Schools and Teachers can keep students connected during covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic using Arreya Digital Signage Software. Communicate and teach students using digital signage software that can be viewed on phones, tablets and computers. 

pandemic remote teachingShare and Communicate Remotely

What if as an educator you had a platform to share and communicate everything so that students and parents can check in and stay on track daily? Having the ability to connect with your students while they are forced home during this Covid-19 pandemic is challenging. It’s left up to you to make this a positive at home experience for your students. With so many different applications and tools you can offer your students it really becomes a maze to navigate and becomes a headache for them to track daily. In this blog we will cover how you can use digital signage to reach everyone and use the powerful tools within Arreya Digital Signage to communicate with your students and parents. Schedule digital content, assignments, daily communications connecting students when they can’t be together.

What is “Remote” Digital Signage?

With the right digital signage software like Arreya the ability to view and interact with a presentation remotely on your phone is possible. Arreya Digital Signage software service is a “SaaS”. Software as a service “SaaS” is cloud based software that can accessed from anywhere by logging in to a secure website. Digital Signage is usually confined to a screen on a wall in your school because traditional software could only run on a special device attached to those screens. Each device is required to have a costly license and most digital signage software companies charge per device. Arreya is different. Arreya is free for the first 30 days and after that, the cost is per channel of content. It doesn’t matter how many devices your viewers use. But today’s technology has advanced and can now be viewed at a park, while on vacation and even when at home through your phone, tablet or computer. With the power of the cloud, content can now reach your students and parents wherever they are…this is Remote Digital Signage.

Why is Arreya Connecting for Remote Teaching?

Now that your digital signage can reach anywhere think of it as an app. It’s like a personalized portal to content and messaging that each school or teacher can use to remotely teach and inspire learning. The software is easy to use and has many built in features to create personal pages for teachers to post calendars, to do lists, announcements, videos ect. It can be used as a remote learning platform that connects students with their teachers and resources they will need.

Remote communication is going to be challenging but being able to post and list out what you are expecting from each student is important. Having a centralized space gives them a chance to go back, check in and find out if they missed anything. By posting assignments or projects teachers can eliminate the online questions from each student. It is also an easy response to direct students to where to go to find out what to do. Students will quickly adapt and learn to check in because it will be giving them confidence they haven’t missed anything.

Create A Personal Connection with Students
  • Post a message to your class
  • Daily or weekly quote
  • Make a special announcement
  • Celebrate someones birthday
  • Share what you are doing
  • Share photos

Within Arreya Digital Signage software service you can communicate with students by simply typing in new copy to a text field. Or If you use twitter sync your handle to feed your page. Using google slides you can set up a slideshow of messages that you can add or change. That slide show can then play on your Arreya Student page.  

Provide Up-to-date News to Students
  • Link a schools Twitter 
  • Link a district Twitter
  • Scrolling rss news feed
  • Covid19 updates

covid-19 at home teaching templateA great way to keep your page current and have daily information is to use feeds from other sources. You can identify and choose what news is important and necessary for your students to get. Depending on the age of your students you can decide how much or little is needed. If you are a science teacher you could showcase news related to that subject. Look into your local news channel or maybe the school district for some news feeds.

Keep Students Organized with Calendars
  • List Daily Activities
  • Outline Weekly Assignments
  • Share a live classroom scheduled
  • Mark deadline dates for projects

Using Arreya’s built in Google Calendar Widget your feed is easily added to your page. You’ll  just need to create the calendar or can even have multiple calendars. Then just sync it to the widget and when you update or change your calendar your information will also change on your page. This makes it easy to update and control your content daily, weekly and monthly. It can even be interactive so you can add descriptions to each event.

Provide Reminders To Help Your Students Stay On Task
  • To do lists
  • Test dates
  • Assignments
  • Goals

School Teacher COVID19 Template For Digital Signage

Help students stay on task with information they might forget or lose from emails. Reminders provide insight to what is ahead and keeps your students thinking about progress.This can also include holiday type events, or personal touches like a students birthday. Integrating Google sheets in Arreya is a great way to have a list update based on a date. Once the date has passed the event is removed from the screen. Any event  you add or change to your google sheet will also update automatically. 

Use Videos for Personal Touch
  • Weekly Update
  • Personal Greeting

Adding a video to a teachers page really engages and helps recreate that physical connection a student would be missing from the classroom. This can be done using a phone or any recording device. Easily upload the video to your page or sync a You Tube Video. And if you want to update an existing video to a new one. Videos make the student feel like you value the connection you have with the student.

List Resources So Students Can Find What They Need
  • Learning websites
  • Share a google drive link
  • Websites you use for teaching
  • E-mail or contact
  • Covid-19 websites 
School Message Covid19 For Digital Signage

School Message Covid19 For Digital Signage

Having a resource list available gives a student that one location to find all your learning apps or tools that you are using to teach. Less guessing and confusion will mean less frustration and barriers to prevent your students from getting what they need to learn. You can even add goals for students to reach. This is very helpful incase they can’t remember or track down the many different emails they receive or just forget what they need to do. Plus you could even organize content to feed into your presentation. If you are expecting your students get some work done it is important that you have everything available for them to access. 

Keeping Parents in the Know
  • Answer parents concerns
  • Important School or District news
  • Record a video that speaks to parents about their kids
  • List Teaching Goals and expectations

Answering parents concerns or questions takes a lot of effort and may get overwhelming. Within your pages you can dedicate a section to just parents. This can give attention to topics or details a student just does not need or wants to look at. Parents would have their own page of resources to reference plus understand what roles and actions are best for their kids. By involving parents they can help keep students on track during this disruption for Covid-19

Combining Google Classroom and Google Teach From Home To Organize Your Online Teaching

Google Classroom is a free web service, developed by Google for schools, that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

How to Get Access
  1. Go to and click Go to Classroom.
  2. Enter your username and click Next.
  3. Enter your password and click Next.
  4. If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept.
  5. If you’re using a G Suite for Education account, click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher. …
  6. Click Get Started.

Also available from Google is the new Teach from Home  A temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

How A School or Teacher Gets Started

Just sign up and start an Arreya subscription–  it’s free. Your Presentation can be live today for you to share with students and parents. SIGN UP NOW!

Arreya is offering two months free for schools and teachers during this Covid-19 disruption. This should get you through the remaining school year with no obligation to continue. Plus you will have full access to all the tools, templates and training that any customer receives. 

We will even get you started by customizing a template and set it up with your content. Then we demo with you how to use it and keep it updated.  Check out more COVID-19 templates and tools

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