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We get a lot of questions for easy live streaming for Church and House of Worship about live streaming events online and on digital signage.  With Arreya and YouTube you can start streaming to your audience in minutes.  In this article we take a brief look at using YouTube live streams with Arreya. Even record for later viewing. For congregational members who can’t attend services, church live streaming is the only option for attending and especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

Producing live streaming content has never been easier – grab a camera open an app, and go.  Share your event with as many people as you want and archive it for later. All of this is free and easy to do with devices you likely already have – phones, tablets, and webcams.  Because this technology is becoming more and more common, it is likely someone in your congregation has already been live streaming at home.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Sign up for a YouTube account, and enable streaming.
The easiest way to get started is to sign up for a YouTube account, and begin streaming using your webcam, right from the YouTube website.  The built in controls give you a basic interface for broadcasting your live stream. If you are on a mobile device you can use the YouTube app on a phone or tablet to record your live stream.  You can sign up for an account at

Step 2 – Enable Streaming
Once you have your YouTube account, you must turn on the streaming feature.  Instructions on enabling your channel and starting to stream can be found here –

Step 3 – Test Streaming
We recommend that you test your streaming setup in advance so that you know it is all working before the big event starts.  Create a stream, share it with a few friends or colleagues, take some time to see how things work and the options.  Make sure your lighting and audio are good to go.

Step 4 – Schedule Your First Stream
One great feature of YouTube is the ability to schedule live streams before they begin.  You can add a placeholder image and users will see a countdown timer to the event.  Once the stream is scheduled, share the link with participants so they can try it out and bookmark it for later.

What else do I need?

A basic streaming solution from a phone or tablet has been proven to be successful, but you will likely need a few things to make your production look professional –

  • Stable internet connection
  • Lighting
  • Microphone(s)
  • Camera(s) – USB webcams, consumer and professional video cameras with HDMI output, or even the output from a professional studio switcher.
  • Graphic assets – Make your broadcasts more professional with intro & exit images or animations, lower third bars, etc.

This is only a few of the options available.  Here is a link with the most up to date information on YouTube Live Verified Devices and Software –

Setting up Arreya for YouTube Live

Once you have a link to your live stream, you can easily insert it in to an existing or new presentation.  Don’t have a link or want to stream an existing YouTube Live event? No problem, a list of live events can be found here on YouTube.  Just copy and paste the link to the live stream in to the Arreya YouTube Widget.  Knowledge Base Article

  1. Log into the Arreya Dashboard
  2. Click [Content] Then [Presentation]
  3. Next to your Presentation click [Edit]
  4. Once in the editor, go to the widget drop down menu and click [YouTube]
  5. Now open a new tab, go to and find the Livestream you wish to add.  Copy the URL at the top.
  6. Go back into the Arreya editor and paste the URL in the YouTube widget dialog box.
  7. Controls will give access to pause, play and skip around to the user.
  8. Autoplay will make the video play when the page is loaded.
  9. Loop will loop the video to play continuously.
  10. Click Create
  11. You should now see a YouTube widget on the screen that you can move and style as needed.

live stream sermon

Get the Message Out

Now that you are ready to live stream your church sermons and services, spread the word. Make sure your congregation and parishioners know about the live streaming opportunities. Share your Arreya URL on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Send out Church newsletter, postcards and post to the Parishes website, etc.  Now you are the star of your own television broadcast, make it relevant to everyone viewing.