Embracing remote work from home is the new norm for businesses. The coronavirus pandemic has completely redefined where teams and employees communicate. No longer an option, work from home has become survival for many businesses. An instant adoption of new working plans has left many companies scrambling to figure out how to manage, communicate and connect with their work forces outside the traditional offices. 

Reconnecting Your Remote Work From Home Employees

The first few weeks of social distancing, left employees disconnected and hard to focus.  The early adoption times are when internal communications between companies and employees become critical. To help employees maintain their productivity levels and not feel disconnected and insecure, businesses should set up the following to learn how to communicate and connect with your remote work from home employees.

  1.  Virtual check-ins for employees with managers
  2. Introduce new tools for virtual meetings
  3. Adopt remote work from home digital information boards

This is not the time to under-communicate. But instead of sending more insecure emails and fishing through email chains for internal corporate communications, businesses can use digital signage. Digital signage is the platform that has always been there for consistent and streamlined employee communications. But now it goes beyond the monitors on a wall. It can be shared and viewed on any device wherever employees are located. Remote work from home and traveling employees can keep connected by viewing a secure shared link of the companies ARREYA channel.  The information a company posts on their office digital signage can continue for remote working. It becomes an important tool in the remote information and communication platforms that many companies are already using. A special link between employees and the company they work for.

The Future of Digital Signage Is Off The Wall

remote communicationsThe future of digital signage has always been the ability to go beyond the one monitor on an office wall, but many digital signage companies have resisted. Why does the definition of digital signage have to include viewing on an isolated screen? It was obvious that digital signage software systems are mired down on old development platforms and stuck on proprietary hardware and device licensing that is expensive and required on each device for viewing. The digital signage industry is not expanding to be viewed where remote employees are, leaving them disconnected from company culture and information.

There is a huge gap between digital signage and other forms of communication. The gap is leaving digital signage behind advancements in technology and useless during business lockdowns and closures.  People view digital content on phones, tablets and laptops from anywhere, naturally digital signage shouldn’t be any different. Technology such as HTML and cloud computing has bridged the gap for digital signage into a new realm of remote communications. From the beginning, Arreya development considered how people work and view content. Sitting at home or stuck at an airport, people are engaging digital content where they are located. Arreya digital signage remote link sharing is the future of digital signage and the future is here. It changes digital signage and the definition of digital signage by considering where the future of digital communications is headed.

How is Arreya Link Sharing Different From a Website?

Each channel of content can be set up for public or private sharing. A secure URL can then be shared with those working from home. Focus Arreya digital signage channels to specific departments or work from home teams. 

Arreya real-time analytics can tell who is logged into the channel at any given time. Your personal URL is not searchable like a website and users can be assigned access passwords. Not any different than traditional digital signage, content can be interactive and multiple pages can be added for more content with touch buttons for access. 

Digital Signage viewing on phonesHow Arreya Remote Link Sharing Connects Your Business Communications

If your remote work from home employees are connected to their job outside of the office, businesses can resume some normalcy. The goal is to control business disruptions and learn how to communicate and connect with your remote work from home employees. Your company digital signage that your employees have always relied on and looked forward too as part of their work day, can still be part of their remote daily routines.

Top Goals to Keep Employees Productive When Working Remotely:
  1. Make employees feel like they belong
  2. Define obtainable goals and tasks for remote workers
  3. Work as teams to motivate and direct, don’t delegate
  4. Prioritize employee relations and internal communications
  5. Conduct all-company virtual meetings
  6. Keep Relevant Information at employee’s fingertips
  7. Make teamwork fun
  8. Allow remote employees to make decisions and be heard
  9. Establish a work from home policy
  10. Give feedback often
  11. Reward and acknowledge employees
  12. Build consistent virtual workflows

Digital Content Ideas are Endless for Remote Work From Home

remote work from home digital communicationsWith Arreya Remote Link Sharing for remote work from home employees, content ideas are endless. The content you create on your channel can be viewed at any time while working from home. Updates can be scheduled by time zones, months, days or even hours and integration can happen from outside platforms such as Google docs, sheets, slideshows, and calendar and Adobe products. All content can be custom designed in the exclusive Arreya Creative Studio or outside and imported easily. So many ways to collaborate. Assign management and content updates to multiple managers, giving each all or specific access.  Company digital signage becomes a team effort and more engaging with rich digital content.

  • Sales team wins and goals
  • Employee birthdays
  • Fun trivia
  • Training videos
  • CEO update videos and messages
  • Team wins and challenges
  • Human Resource updates
  • Benefit information
  • Internal Job postings
  • Sales tools
  • Meeting schedules
  • To do lists
  • Livestream events

Embrace The Change

future of digital signageForced into adopting remote working in order to survive, now is the time for businesses to look at what the future may bring.  Going back to working in an office full time is probably something that isn’t going to happen quickly and needs to be thoughtful for the health and safety of everyone. Everyone wants to be connected to their company — effective communications help employees at their job and helps them maintain better relationships with their coworkers. The companies that take this opportunity to consider remote working as the new future, will be the companies that survive and thrive after this global pandemic.