Digital Signage Hardware

Pair the best digital signage software with top-of-the-line hardware.
From display packages to content feeds buy what you need online.

Hardware Packages | everything you need

Arreya hardware packages come with everything you need for your digital signage project. Hardware Packages include a Chromebox, Chrome Enterprise Management, a professional grade digital signage display, wall mount, and Arreya White Glove service. All hardware is rigorously tested, and our White Glove service is designed to provide you with an optimal, stress-free digital signage experience.

Chromebox Devices | tested and recommended

After testing the market to find the best digital signage players, time and time again, Chromeboxes prove to be the most reliable, user-friendly, and powerful digital signage devices on the market. Paired with Chrome Enterprise Management, the Chromeboxes we recommend on our store consistently provide customers with the best possible experience.


Chrome Management / Enterprise Upgrade  | secure your devices 

Chrome Management Enterprise Upgrades give users more control over their devices. Chrome Mangement’s Kiosk mode makes digital signage tamper proof, and the Google Admin Console allows users to manage thousands of devices all from one place.


Content Feeds | ready-made content

Content feeds from our partners Screenfeed and DataCall provide ready-made digital signage content. Pick from a variety of categories including news, weather, sports, social media, and more. Content feeds are an excellent tool for keeping your digital signage up to date with minimal time and effort.