50 ways to use digital signage in your business


Employee and office Digital signage is meant to do one of two things…

First, it’s meant to elicit some sort of action. Whether to follow a simple map to a specific office, follow the company on social media, or make a mental note regarding an upcoming event, the goal is to get the viewer to take a specific action.

Second, digital signs are meant to engage and inform passersby, or those individuals dwelling around the display. You have their attention, why not keep it with news, information, or entertainment!

But you’re probably wondering:

“What exactly should I display on my digital signs to elicit action or engage these individuals? There has to be other things to showcase besides a simple photo slideshow and the weather forecast, right?!”

Your digital signage software is usually only bound by the designers imagination. But if you’re having trouble coming up with unique ideas, Arreya has you covered.

Click below for an infographic to help you come up with new ideas for your employee and office digital signage display. Below the infographic, we go into some more detail on these ideas so scroll down to learn more.


Digital Signage At The Office

Want more detail regarding these 50 digital signage ideas?

Below we go into a bit more detail for each digital signage idea proposed in the infographic. Contact us for help implementing these ideas on your own Arreya digital signage, be sure to review our support pages or reach out to us at info@arreya.com. Every Arreya subscription comes with FREE trial, FREE personal demos and FREE personal training.

50 Ways To Use Digital Signage In Your Business

1. Celebrate Birthdays With More Than Just Paper Signs And Balloons

Put your employee’s name up in lights to personalize their birthday celebration. The subtle gesture and recognition is a great way to show how the company appreciates their work and commitment.

Pro Tip: Tailor the birthday message and design to the personality of the individual you’re celebrating.

2. Welcome Your Clients And Prospects With A Custom Message

Setting the tone early by making people feel welcome is a great way to show customers, prospects and clients that they’re more than just a business deal.

Pro Tip: Use their logo or branding tastefully in the welcome message. Don’t overdo it though, most businesses have strict branding guidelines and dislike seeing their logo misused.

3. Keep Safety At The Forefront

If your business prides itself on safety, cleanliness, and care for employee well being, digital signage that evokes such messages can be extremely important. Make good use of blank wall space with engaging safety messages and reminders.

Pro Tip: Keep these signs updated frequently. We’ve all seen those safety posters that have faded from being stuck on the wall for so long. A commitment to safety means a commitment to updated signage and messaging techniques.

4.Celebrate The Employee Of The Month With More Than A Plaque

Your business can do so much better than the obligatory employee of the month plaque.  Celebrate your best employees with a sign that showcases their personality and highlights why they earned the honorable mention.

Pro Tip: Tailor the employee of the month sign to your business’ product or service. If you run a clothing boutique, showcase the employee’s unique style or top clothing pics with photos of that person in the clothes. If you run a marketing company, show your employees incredible designs. You hired them for a reason…celebrate it!

5. Get Out Of The Office When The Surf Or Slopes Are Good

If your office is on a coast or near ski slopes, your employees most likely follow the surf and snow reports. Make it easy for them to get out of the office when the conditions are good.

Pro Tip: Get out on a board or skis with them. The camaraderie will be great for team cohesion and prevent burnout.

If a simple weather report is what you’re looking for, follow our instructions here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjYq5WL2Lak]

6. Showcase Behind The Scenes

Sometimes your office is removed from where the actual product is created or where your service actually takes place. Don’t forget to showcase the production or field work in the office that supports those functions.

Pro Tip:  Tell a story with this content. Don’t just rely on fun images and video.

7. Think Outside The Box For Events

Whether it’s your company’s event or your company is sponsoring an event, capturing the attention of a focused group of attendees is a great way to grow your brand awareness.

Live video or showcasing real time photos can keep them around much longer than an uninteresting slideshow.

Pro Tip: Give attendees a reason to find your business online after the event. Showcasing photos or video live on the screens at the event and giving them access to those images later on is a great way to keep them engaged long after the event ends.

8. Build A Better Trade Show Booth

How many trade show booths have you walked past because nothing caught your eye? Not even the free pen or stress ball.

If your goal is to engage individuals and build relationships at a trade show, don’t neglect the touch screen capability of your digital signage. By keeping attendees engaged and focused on learning more about your product or service, your chances of a sale are much greater.

Pro Tip: Have multiple touch screens available. There’s nothing worse than a bottleneck that prevents attendees from learning more.

9. Make It Easy To Get Social

Your employees can be a great network of digital advocates, so make it easy for them to follow, like, share, and engage. Encourage employees and visitors to take selfies in front of a fun digital display, highlight Instagram posts that use a unique hashtag, or come up with your own internal social campaign.

Pro Tip: Showcase a QR code on your digital display to allow users to scan and find you easily on multiple social networks.

10. Spice Up Your Calendar Of Events

Internal events are important to showcase, but don’t miss out on what’s happening outside of your office. With the help of National Day Calendar, every day, week and month is a cause for celebration. Have an employee that loves crayons? Well don’t miss the celebration in August called National Crayon Collection Month. Crayola thanks you for your participation.

Pro Tip: Help company and team cohesion by encouraging outside the office get togethers. Feature community events like networking luncheons, fundraisers, volunteering opportunities, and festivals on your digital sign calendars.

Use Arreya’s countdown feature to help emphasize big events coming up. Follow our instructions here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NScyrKccjb8]

11. Get Creative With Your Creatives

Give your designers, videographers, and motion graphics teams license to thrill. Get them thinking outside the box with quick digital signage assignments. Set a time limit, let them present their work, and get your teams to vote on the best designs. There’s nothing like a little internal competition to get the creative juices flowing.

Pro Tip: Your creatives certainly don’t stop being creative outside of the office. Feature the work they do for fun. Shine a light on the work they do outside of work.

12. Sponsorships can be so much more than logo placement.

Sponsors are looking for more than just a big sign with their logo printed alongside a handful of other logos. Consider giving a little added value with premium logo placement and additional graphic capability. You’ll sell more sponsorships and keep them coming back year after year.

Pro Tip: Digital signs do so much more than transition between slides. Let your sponsors come up with a creative way to get their message out.

13. Optimize your menu of services to drive higher sales.

As a business owner, you know which products or services have higher margins. So, don’t let your profits take a hit by letting the customer choose the cheapest. Test your signs design against sales to see what pads your bottom line.

Pro Tip: Interactive menu displays will help you track the viewer’s behavior as they peruse your services. Track, measure, and optimize to influence their decisions.

14. Allow your signs to act like a tour guide.

Most businesses take pride in their history, production processes, and innovations. Don’t let this rich information go untold. Your digital signs can share these stories without intruding on normal business traffic or processes.

Pro Tip: If you invest in this type of project, don’t forget to use these graphics, videos, and audio on your digital platforms. Your businesses story deserves to be told wide and far.

15. Map your business for easy visualization.

Putting your businesses reach into a geographical context can surprise and delight both employees and customers. It can evoke a feeling of growth and keep your employees motivated around a shared goal.

Pro Tip: This doesn’t have to be limited to just your brick and mortar business locations though, consider mapping your customer or user base, service operators real time location, or even a heat map of your real time website traffic.

16. Feature Stock Market Trends

All businesses are influenced by market trends. Keeping employees aware of the market forces that can have a large impact on their lives can help keep things in perspective for them and perhaps even generate ideas to keep the business competitive.

Pro Tip: Don’t just feature stock market information for the sake of featuring stock market information. Give your employees information and training on how to use that information for the businesses and their own benefit.

17. Help your employees help you.

Productivity is always on the mind of business owners and managers, so help your employees be more and do more with productivity tips and tricks. Showcase the tips you’ve learned from older employees or feature a computer/email ‘hack’ you learned online. Share the knowledge and your people and processes will only get better and better.

Pro Tip: Don’t neglect tips that can be used outside of the workplace. Productivity in one’s personal life can often bleed into productivity at the office.

18. Give them a “Moment of Zen”.

Comedian John Stewart’s “moment of zen” at the end of every Daily Show episode featured a short, humorous video clip. The pop culture phrase is now used when one finds epiphany after a realization of satire.  Use your digital sign to feature something light hearted or thought provoking, something the viewer must take a moment to ponder.

Pro Tip: What you find funny, may not in fact be funny. So don’t force it. When in doubt, feature something thought provoking and not humorous. Your Human Resources department will thank you.

19. Get breaking news out to the masses fast!

Word certainly travels fast in an office setting, but don’t neglect communication channels like digital signs to get the word out even faster. Whether it’s a celebratory note or emergency warning, use your cloud based signage software to deliver the message loud and clear.

Pro Tip: Office emergencies happen every day, so don’t neglect the communication power of a network of carefully placed digital signs. A few prepared messages can be extremely helpful in any crisis situation.

20. Showcase a Meme or GIF of the day.

Communication is not longer reserved for the spoken and written language. People are communicating their emotions, reactions, and responses with Meme’s and GIF’s, which offer a more engaging way to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers. Add some depth to your normal internal communication strategy.

Pro Tip: Customize your Meme’s and GIF’s by creating your own online. Free Meme and GIF creators are available and allow you to upload your own video and photos.

21. Own your client’s and customer’s success.

By featuring photos and video of your client or customer’s success, growth, or stories, you show your workforce how valuable their work was in contributing to that success and help steer the organization toward similar results.

Pro Tip: Most businesses are horrible at celebrating their successes. Use your digital signs to help make celebration a habit within your office culture.

22. Poll your workforce.

If you’re not tapping into your workforce’s knowledge, then you’re potentially missing out on massive growth potential. A great way to instill the habit of sharing thoughts and opinions is to anonymously poll your workforce using the interactive display on your digital signage. Let your employees help you by posing a multiple choice question, or ask for ideas and comments.

Pro Tip: Anonymity ensures that responses are real. You may not like the answers you receive, but that’s the great thing about polls…you get the answers you need, not the ones you want.

23. Clock In And Out With An Interactive Display

Checking in and out of the office can be helpful for many businesses and can often be time consuming for staff. Consider a simple interactive display with an “In or Out” interface. This can provide other staff members and visitors the information they need at a glance.

Pro Tip: If you have a larger workforce, be sure to install multiple interactive displays so there isn’t a bottleneck in the beginning and end of the work day. There’s nothing worse than a line of employees waiting to just check in for the day.

24. Split The Screen To Showcase More Info

An optimized split screen can be extremely helpful and time saving when multiple pieces of information need to be used at once. Plus, most skilled designers can optimize the screen real estate and keep things visually appealing or tailored to your brand.

Pro Tip: Batch related information so the viewer isn’t confused at what he or she is looking at. Relevance is more important than squeezing as much information or feeds onto one screen. Keep It Simple.

25. Map Your Offices and Cubicles To Guide Visitors – wayfinding

Big offices with large workforces may need to help guide visitors to the right office space or employee. An interactive display can keep your front office secretary on the phones or ready to greet other guests by allowing visitors to find their way.

Pro Tip: This could be bad for security reasons, so don’t implement without considering the potential issues involved.

26. Offer Concierge Services Anywhere In The Office

Providing the right information or service to guests and clients can be a great way to surprise and delight them. Or implementing a concierge service for employees can keep them productive. Basic information like restaurants, hotels, travel, tourism spots, laundry, etc… or even the service to take care of these things can be extremely helpful for organizations.

Pro Tip: Offer live chat concierge service for a more personal touch and as a way to tailor the experience for your customers and clients.

27. Provide Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

There are undoubtedly hundreds, if not thousands of questions your customers, clients, and prospects ask on a daily basis. You never know when those questions will come up, so keep them readily available on a digital display.

Pro Tip: These frequently asked questions and their answers can be used on your company website and the frequently asked questions from your site can be used on digital displays. There’s no reason why you can’t reuse great content.

28. Revamp Your Menu Of Products With An Interactive Display

Don’t neglect the use of an interactive digital display that can showcase imagery, educate the customer on the features, and provide an engaging way to tell the story of the product and its benefits. Give the viewer a way to “play” with the product, without having to “touch” the actual thing.

Pro Tip: Consider this for trade shows, events, and client pitch meetings. The physical nature of interactive displays will get them out of their seats and the playful nature of the display will set your business and products apart from your competitors.

Making your signage interactive with buttons and links is very simple. Follow these easy instructions:

29. Sell Ad Space To Business and Complimentary Services

Providing additional help, resources, or recommending complimentary services or products is a great way to show your value to clients, customers, and prospects. Reach out to other companies that may want to target your customer base and offer ad space on your digital signage. It could be a great way to pad your bottom line and create relationship with other business owners.

Pro Tip: Don’t just sell ad space for the sake of selling ad space. Tailoring the message with relevant ads will be more important than the little ad revenue you can generate.

30. Showcase Your Logo In Unique or Trending Ways

Companies like Google and Reddit have used their logo to engage their audiences and generate free press. Google will temporarily redesign their logo for holidays and events and Reddit will do the same for trending topics and causes, all while staying true to their branding. Let go of your death grip on your brand identity and see just how creative your team can be.

Pro Tip: Don’t just feature these temporary redesigns on your digital signage. Use it on your social media posts, profile, and header images.

31. Use Your Office Space and Digital Signs….Together

Gorilla marketing tactics often include the use of unique spaces to engage passersby. Elevators, bus stops, city busses, entire buildings, etc… have been used to deliver a message in highly engaging ways. Let your digital signs become part of the office walls, windows, or stairs. Think outside the box that is the television display and allow your “designs” to become bigger and better.

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble coming up with these kinds of ideas, search Pinterest using terms like “gorilla marketing”, “gorilla marketing ideas”, and “gorilla marketing advertising”.

32. Let Your Community Add To Your Digital Displays

Community bulletin boards have always been a great way for individuals to get the word out for events, classes, volunteering opportunities, and more. Open up your digital display boards to your community and let them control the content.

Pro Tip: A simple set of posting guidelines can help keep the posts relevant appropriate. Or consider a submission process in which a curator approves or disapproves the posts.

33. Live stream Events For The Office

Live streaming will become more and more popular as businesses seek to showcase events, processes, products, etc… in more engaging and relevant ways. Consider using your digital signs to showcase these important moments to your office staff. Even the littlest of things within your business can be live streamed.

Pro Tip: Late Night With Stephen Colbert chose to live stream the ketchup and mustard dispensers at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Fox News Pundit Bret Baier caught wind of this and without prompting, chose to capitalize on Colbert’s tom foolery by streaming a few pumps of mustard into his water bottle. Yes…you read that right. What occurred next, no one on earth could have predicted. News networks, blogs, and late night shows were perplexed as to WHY?  The WHY didn’t really matter though, the right question is WHY NOT?  

Need helping setting up a YouTube live stream? Follow our easy instructions here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSegwZq0V4U]

34. Offer Live Customer Support

You’ve heard of the Office Depot “Easy Button” right? Why not turn your digital screens into your businesses very own “easy button”. With one touch of the screen, your customer is live chatting with customer support, an industry expert, or a sales representative.

Pro Tip: Turn this concept into a branding opportunity by showcasing just how helpful your customer support is. Answer random questions, not pertaining to the business. Offer relationship advice. Be quirky, fun, and memorable, and your customers will recall just how fun and supportive you actually are.

35. Provide Easy Access To Employee Benefits, Handbooks, Guidelines, etc…

Navigating employee benefits, requests for time off, company guidelines, etc… can be quite confusing with the countless manuals, guides, and web resources. Make things simple by keeping everything together on your office’s digital signage. A well informed workforce is a productive and happy workforce.

Pro Tip: Employee benefits, retirement plans, and insurance is often not taught during college or even graduate school, so don’t expect your employees to understand even a small percentage of these important decisions. Make things easy for them and they’ll see you as more than just their employer.

36. Offer Health and Wellness Tips, Tricks, Recipes, and Support

The health and wellbeing of your workforce is paramount to business growth and health care cost savings. So consider using your digital signage as a part of the healthy habit forming you’re looking to provide your employees.

Pro Tip: Step up your health and wellness game and offer live access to a trainer and/or nutritionist. Similar to the “Live Customer Support” idea above, your employees could ask questions, receive information, adjust their training or diet plans, etc… all with the help of a live trainer and nutritionist.

37. New Job Postings And Referral Incentives

Organizations are always looking to hire talented individuals and one of the most cost effective ways to recruit them is through referrals from your current employees. Be creative with your job postings and the descriptions of who the company is looking to hire. Job titles can be confusing these days, so paint a picture of who exactly you’re looking to place in a specific position. That way, your employees will think of who they know of that fits that picture.

Pro Tip: Offer incentives for LinkedIn connections on your digital signs, not just incentives if and only if an individual is hired. Recruiting is often a numbers game and if 10 employees connect your hiring manager with 10 potential new hires, that’s 100 FREE connections. A recruiting firm will charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for those connections.

38. Endorse Company Wide Volunteering

Set an example for all of your employees by showing just how fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities can be. Being a part of something larger is a growing need for employee satisfaction, so set the tone with an updated list of volunteer opportunities on your digital signage.

Pro Tip: Highlight those employees that volunteer outside of the company wide opportunities. There are bound to be a number of Big Brothers or Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity Builders, or employees that use their vacations to volunteer around the world. Tell their stories, not just yours!

39. Multiply Your Organization’s Charitable Giving

Businesses are looking to compound their charitable efforts and offer their employees a way to give back by incentivizing charitable giving with matching funds or “gamifying” their fundraising. Use your digital signage to simplify the giving process and see small dollar donations boost your company’s philanthropic reach.

Pro Tip: Sync a donation platform with your digital sign to allow employees to easily punch in their credit card information and donate their chosen dollar amount. Make it easy and your chosen charity will be rewarded.

40. Produce Your Own Company Wide Television Show

It’s never been easier to set up a couple cameras (you could essentially use just one) and produce a “show” that highlights company wide information, tells customer stories, features talented employees, and helps influence the culture of the organization. Use your digital signage to broadcast your show!

Pro Tip: Forget about high end production equipment and the expensive companies that offer to produce this type of video content. You don’t need it early on and it will only get in the way of the content. Focus on the content and you’ll be rewarded.

41. Drive Leads In Unique Ways

Capture a prospect’s contact info through a touchscreen questionnaire, or offer a free gift for referring a friend. Your digital signage can drive real sales, so think outside the box and test everything!

Pro Tip: Think of out of the box incentives when asking for prospect emails and phone numbers. They need to think they’re giving away their info for something more valuable.

42. Tap Into Your Sales Team’s Competitive Spirit

Gamify your office sales and service department’s work with leaderboards that showcase top representatives, teams, and departments. If they can visualize their progress, they just might put in that extra effort to reach their goals.

Pro Tip: Some office cultures won’t excel in this type of competitive environment. Don’t highlight leaderboards if they’re going to cause more trouble than they’re worth.

43. Generate Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Online reviews and testimonials help grow your digital presence in many different ways. So make it easy for individuals to praise your great service, promote their favorite product, or even provide valuable negative feedback.

Pro Tip: Make this process as easy as possible and/or incentivize customer reviews. Prospects are doing more and more research online prior to purchase and customer reviews and testimonials play a large role in their decision making process.

44. Spice Up Your Office Cafeteria Menus

If your office has a cafe, coffee shop, or cafeteria, digital signage can be a cost effective resource. Changing dietary needs, menu updates, seasonal specials, etc… can make menu changes a nightmare, but a cloud based solution can save your food and beverage department time and money.

Pro Tip: When it comes to office menus, simplify, simplify, simplify. Hundreds of choices, confusing names, and a cluttered design wastes your employees and your time.

45. Get To Know Your Company’s Leadership

Large companies can have countless executives, directors, and their boards directors can often be unknown. Showcase these individuals with unique profiles that include headshots, their backgrounds, and personal interests.

Pro Tip: Showcase these individuals LinkedIn profiles so your employees can easily connect with them. Growing everyone’s network can be extremely beneficial.

46. Let Teams Solve Other Team’s Problems

Remember the scene from Good Will Hunting when Matt Damon solves the math problem late at night while cleaning the school’s floors? Why not promote this type of cross department problem solving through the open sharing of problems and potential solutions. Highlight the problem on your digital signage and provide a way for individuals to suggest solutions.

Pro Tip:  If you receive multiple solutions, allow the teams to vote on the top two or three then test each. The experiment can help build relationships between departments, teams, and individuals.

47. Put Your Company History On A Timeline

Century old companies are few and far between these days. Even 25+ year old companies are scarce. Your company’s history should be celebrated, so put it on a simple timeline that highlights its founding, growth, exploration of new markets, acquisitions, etc… The simplicity of a timeline helps employees and visitors see your company in a whole different light.

Pro Tip: Pay a designer to create something unique. As helpful as timelines can be, uninteresting or cluttered ones go unnoticed.

48. Sell Corporate Products Directly From Your Signs

Allow your employees to become walking billboards by selling unique products that features your branding. A simple product selection and shopping cart widget on your digital signage will allow your team to purchase what they want, when they want it.

Pro Tip:  You don’t have to offer these products for free, but don’t use your employee apparel as a revenue generator. Offer a handful of products at a reasonable price.

49. Bring The Suggestion Box Into The 21st Century

Receiving valuable feedback from employees, customers, and prospects can be extremely helpful. So make it easy for people to share their thoughts and feelings. Your digital signage allows simple typing capability and brief surveys can be made to expedite this feedback loop.

Pro Tip: There is no such thing as a perfect organization, so consider negative feedback and suggestions that come from them as a learning experience. Imagine the damage if they hadn’t given that feedback in the first place!

50.  Goal Visualization For Teams, Departments, and The Company

Businesses large and small have monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals with which all success is measured, so why not keep the entire company informed on progress. Or on a much broader scale, showcase how the company is performing within its target market(s). Keep things in perspective for your teams.

Pro Tip: Not everyone is a data scientist, so make your graphs and performance information as clear as possible. A 12 slide market analysis will go unread so whittle your charts and graphs down to just a handful of points.

The options are endless…

All of these employee and office digital signage ideas are easy to implement with a great digital signage software. With Arreya Digital Signage Suite, your internal communication and employee engagement strategies can take new life.

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