Whether at the Local, State or Federal level digital signage can save government agencies time and money by consolidating different communications into government digital signage. One dynamic platform that can face internally to employees or externally toward citizens and visitors. Digital displays positioned at entrances, meeting rooms, or remote offices join forces to inform people of events, schedules and departments. Through the use of interactive wayfinding, visitors can be directed to specific people or departments. With small digital displays on conference rooms, schedules and meetings can be seen and updated using Arreya rooms and Google Calendar. Lobby displays can inform visitors of specific events, deadlines for applications and even be seen at remote offices.

City Government Digital Signage

When the City of Hanahan went looking for government digital signage for their city, Jon Ellwood looked at many software systems. Jon shares his research experience and why he picked Arreya over other platforms:

“The first project I was assigned by the Director of Operations in my new role was to “figure out the lobby sign”. Eager to do a good job in my new role I began to research different options available for creating a digital display for the City Hall Lobby. The City Hall Lobby is the epicenter of activity within the City, it leads to the courtroom, City Council Chambers, and is the welcome area for both citizens and employees alike. Needless to say; high visibility is an understatement.

At the outset of the project we determined we needed something that was easy to create dynamic and visually appealing content. We further determined that it needed be something that could be updated from remote locations in a hurry; as well provide for additional and remote displays for other building throughout the City. As an IT staff of two we also wanted something that could be “handed off” to other personnel within the City if needed.

Most of the options I evaluated fell into two categories. They would do everything we needed (and more) but required a background in programming or a PhD to make changes; or were very simple to use but lacked any flexibility or did not have many of the features we wanted to display.

And then I found Arreya….

Arreya met every single one of the requirements we had. The cloud-based platform allows us to remotely manage the display content from where ever the day takes us. The simple and straightforward user interface for creating displays required very little learning and with the fantastic templates provided by Arreya the initial set up time was minimal. The widgets provide a quick and easy manner of displaying RSS feeds, weather, and images in a fluid and visually pleasing manner with very little effort. The integration with Google applications makes content creation simple and easy.

As my content started to evolve and I began to delve into more complex functions, the few times I found myself scratching my head, I was so impressed with the support and options for support available. Probably the best part of Arreya support is the ability to pick up a telephone and have an actual person answer! (I know I was shocked the first time too). Arreya support is also very quick to respond to email questions as well; which is important to me as I often work late at night or early in the morning. I have found at each turn when I have had a question, or even a suggestion on a feature, Arreya team members have been responsive, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

For any organization looking for a digital signage solution that is easy enough to be used and maintained by anyone that can use PowerPoint; but powerful enough to provide content that appears to have been professionally customized just for your organization I would highly recommend Arreya.  In fact, I am confident enough in their products that if I can ever answer any questions about our specific deployment and experience.”

Jon Ellwood, City of Hanahan, South Carolina

Outline Your Digital Signage Requirements

The steps taken to find a government digital signage platform is very typical of what any entity goes through. Wading through the numerous products is overwhelming at times, but figuring out what you want in a system is the first step any organization should take. It doesn’t matter if you are government, retail, schools, hospitals, non-profits or a corporation. Outlining criteria is the most important first step to a successful digital signage deployment.

digital signage requirements