Positive Impacts of Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

Positive Impacts of Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities thrive on efficient practices and well organized logistics. Communication is an essential factor in keeping employees safe and effective in their roles. Digital signage is a revolutionary tool, improving operations management, and streamlining communications in the manufacturing industry.

Safety and Compliance

It’s important for manufacturing facilities to comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Part of that compliance often includes displaying mandatory safety videos and stretching routines. Operations managers are using digital signage to schedule required materials, like safety videos, to play at the appropriate times. Videos are scheduled  in advance, and changes are quick and easy to make. Displaying the right content at the right time is simplified with recurring scheduling.

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It’s imperative that manufacturing organizations have emergency preparedness plans in place. Alerting software is one of the most valuable tools on the market for deploying emergency messaging quickly and efficiently. Tools like Singlewire Informacast and Alertus are trusted by manufacturers to keep their employees safe. In the event of an emergency like a fire, lockdown situation, or inclement weather, alerting software integrates with digital signage, deploying emergency messaging to all screens simultaneously with one click. Evacuation procedures and routes are displayed, and messaging updates are instantaneous. 

Increased Productivity

Digital signage has proven to increase productivity in manufacturing facilities by displaying real-time performance metrics. These displays allow employees to monitor performance in real-time, allowing quick reactions and efficient production control. Additionally, using digital signage to highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) can help motivate employees, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

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Streamlined Operations

Having a tool that can consolidate communications in a manufacturing facility can save on administrative time and resources. Digital signage eliminates the need to print, distribute and post signages, which reduces the time and labor costs. Scheduling content in advance allows leadership to be more proactive with their messaging. Employees receive updates on shift schedules, absentees, employee recognition programs, workplace policies, and much more.

Valuable Communication Tool

Digital signage is an excellent tool, used to enhance productivity, streamline operations, improve communications, and promote safety in manufacturing facilities. It is a valuable investment for companies that wish to maximize their efficiency and productivity in a competitive industry.

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Using Digital Signage for Fitness

Using Digital Signage for Fitness

The fitness industry was worth around $160 billion  in 2021 and is expected to grow 171.75% by 2028. While gyms, health clubs, and other in-person fitness related businesses suffered during the pandemic, digital and online fitness organizations boomed. The digital fitness market saw revenue growth of around 40% in 2020. Although most gyms are back open today, COVID19 fundamentally changed the market. The fitness industry is using digital signage software as a tool to deliver content to customers in greater frequency, and they’re having some great results.  

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Business Critical for Digital Workouts

It’s one thing to have access to a 24 hour gym, but what if you could have access to a 24 hour trainer? Fitness organizations like HOTWORX use digital signage software to display fitness content around the clock. Hotworx is a virtually instructed exercise program where workouts take place inside an infrared sauna. There are Hotworx locations throughout the globe open 24 hours a day. Hotworx is able to give their clients the flexibility to exercise with instruction 24/7 thanks to digital signage software. 

Digital signage software with Chrome Enterprise is business critical to digital businesses.  Instead of employees, they rely on software and Chrome hardware to reliably and continually give their clients what they pay for.  With hybrid and remote work, being able to work out at any time became the new normal.  Adding staff to work 24/7 is unrealistic and keeps the business from being a reality.

Gym Staff Communications

Gym owners and staff have a lot on their plates. They have to schedule consistent cleanings for their gyms, maintain equipment, and monitor members to make sure they are being safe. They also need to check everyone in and sign up new members.

Fitness centers use digital signage software to keep employees up to date on cleaning days, events, and tasks. Digital signage software scales to any device with an internet connection, so changes to content can be made off location by managers at any time.

Digital Signage for Gym Members

Fitness centers use digital signage for a vast variety of things, like displaying upcoming events,gym closings, and infotainment for their members. Some gyms even use digital signage for member check-ins. Content feeds integrate with digital signage software to display current weather, news, and sporting events. Members use interactive digital signage to navigate through different content feeds, and they use digital signage to set timers for workouts. Timers display alarms and notify members during certain time intervals so they can switch between sets.

Marketing Applications

Digital signage is used to market to both current and potential gym members. New introductory rates are offered for potential members, while additional classes and training sessions are offered to current members. With interactive digital signage, people actually sign up on screen by entering email addresses or even credit card information. Gyms also sell merchandise, like t-shirts, jump ropes and weight-lifting belts. Digital signage software integrates with Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to process payments for merchandise and memberships. 

Digital Menu Boards

Some fitness centers have cafes on site, so members can get something healthy to eat after they exercise. Fitness centers use digital signage to display menus which are much more environmentally friendly and a lot easier to update than traditional paper menus. Digital signage displays wait times, pricing, and payment options in gym cafes.

Fitness Tracking

Technology has significantly improved the accuracy of fitness tracking metrics like heart rate, calories burned, and time elapsed throughout a workout. Gym members are using devices like FitBits, Whoop straps, and Apple watches to gauge the effectiveness of their exercise. Gyms use digital signage software to integrate with these fitness tracking devices so members can view their results on the big screen mid-workout. These fitness tracking devices along with digital signage can be used to put on competitions throughout the year.

LEARN MORE about digital signage in gyms. 

More Than a Mirror

Recently, digital signage software has integrated with “magic mirrors.” A magic mirror is essentially a screen that shows your reflection, and on screen you see yourself, but also animations or content feeds. Gym members can watch their form in these mirrors while simultaneously viewing digital signage content. The interactivity and digital nature of magic mirrors makes them perfect for fitness applications. LEARN MORE about magic mirrors.

The Future of Digital Fitness

With the exciting digital fitness integrations available today, like magic mirrors, fitness tracking devices, and virtual training, gyms will need to integrate more technology to stay modern and competitive. 

Digital signage software is being implemented by gyms around the globe, both for internal communication and member usage. Digital tools will continue to be embraced and used with great frequency in gyms, and fitness monitoring and technology will continue to improve. As fitness becomes a 24/7 tool, software and hardware has become business critical. A permanent integration into many businesses.

Revolutionizing the Modern Office with Digital Signage

Revolutionizing the Modern Office with Digital Signage

Technology has accelerated the rate at which information is exchanged at unimaginable rates over the last two decades. Today, corporations are revolutionizing the modern office with digital signage, making the distribution of information even more seamless, automated, and instantaneous than ever before. Organizations are using digital signage software today to deploy content throughout the office and beyond, bringing content to stakeholders and employees located anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Intrigue Employees

Office Digital SignageDaily life in the office becomes monotonous and boring for many employees. Businesses are turning to digital signage to bring excitement and interactivity to the office. Employees view news and events, and managers use digital signage to recognize them for their hard work.

Signs display work anniversaries, birthdays, and recognition programs throughout the year to celebrate employees. Interactive digital signage allows employees to share vital information throughout the office, like deadlines or pertinent questions about upcoming projects. Information that can be lost in emails or printed materials is spotlighted in one location for all employees. Using Chrome Enterprise digital signage, different departments can get exclusive pinpointed feeds.

Employees Access Content Anywhere

Office Digital SignageThe need to access information instantaneously and from any location has increased significantly. This is in large part due to the COVID19 pandemic, which forced a large shift in where employees work. Employees are now working in the office, from home, and in hybrid roles. Digital signage software brings vital content to employees around the world, whether they are in the office, at home, or even on a different continent.

Employees can access content from phones and laptops as it’s simultaneously being displayed across thousands of screens company-wide. The scalability of digital signage software allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to display content in the office and beyond, even sharing content with shareholders when appropriate.

Drive Productivity

Corporate Digital SignageMany companies have multiple branches or buildings, and they are looking for a way to streamline communication across all locations.

Announcements and news are deployed to digital signage to every office location simultaneously. Employees get the information they need in seconds, and managers save time by scheduling content in advance. Managers make updates to the content displayed on the digital signage in the office, or on the fly from any device. Employees post updates on projects to digital signage, and managers see progress instantly. LEARN MORE about driving productivity.

Increase Employee Engagement

Making meaningful connections with employees is difficult, especially in remote environments. Wherever employees are located, digital signage software makes those connections and drives employee engagement. In the office, digital signage looks professional and inviting on big screens, and when working from home, company computers display the same content on employee desktops. Coworkers ask and answer each other’s questions using digital signage no matter where they’re located, and discussion boards are used to share and refine ideas, all in real-time. LEARN MORE about increasing employee engagement.

Employee Well-Being

Corporate Digital SignageEmployees are one of, if not the most important assets of a business. Taking care of employees and keeping them safe if vital. Digital signage in the office alerts employees to danger like fires, dangerous weather, or security breaches. Alerting softwares works synergistically with digital signage to push out visual and audio notifications to all devices with one click. 

Using content feeds, like SCREENFEED, businesses are displaying content that promotes healthy eating and habits. These gentle reminders go a long way in terms of making people aware of their health. Businesses with onsite gyms display hours and workout plans on their digital signage to further encourage their employees to stay healthy.

Display Social Media and Reviews

Corporate digital signage is used to display business Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Marketing departments post, and employees see what’s new right away. Reviews are displayed on digital signage throughout the office, connected through Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Customer Reviews, and everyone sees customer feedback in real time. Mentions are added to digital signage content, so if someone Tweets at the business, or tags the business’s Instagram handle, everyone is aware. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Businesses need to continually adapt to stay competitive. Communication needs to be as efficient and effective as possible, which is why businesses are implementing digital signage software into their offices across the globe. The content they display looks professional to customers and it’s practical for so many reasons. Remote employees stay up to date on the latest announcements and company news, while the same content displays on in-office digital signage. Employees collaborate across branches and continents, making for the most seamless global communication available.

3 Ways To Use Countdown In Digital Signage

3 Ways To Use Countdown In Digital Signage

An Arreya designer shares ideas on how you can use the Countdown Widget in digital signage. She elaborates using this widget for Birthdays, Events, and Holidays as a way to add dynamic content that changes and updates your screen as each minute, hour or day passes. 

Hello my name is Nicole. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for creating. I graduated college at the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a concentration in Graphic Design. As a Designer at Arreya I look forward to any opportunity to help you design the best digital signage experience.

Using Widgets to Elevate the Digital Signage Experience

Arreya widgets can be easily added into your digital signage presentations and provide that dynamic content that keeps changing or updating. They add an extra element to the page and help bring attention to your slides. A few of my favorite widgets are: QR Code, Slideshow, Countdown, and the Website widget. If I had to pick, the countdown widget would be one of my top three favorites. There are so many different ways you can integrate it into your signage. In a marketing sense you can use the countdown widget to highlight your product by setting a countdown for when a special offer may end or start. It encourages your audience to act on what your offer may be.

Ideas for Using Countdown and Count-up

Things you can COUNTDOWN too are birthdays, holidays, upcoming events, a wedding, or even when a promotion may end. This is a great way of building up the viewers anticipation of that meaningful or important day! It’s not only a countdown app you can also COUNT-UP! Giving you more ways to use this same widget. Now you can track how long your company has been in business, how many accident free days a department is at, or how long an employee has been working.

Birthday countdown digital signage Arreyacountdown widget digital signage arreya1. Recognizing an Individual’s Birthday

For instance if someone’s birthday is coming up you can display the countdown of how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds they have been living. What a thoughtful way to recognize an individual and a neat way to add motion to your signage as well! Adding information or data to your digital signage that is difficult to share anywhere else. Email is not a good way to share employee information. There is no guarantee the right people will get it or read it. Using digital signage for internal employee communications can engage and retain your employees. Because you can pinpoint the information to specific screens, you can be confident the right information is being seen by the correct audience.  

By adding countdowns for birthdays and other personal, fun data to your digital signage, employees are more likely to view the information.

livestream countdown digital signage event Arreya
2. Create Anticipation Using Countdown to an Event

Another example, let’s say you are a sporting facility and you have a big event or game or match or meet coming up. You could use the countdown widget to build anticipation to your viewers/guest and with Arreya you could even add our YouTube widget and display that LIVE event/game/match/meet etc. to your viewers (not to mention that they could view this from anywhere through the Arreya progressive web app). Learn more from our YouTube tutorials about inserting the countdown widget here and adding a youtube live widget here.

digital signage livestream event

To use countdown in digital signage think of any event and you can livestream.  Celebrate weddings or concerts with people who can’t attend. It’s easy for viewers to enjoy your events. No special downloads or access codes, just share. For an easy way to allow viewers to access the livestream, just add a QR code they can scan with their phone or tablet.

Schools can use countdown for events in their digital signage. So many events can be shared that normally would be difficult for parents and grandparents to attend. COVID has limited access to school events, but through Arreya digital signage you can still share important events.

new year countdown arreya3. Bring Excitement to the Holidays

We see the countdown widget used the most during the holiday season especially around November and December. People are often hosting holiday parties or events. There are many other holidays throughout the year to add to your digital signage. Getting your viewers to look at your information is the key to successful digital signage content.

countdown digital signage widgetNow you may be stumped on how to design a countdown/count-up presentation. NO WORRIES, we have you covered! Arreya makes it easy by offering free templates for you to integrate into your digital signage. You can add one of our already made countdown templates to your presentation! Arreya christmas countdown digital signage widgetprovides a portrait and landscape orientation for whatever template best fits your screens. You can even customize with your information. Make it personal for employees, students or whomever your audience is and engage your viewers. 

Also, you can add videos, gifs or other feeds to your countdown for dynamic digital signage.

Overall the Countdown Widget Is Perfect To Attract Attention

As you can see, it can be used for any event or special day to recognize or just a fun way to promote things. Really it’s quite simple to integrate and a dynamic touch that updates and will keep your content feeling current and on point. 

Thinking about these examples given, I hope you can come up with ways to use countdown in your digital display. In my time of working in the Arreya Digital Signage Suite I have created a number of templates and the countdown widget is still one of my favorites to design around. Remember there’s a lot of thought and reasoning that goes into creating a design and Arreya is the perfect Digital Signage software to help you easily design informational displays.