Tuning Into Senior Wellness Using Digital Signage

Tuning Into Senior Wellness Using Digital Signage

Senior citizens are esteemed members of our community. Seniors should be treated with the respect, care, and dignity they deserve. Senior living facilities take pride in caring for our elders, and they are tuning into senior wellness by using digital signage. Digital signage is used to display upcoming events, news, and meal options. Signs integrate with alert software, alerting everyone to dangerous situations like inclement weather or security breaches. The signage is customizable and scalable, so senior living facilities of all sizes are using it to improve communication with residents, staff, and family members. 

Entertaining Seniors With Digital Signage

Senior Living Digital SignageKeeping seniors entertained can be a real challenge. Activities need to be safe, and staff need to be vigilant, ready to step in if someone is injured or sick. It’s easy for activities to become repetitive and boring. By using digital signage, senior living facilities are creating dynamic content to entertain their residents. Content is easily updated using digital signage software, and multiple presentations are created and saved away for later, so content is always fresh. Presentations are made for each season of the year, set up with Christmas movies in December for example. Staff schedule the content in advance, and the software automatically plays the correct content for each season. Seniors find the content they want using interactive digital signage, navigating through the presentations until they find something they’re interested in viewing. LEARN MORE about how senior living facilities are entertaining seniors with digital signage.

Making Displays Accessible for All

Senior Living Digital SignageFor many seniors, moving around can be hard. Digital signage software is deployed to seniors’ mobile devices, and they enjoy content from the comfort of their beds. Signage software easily connects with any screen in the assisted living facility, and it’s viewed outside the facility as well. The scalability of digital signage software makes meaningful connections attainable for everyone, staff, seniors, and even family. Family members access the content to see upcoming events, and they interact with the signage by sending birthday wishes and loving messages to residents. This integration was particularly vital during the COVID 19 pandemic. The pandemic made it impossible to visit seniors in person, but through the utilization of digital signage software, families were able to make important connections with seniors in a time they needed it most. 

Keep Seniors Moving

Staying active becomes progressively more difficult as we age. For seniors, exercise needs to be engaging, fun, and safe. Senior living facilities use digital signage to put on fitness content throughout the week to keep seniors moving. Guided exercise is fun, and it’s an excellent way to help residents stay healthy and mobile. Staff select different workouts based on the fitness of their residents and available equipment. This is just another example of how scalable and customizable digital signage software is for senior living facilities. Whether a facility is equipped with a state of the art gym and dozens of screens, or just some resistance bands and one screen, digital signage software is scaled to provide a better experience.

Keep Seniors Safe

Safety is the number one priority and responsibility of senior living facilities. They undergo rigorous training and testing to make sure they meet the standards necessary to care for our elders. Elopement drills are conducted regularly, so staff are prepared to handle a situation where a resident exits the facility unattended. This is a pretty common occurrence, and today, senior living facilities are using digital signage software to prevent seniors from wandering into unsafe situations. Digital signage is equipped with web cameras in these instances, and the cameras capture anyone leaving or entering the facility. Staff know exactly who is currently in the building. They are notified with a sound, display alert, or an email when someone exits or enters. Staff and residents are automatically notified in the case of inclement weather, fires, or security breaches with the implementation of alerting software like Alertus. Learn more about CONFIGURING ALERTUS.

Working Smarter not Harder

senior living digital signageSenior living facilities are using digital signage software to incorporate smart home capabilities to their residents’ rooms. These incredible tools improve quality of life for residents, making it easier for them to get comfortable. Seniors are able to control the lighting and temperature of their rooms with real time feedback from the displays. Vitals can be measured with fitness trackers and displayed on screen. This means that by using blood pressure cuffs or a fitness watch, seniors’ heart rate and blood pressure are displayed for both seniors and staff to see. This is a fascinating and exciting integration which allows staff to notify nurses or doctors immediately if necessary. LEARN MORE about smart home capabilities in digital signage.

Using Digital Signage to Relax

Insomnia is common amongst seniors, and the additional confinement during the COVID 19 pandemic exacerbated restlessness. Senior living facilities are faced with the challenge of helping residents unwind. Senior living facilities use digital signage to display guided meditation videos, movies, virtual fireplaces, and live videos of the night sky to help residents relax. Calming content helps put seniors at ease so they can get some sleep. If they can’t fall asleep, at least they have something to keep them entertained throughout the night.

Promoting Senior Wellness

Digital signage promotes senior well-being by keeping seniors relaxed, entertained, connected with family and friends, up to date, and safe. Senior living facilities are using digital signs to show residents everything from movies and announcements, to fitness content and thermostat controls. Staff are notified by digital signs when residents leave the building and in the event of  security breaches or inclement weather. Digital signage is a powerful tool senior living facilities use everyday to keep their residents safe, comfortable, entertained, healthy, and happy.