New Digital Signage - Rock Island Arsenal Kiosk

That old signage or outdated kiosk might need a little facelift to transport it into this decade. Presentations, Inc. and their software, Arreya Digital Signage Solutions, recently breathed new life into the Rock Island Arsenal Kiosk at the Quad Cities Airport while keeping the bones of the display in tact. A lot has changed in both areas of signage in the past 10 years – design and technology. The addition of digital signage or better digital signage capabilities into your display will be eye-catching and invite interaction from visitors. Check out the full digital display.

Arreya Partner, Upstream of Rock Island, IL, brought this challenge to us. Learn more about Upstream.

Larger Screens With Touch Capabilities and More

Click to check out the full kiosk display.

Kiosk screen technology has made strides since 2007 when the Rock Island Arsenal kiosk was first built. Back then, any small screen would draw visitors to interact. It was something not every display incorporated. Now people expect interactive devices of all sizes at their fingertips.

Originally, a small interactive screen was placed at each end of the Rock Island Arsenal kiosk . 3 years ago, Presentations upgraded the players to a newer digital signage media player and software, but they were often unreliable and eventually stopped working altogether.

At this point it was time for a complete signage makeover. Working within the initial structure, Presentations removed the small monitors from the ends and added 42″ portrait touchscreens to the sides.

Content Management is Easier than Ever

The content for this display is created and managed through Arreya and the hardware is managed with Chrome Device Management. Now that the digital signage templates and content are available, it is updated by the client and is fully interactive with videos, live feed and history information about Rock Island Arsenal. There is so much amazing content and so many interactive components that can be used in digital signage, and Arreya makes it easy with widgets and an intuitive design editor. There is no need for coding on this platform.

Chrome Device Management – Insurance that Displays Will Work

Arreya Digital Signage Suite is a Google Cloud Partner. It’s platform works perfectly with all Chrome devices and the hardware meets all of the expectations for content creation (even touchscreen capabilities,) handles information from the cloud seamlessly, and offers Chrome Device Management (CDM). CDM allows devices health to be monitored and sends messages when devices are down, all while you manage all of your devices from one central computer or account.

Change is Inevitable, No Matter the Industry

Just like the Rock Island Arsenal has documented military arsenal changes throughout history, digital signage has changed significantly in the short 10 years since this project originated. Until you look back at projects like Rock Island Arsenal, you don’t realize how much technology and signage design have matured.

If your company or organization has an old kiosk or digital signage that needs a facelift and some fresh digital solutions, contact us at 319-294-6671.