How to Uncomplicate Multi-screen Video Walls

How to Uncomplicate Multi-screen Video Walls

Video walls are a creative and dynamic way to display art, messaging or digital donor walls. They quickly grab the attention of viewers, but they have always been complicated to install and create content.  Not anymore, with the new monitor mounts, commercial screens and multi-port players, you can easily create a totally unique video wall. The addition of Arreya Creative Studio or CRM allows the user to remotely create and update content. 

6 Steps To A Successful Video Wall

There are many items that need to be considered when moving forward with a multi-screen video wall. 

arreya digital signage airport large screen1. Budget

Video walls are not an inexpensive option, and there might be a large monitor that would be a good alternative.  If the content is going to be broken up into individual screens, a video wall might not be the economically wise option. 

When considering the budget for a video wall, consider how long it will last. Cheap screens, mounts and devices will take more to look correct, and achieve the dynamic impact of digital signage and upkeep.  The vivid display should be the only thing viewers focus on. Spend the money at the beginning and build into the budget maintenance costs for the lasting effect. 

2. Software for Digital Content

Contemplate the reason for using a multi-screen video wall and what is the final intent. Pick a content team that is trusted to be responsible for updates and maintenance. Keep the content fresh and new. Video and multiple menus, lists and information can scroll across the screens. Children-hospital-digital-signage-arreya

Because of the ability of the Arreya Digital Signage smart sizing feature,  video wall content can be created without calculating each screen. 

Layout in the Arreya Creative Studio using the aspect ratio of the video wall. Deploy instantly to devices and update remotely from anywhere. Software is a critical component to consider if you want to easily create a video wall.

3. Placement

When picking a location for a video wall, there are multiple options to consider. 

High traffic is optimal for the ROI as is distance viewing, and large open spaces are ideal.  Think of video walls like movie theaters. Distance gives the viewer the ability to see the full display and understand the digital content. Space to walk toward the monitors captures the attention and allows moving traffic to gather the information on the go. 

4. Hardware

There are many good options for video walls. Consider the longevity of the display and whether it can easily be maintained. Arreya can help replace worn devices and hardware for current updates.

hospital video wall kiosk arreyaScreens that are commercial grade meant for 24/7 are the most effective option. Small bezels, or the frame of the screen, make viewing more seamless to the eye. Screens do have color variations, and to avoid the hassle of going through large color corrections, make sure all screens are from the same manufacturer and lot numbers.

Adjustable monitor mounts are a must. They easily allow you to adjust screens in every direction so they fit perfectly. The Peerless Smartmounts allow for all the adjustments, but also pull out for maintenance.

Media players are the last hardware element for a successful video wall. There are many options depending on the video wall layout. Portrait, landscape, stacked or straight line and random are all different configurations. There is specific hardware depending on the configuration chosen and what you are doing with the digital content.  The Arreya team will help decide on which device fits particular needs and reduce the cost of using individual devices for each screen.  CHECK OUT KEYWEST AQUARIUM VIDEO

5. Installation

Hire an experienced and insured installer. Multi-screen video walls require special handling and navigation of the hardware. Installers that don’t understand how to handle screens can easily damage or drop devices.

6. Updating

 Digital signage content is a living display that needs constant updates to be fresh and for the best ROI. The content team should care about the display, have experience in publishing content, and have a schedule of deployment. 

The Power of Video Walls

A well planned, well placed video wall will increase efficiency and increase awareness, that is why they are being installed in airports, schools, hospitals and attractions. Through the power of video the messaging is easily, quickly and dynamically translated. With the right tools and guidance, anyone can easily create an eye-catching video wall.