  • Displays and Chrome devices

Only use commercial grade displays meant for 24/7 usage. Commercial grade displays maintain their brightness and have a longer life.  Look at warranties and if they have an on-site replacement warranty. Arreya only sells commercial devices meant to last for years.

Digital signage is only good if your content is playing and being seen. The most reliable players on the market are Google Chromeboxes. Verified by Google and Arreya for security, reliability and durability. Chromeboxes come in fanless models with hardened cases for high traffic areas. They are powerful enough for the most complex and dynamic digital content.  Reduce the Maintenance and IT involvement with digital signage by using Google Chromeboxes. Saving labor costs and increasing engagement.

Along with Chrome Management Upgrade Licenses, Chromeboxes can be locked into kiosk mode for digital signage that can’t be hijacked. No unwanted content ever. Chrome Management also allows for remote hardware management and screenshots.

  • Arreya Digital Signage software service

Quickly and easily make updates for immediate deployment or scheduled information.  Arreya allows users to view from anywhere and make changes quickly. Admin can login from any computer and update content, take screenshots and be confident their devices are connected and on.

Airport digital signage can seem complicated, but beginning with a good planning foundation will take out the anxiety. Professional digital experts in wayfinding and digital installs are an important part of the team when navigating airport digital signage.

7 Common Corporate Digital Signage Mistakes

7 Common Corporate Digital Signage Mistakes

Creating the right messaging for employees, customers, or any other important stakeholders, is difficult. While digital signage is a valuable tool for corporate entities to communicate, there are some common mistakes that cause confusion, or less than optimal viewing and editing experiences.

1. Poor Quality Images or Video

Catching digital signage viewers is the key to any successful digital deployment. Even a video with excellent messaging and execution can be ruined due to poor quality. Ideally, videos and images should be uploaded in 1080p or better. Lower resolutions will cause videos and images to look fuzzy, even on the best screens.

Videos that slow, cut off or need to refresh can also ruin digital signage content. Set timing to the end of the video and make sure videos are saved correctly for dynamic digital content.

2. Outdated Content

Content rarely needs to be updated for some users. This is common for digital signage users who are displaying static content, like workplace safety rules, or company policies. Corporate digital signage users typically update content regularly throughout the year. It’s important that events, deadlines, and company information are kept up to date, otherwise digital messaging loses its effectiveness. Arreya digital signage software integrates to programs like Google Slides and Google Sheets to automate updates. Users can make an update to their document, and the update will be reflected on screen without making any edits to the presentation itself. 

An easy way to generate fresh content is divide the work load. Multiple content managers can schedule and update different content on the same presentation.

3. Too Much to Look at

Corporations need to communicate  massive amounts of information quickly. It’s easy to overload powerpoint slides, employee handbooks, and digital signage with too much content. If there are too many things to read or look at on one page, viewers are often overwhelmed and miss the message. 

Summarize information into a quick, easy to read sentence or graphic. Viewers are more likely to take in information if they don’t have to read a paragraph.

The basics of good copy is a 4 part hierarchy.
  1. Headline
  2. Subheading
  3. Body copy
  4. Images with captions


4. Grammatical Mistakes

Grammar and spelling may seem insignificant, but they play an important role in conveying professionalism. It’s easy to make grammatical mistakes, but fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix them within digital signage creative studios. Many digital signage software editors have built in spell check to help minimize mistakes. LEARN MORE about common digital signage grammatical errors.

5. Lack of Audience Consideration

It’s important to remember who will be viewing your digital signage content while creating presentations. Messaging will be a lot different depending on whether your audience consists of employees, potential customers, shareholders, or a combination of stakeholders. In addition, colors, imaging, and vocabulary are all factors to consider. 

It’s also important to consider whether or not your digital signage is publicly accessible. If it is publically accessible, or if there is a concern that people will try to inappropriately alter content, it’s advisable to have some sort of way to lock down your device. Devices managed in the Google Admin Console can be placed in kiosk mode. Kiosk mode prevents devices from being tampered with and prevents web browser access for unauthorized users. 

6. Inadequate Hardware

Inadequate hardware leads to a poor viewing experience no matter how well digital signage content is designed, planned, and scheduled. If digital signage is going to be outside, waterproof and weather resistant devices are recommended. However, these devices are typically heavier and more expensive than their indoor counterparts. 

Screen resolution is another important consideration. If you plan on uploading high definition images and videos, 1080p, 4k, or even 8k resolution screens would be best. While these screens are more expensive, their image quality is superior.

LEARN MORE about digital signage displays.

7. Inputting Everything Manually

Many corporate digital signage users display calendars, menus, events, and other content that changes frequently. Inputting all of those updates manually is tedious and time consuming. Earlier, we mentioned that Arreya digital signage software integrates with tools like iCal, Calendly, Google Calendar, Google Slides, and Google sheets to automate data entry and changes. Users simply make a change to their original document, like a date in Google Calendar for instance, and the changes take effect immediately on screen, no additional steps required.

Effective Corporate Digital Signage

Digital signage is at its most effective when assets are uploaded with the highest possible resolution, content is up to date, and the audience is taken into consideration while the content is being designed. Grammar and spelling are important too, especially for corporations with public facing digital signage.  Misspellings and grammatical errors make messaging look unprofessional and careless. If possible, adding automation into digital signage is ideal, because it drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to make updates. These recommendations will help you present professional, effective digital signage content without spending countless hours.