Chrome Enterprise Management – Perpetual License



Chrome Enterprise Management (CEM) is a web based admin console you license from Google to remotely manage your Chrome device hardware. The perpetual management license is a one time purchase that covers the life of the device it’s enrolled to. CEM allows a Chrome device to be set into Kiosk App Mode which keeps your digital signage locked to only play your Arreya channel and will automatically return to your Arreya channel if the device is turned off or loses connection. No worries about unwanted hijacking of your display to access other websites or having address bars on your digital signage. Fromm your cloud-based Admin console, enforce policies, install apps and extensions, connect devices to your VPN and Wi-Fi networks, and manage other features of Chrome.
If you encounter a hardware issue and need to replace a device, you can transfer the subscription to another device of the same model (or equivalent manufacturer-provided replacement). You can’t transfer a subscription to a device in another domain.