One of the great core ideas of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is being able to deploy your app in multiple different ways, across many platforms. Using your Chrome device policies with PWA progressive web applications turns your Arreya digital signage into an App for instant access on any device. This idea gets your message in front of as many people as possible. An exciting new feature of the Google admin console is the ability to install your application by device policy and through Chrome single-app kiosk mode. While doing research for our Moving Forward Together webinar, we also came up with use cases that can inspire our users to think about how they can deploy their Arreya channels through new methods.

Chrome Management Configuring Progressive Web Applications

Chrome management allows you to configure settings for the users on your domain, both controlling aspects of their Chrome browser, and also their Chrome OS device. User level device policies allow you to configure which applications are allowed to be installed, force installed, and the ability to pin them to the user’s taskbar. This means you have the ability to force install your application, and automatically add a shortcut to the user’s taskbar whenever they log into a managed Chrome device with a managed user on your domain.

Progressive Web Applications Arreya settingsArreya PWA iconIn our knowledge base article HOW TO FORCE INSTALL YOUR ARREYA CHANNEL PWA BY DEVICE POLICY,  you can learn how to force install your Arreya channel PWA by device policy, and force the app to show on the user’s taskbar. Arreya allows you to customize the brand title, description, brand color, and icon that is used for your PWA. This means your users will see your app’s title, color, and icon, and it will look like a native app on their Chrome OS device. Your Arreya Digital Signage channel becomes another App on phones, tablets and computers. Easily accessible by employees, students or viewers of your regular digital signage. 

Your digital signage now goes where your viewers are.  Also, your Arreya PWA can be private – don’t worry about your information being published or available for anyone. With Arreya Private Link Sharing, you can decide who sees what and you can remove users. Arreya PWA is great for internal employee communications or sales teams that are in multiple offices across different time zones and countries. Instant, live information to the audience you want.

Turning your Arreya Digital Signage into a PWA keeps your remote and work from home teams connected. Just like the digital signage in your office blankets information to a large group easily and instantly.  Arreya digital signage has taken the next step to the future of digital signage – being everywhere as an App.

Arreya template PWA sales team infoExamples of  How to Use Progressive Web Applications for Remote Communications

Remote Digital Sales Team Information

A great example that came up while talking with customers before our webinar was a company that wanted to use Arreya to create an application that their sales team could use as an alternative to information getting lost in a sea of emails. The app would serve as a central location where the sales team could get information about upcoming events, product releases and specifications about products. The app would also serve as a place for management to congratulate members of the sales team after big wins.

School digital signage template

School Athletic News and Digital Hall of Fame

Another example is a school that uses Arreya digital signage to get their interactive athletics hall of fame exhibit in front of students, parents and faculty/staff. The content is installed on a physical display in the school gymnasium, but has no interaction with the school being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a PWA that can be installed by simply visiting their Arreya URL, or force installed to student chromebooks, is a great way for students and parents to keep up to date with what’s going on with the athletics department, even after classes return to normal. The application can also be installed by policy to all of the student’s Chromebooks, so the app would always be available for student.

Digital Human Resources and Internal Employee Communications

Another great example of how a school or business could use a PWA is a dashboard of quick information that needs to be easily accessible. This could be upcoming company events, birthdays, or other important dates. The dashboard can be a portal to host training videos, live streams for “town hall” meetings or even lectures, live talks and or other presentations. Streams from news services, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds and other services can be easily embedded in the content to keep your students or employees up to date with what’s happening in the world surrounding your school or business. The great part about utilizing the PWA to communicate this information, is giving your user the opportunity to access it with one simple click.

Digital Signage Beyond the Office Monitor During COVID-19 and Beyond

Progressive Web Applications are a great way to communicate with your audience during the COVID-19 pandemic, while employees and students are working from home, and even long to come after they return to the office or classroom. There is no better time than now to get started making interactive content to effectively communicate your message. Arreya’s PWA feature is a great and flexible way to distribute your content as the web, office, and classroom environment is rapidly evolving in the upcoming years.