Improving Employee Communications with Digital Signage

Improving Employee Communications with Digital Signage

For better or worse, COVID19 changed the way work gets done fundamentally. Employees started working from home out of necessity, and since the pandemic, many work from home out of personal preference. Employers are faced with the challenge of engaging and connecting employees no matter where they are physically located.

Today, employers are improving employee communications by using digital signage software. Digital signage scales to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and it displays pertinent information to employees across the globe.

Remote Communications

Connecting with remote workers can be difficult without any face to face interaction. Employers use video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet to meet virtually. Digital signage implements these tools for improved employee communication.

Managers livestream meetings to digital signage, displaying meetings in the office and on company provided devices in remote locations. Company news and updates are displayed as well. Employees receive a clear and updated line of communication while working from the comfort of their own homes. Arreya can be deployed to digital devices as a progressive web app, just like apps on your phone.  These apps give employees quick access to the Arreya channel. Employee communications become streamlined and universal across multiple locations.

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Sharing Corporate History

Many businesses have a rich corporate history that they want to share with their employees. Corporate history illustrates where a business came from, and it gives employees a greater understanding of what they are working towards.

Digital signage communicates corporate history in an engaging and satisfying way with images and videos. Employees interact with digital signage, navigating across corporate timelines on touchscreen displays or on their phones. Giving employees a better understanding of the organization’s story makes work more meaningful and fulfilling.

Corporate history also helps with hiring new employees. The foundation of a company can be a factor on people applying or accepting a position.  Digital history can be accessed from anywhere and dynamic content with timelines, photos and videos will engage more viewers.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition programs are excellent for making employees feel valued. Businesses are using digital signage for communicating wins to employees, recognizing them in front of all their coworkers and even stakeholders in some cases. Digital signs display employee of the month programs, sales contests, and customer reviews. Displaying wins for everyone to see is a great way to boost morale. It tells employees that their work matters, and that they are valued.

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Team Building

Team building exercises are very beneficial in terms of improving employee experience and engagement. A small investment of time to allow employees to get to know eachother often leads to less turnover and higher productivity. When coworkers build healthy professional relationships, they become more invested in each other and in turn, more invested in their work.

Business owners are using digital signage to improve communication and team building by allowing them to meet with each other virtually, communicate through bulletin boards, and even play games together. Team contests are displayed on digital signs throughout the office, creating excitement and some healthy competition.    

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Display Key Company Metrics

It’s important that employees understand how their performance is evaluated. Businesses are using digital signage for communicating results to employees, displaying key company metrics in real time.  Pinpoint Arreya channels to specific departments or centers to personalize digital content to the audience.  Call centers can track calls answered, development can watch real time use and which devices are connected.  Posting of safety and equipment data sheets can be easily integrated for real time statistics.

Digital signage displays sales targets, customer reviews, new leads, and any other relevant key performance indicators. Displaying metrics in real time allows employees and managers to prioritize effectively and meet their goals. 

Employee Safety

Employee safety will always be a top priority, but it’s tougher to keep people safe when they’re working remotely. Companies need tools to alert remote and hybrid employees to danger when they are not in the office. Digital signage integrates with alert software to proactively warn employees of impending danger like inclement weather, fires, or security breaches. With one click, emergency messaging is deployed to all digital signage simultaneously, keeping employees safe no matter where they are physically located. Business owners set up different emergency messages designed for every dangerous scenario. Emergency messaging includes escape routes, rendezvous points, and steps to take to stay safe in the event of a natural disaster.

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Work Calendars and Schedules

Keeping track of meetings, deadlines, birthdays, work anniversaries, and employee schedules is time consuming and overwhelming. Digital signage keeps everyone up to date through integrations with calendar software like Google Calendar, iCal, and Calendly.

Businesses can display multiple calendars simultaneously, or schedule calendars to appear at different times throughout the day.

Presentations are personalized for work anniversaries and birthdays to recognize employees and make them feel valued. Managers use digital signage for communicating deadlines and meeting times on calendars, and updates to meeting times happen automatically.

Impactful Employee Communications

Employers are making more impactful connections by using digital signage for employee communications. Digital signage extends beyond the physical office, keeping remote employees in the loop no matter where they are located. Business critical information is displayed reliably, and updates are easy to make. As remote work becomes more common, and the way we do work continues to evolve, modern tools like digital signage will continue to elevate communication.


Revolutionizing the Modern Office with Digital Signage

Revolutionizing the Modern Office with Digital Signage

Technology has accelerated the rate at which information is exchanged at unimaginable rates over the last two decades. Today, corporations are revolutionizing the modern office with digital signage, making the distribution of information even more seamless, automated, and instantaneous than ever before. Organizations are using digital signage software today to deploy content throughout the office and beyond, bringing content to stakeholders and employees located anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Intrigue Employees

Office Digital SignageDaily life in the office becomes monotonous and boring for many employees. Businesses are turning to digital signage to bring excitement and interactivity to the office. Employees view news and events, and managers use digital signage to recognize them for their hard work.

Signs display work anniversaries, birthdays, and recognition programs throughout the year to celebrate employees. Interactive digital signage allows employees to share vital information throughout the office, like deadlines or pertinent questions about upcoming projects. Information that can be lost in emails or printed materials is spotlighted in one location for all employees. Using Chrome Enterprise digital signage, different departments can get exclusive pinpointed feeds.

Employees Access Content Anywhere

Office Digital SignageThe need to access information instantaneously and from any location has increased significantly. This is in large part due to the COVID19 pandemic, which forced a large shift in where employees work. Employees are now working in the office, from home, and in hybrid roles. Digital signage software brings vital content to employees around the world, whether they are in the office, at home, or even on a different continent.

Employees can access content from phones and laptops as it’s simultaneously being displayed across thousands of screens company-wide. The scalability of digital signage software allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to display content in the office and beyond, even sharing content with shareholders when appropriate.

Drive Productivity

Corporate Digital SignageMany companies have multiple branches or buildings, and they are looking for a way to streamline communication across all locations.

Announcements and news are deployed to digital signage to every office location simultaneously. Employees get the information they need in seconds, and managers save time by scheduling content in advance. Managers make updates to the content displayed on the digital signage in the office, or on the fly from any device. Employees post updates on projects to digital signage, and managers see progress instantly. LEARN MORE about driving productivity.

Increase Employee Engagement

Making meaningful connections with employees is difficult, especially in remote environments. Wherever employees are located, digital signage software makes those connections and drives employee engagement. In the office, digital signage looks professional and inviting on big screens, and when working from home, company computers display the same content on employee desktops. Coworkers ask and answer each other’s questions using digital signage no matter where they’re located, and discussion boards are used to share and refine ideas, all in real-time. LEARN MORE about increasing employee engagement.

Employee Well-Being

Corporate Digital SignageEmployees are one of, if not the most important assets of a business. Taking care of employees and keeping them safe if vital. Digital signage in the office alerts employees to danger like fires, dangerous weather, or security breaches. Alerting softwares works synergistically with digital signage to push out visual and audio notifications to all devices with one click. 

Using content feeds, like SCREENFEED, businesses are displaying content that promotes healthy eating and habits. These gentle reminders go a long way in terms of making people aware of their health. Businesses with onsite gyms display hours and workout plans on their digital signage to further encourage their employees to stay healthy.

Display Social Media and Reviews

Corporate digital signage is used to display business Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Marketing departments post, and employees see what’s new right away. Reviews are displayed on digital signage throughout the office, connected through Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Customer Reviews, and everyone sees customer feedback in real time. Mentions are added to digital signage content, so if someone Tweets at the business, or tags the business’s Instagram handle, everyone is aware. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Businesses need to continually adapt to stay competitive. Communication needs to be as efficient and effective as possible, which is why businesses are implementing digital signage software into their offices across the globe. The content they display looks professional to customers and it’s practical for so many reasons. Remote employees stay up to date on the latest announcements and company news, while the same content displays on in-office digital signage. Employees collaborate across branches and continents, making for the most seamless global communication available.

Arreya Selected by Google as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended Solution

Arreya Selected by Google as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended Solution

Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program for third-party solutions verified as meeting technical and support standards for Chrome OS.  Google-verified program helps organizations identify solutions that meet or exceed global standards for security, management and deployment. Arreya was chosen by Google to be a Chrome Enterprise Recommend Kiosk and Digital Signage Solution.

Making It Easy to Choose Kiosk and Digital Signage Solutions

remote work chromebook cer arreyaGoogle wants enterprises to succeed. They remove the painful trial and error that businesses go through to find reliable, secure Chrome OS communication solutions.  Google does all the work. They find, interview and test cloud softwares. Then they compile them into specific categories, like kiosks and digital signage. This saves enterprises valuable time and money.

Google has always been at the forefront of technology, looking for emerging trends and solutions for better communications. COVID-19 pandemic pushed the advancing trend of remote offices and work-from-home quickly forward. Something that was optional became mandatory overnight. Businesses scrambled to find the communication tools that would connect a remote workforce. (LEARN MORE) They encountered issues in:

  • Security
  • Deployment
  • Cost
  • Management

Businesses had to get these new tools overnight, giving no time for verification of solutions. That is where the Chrome Enterprise Kiosk and Digital Signage Solution fill the need. The verified solutions have already been tested and verified to meet the strict standards that Google set.

The Chrome Enterprise Recommended Partners (CER) grew from the need for enterprises to easily find and implement verified Chrome OS solutions for different communication platforms. 

Aligning with Google for Chrome Enterprise Solutions


From the beginning, Arreya was developed to work with the Chrome OS devices including Google phones and tablets. Along with the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, businesses can deploy digital signage that is secure and powerful for today’s cyber world. As a Chrome Enterprise Recommended Kiosk and Digital Signage partner, Arreya makes it easy to communicate.

chrome enterprise call center remote arreyaChrome OS includes regular security updates and built-in protection. It blocks executable files and partitions operating system files so they can’t be modified. (LEARN MORE)

Chrome devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade can be locked into kiosk mode. Removing the temptation for anyone to access multiple apps or change digital signage to unwanted URL’s.  Arreya channels will be the only thing viewers see on screens.

“In developing Arreya in 2014, we knew we wanted our digital signage suite to be accessible by anyone, with no proprietary hardware,” said Jill Burgess, president of Arreya.  “Google Chrome devices give clients nonproprietary hardware that anyone can afford, with the reliability of Google. Our partnership has allowed Arreya to grow and give our clients the freedom to remotely manage content and hardware.” 


Chrome OS digital signage and kiosk hardware devices deploy fast with automated download of user apps.  (SOURCE)

Commercial grade Chrome OS devices from leaders in technology, are available through the Arreya online store. All devices come with the Arreya white glove service. It pre configured Chrome OS hardware with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and the client Arreya channel. Giving a plug-n-play experience. 

All Arreya channels have the ability to be viewed and managed from anywhere as a progressive web app. The PWA feature makes it easy for enterprises to seamlessly move to remote and hybrid situations without losing communications. Apps can be installed on any Chrome OS device without going through the Google play store. Chromebooks can have the Arreya channel installed as an app for instant access. 


Chrome OS with Arreya is designed to reduce the cost of communications.  The combined reliability of Chrome Enterprise devices and the Arreya support reduce deployment, upgrade and training costs. Chrome OS devices and Arreya have automatic updates. This reduces employee downtime and IT support costs in waiting for software and firmware updates. 

Chrome Enterprise Recommended digital signage training video arreyaThe hybrid and remote distributed workforce redistributes the costs of communications. Instead of funds used for in-person information, such as posters, brochures and other printed materials, communications become electronic. The security of the Chrome OS and Arreya platform allow for all communications to be accessed by individuals through secure, cloud avenues. Human resource benefit packages, quotes and proposals, data and spreadsheets can be viewed through an Arreya channel. 

In-person training can be transitioned to training videos and with Arreya pinpoint management, specific groups can be given access for viewing at any time. Reducing the down time used for training and reviewing by field employees. 

This shift to online communications is a smart and eco-friendly investment. Reductions in waste and pollution are significant and help the planet. (LEARN MORE)


Through the cloud-based Google Admin Console, IT can configure more than 500 policies from anywhere, control device updates, take screenshots, reboot and install or manage apps from anywhere. 

Paired with Arreya Digital Signage, anyone can manage digital content and hardware remotely. Know exactly what is happening without in-person visits. Know who is watching and when.

Meeting the Chrome Enterprise Recommended Requirements

Arreya was tested by the Google team of Partner Managers and Engineers to determine if the digital signage suite meets the CER requirements. Arreya meets or exceeds all the requirements.

  1. Deployment – After configuring app in admin console, device boots successfully into kiosk mode and runs Arreya Digital Signage Suite.
  2. Online Longevity – Arreya can run in kiosk mode for 72 hours without device reboots, with an active internet connection, unattended and maintain responsiveness.
  3. Offline Longevity – After completing online longevity, run under the same conditions without an active internet connection.
  4. Online Reboot – After initial run and defined configuration, app will restore same state after device reboot.
  5. Offline Reboot – After initial run and defined configuration, app will restore same state after device reboot without an active internet connection.
  6. PWA Plan – Arreya needs to be a working PWA
  7. Fall Gracefully – If Arreya encounters a critical error, it should fall gracefully, restoring itself to an appropriate working state. 

The Rise of New Digital Experiences

The new Chrome Enterprise Recommended partnerships expand the possibilities for different types of communications and collaborations. A powerful and secure platform that is supported by the Google and Arreya team. You can literally launch anywhere. 

In kiosk and digital signage the Arreya digital experiences are endless. Beyond the monitor on a wall, digital signage is store menus, interactive displays, customer kiosks and employee kiosks-anywhere on any device you can view digital content. Within each of those categories solutions for wayfinding, concierge, ticketing, room bookings and manufacturing data kiosks are just a few of the possibilities for Arreya with Chrome Enterprise.