Private channels are now available for all accounts!  With a private channel your content is password protected and requires a user to log-in for viewing.  You can create as many users as needed and track analytics per user.  Devices paired with a channel for kiosk viewing will continue to function normally.

Arreya now has secure private channels

To get started with private channels –

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to “Management” – > “Channels”
  3. Click the ‘Private’ toggle button for the channel you would like to be private

Additional features and fixes in this release –

  • Updated notifications for the Manager app
  • Renamed ‘Manage’ button to ‘Login’ on Channels page
  • Added private channel switch on Channels page
  • Added private channel feature in Client & Manager
  • Set client window title to project name – page name
  • Removed unused “Interactive” checkbox on new channel dialog
  • Arrow keys can be used to move text boxes
  • Fix for client connection routine
  • Fix for anti-aliasing on rotated objects with shadow/border
  • Fix for pasted text formatting (paste as plain-text by default)
  • Fix for slideshows that weren’t initializing properly
  • Fix for manual size setting in style dialog
  • Fix for slideshow re-ordering / drag-and-drop disappear
  • Fix for text editor not working on Safari