Improving Employee Communications with Digital Signage

Improving Employee Communications with Digital Signage

For better or worse, COVID19 changed the way work gets done fundamentally. Employees started working from home out of necessity, and since the pandemic, many work from home out of personal preference. Employers are faced with the challenge of engaging and connecting employees no matter where they are physically located.

Today, employers are improving employee communications by using digital signage software. Digital signage scales to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and it displays pertinent information to employees across the globe.

Remote Communications

Connecting with remote workers can be difficult without any face to face interaction. Employers use video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet to meet virtually. Digital signage implements these tools for improved employee communication.

Managers livestream meetings to digital signage, displaying meetings in the office and on company provided devices in remote locations. Company news and updates are displayed as well. Employees receive a clear and updated line of communication while working from the comfort of their own homes. Arreya can be deployed to digital devices as a progressive web app, just like apps on your phone.  These apps give employees quick access to the Arreya channel. Employee communications become streamlined and universal across multiple locations.

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Sharing Corporate History

Many businesses have a rich corporate history that they want to share with their employees. Corporate history illustrates where a business came from, and it gives employees a greater understanding of what they are working towards.

Digital signage communicates corporate history in an engaging and satisfying way with images and videos. Employees interact with digital signage, navigating across corporate timelines on touchscreen displays or on their phones. Giving employees a better understanding of the organization’s story makes work more meaningful and fulfilling.

Corporate history also helps with hiring new employees. The foundation of a company can be a factor on people applying or accepting a position.  Digital history can be accessed from anywhere and dynamic content with timelines, photos and videos will engage more viewers.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition programs are excellent for making employees feel valued. Businesses are using digital signage for communicating wins to employees, recognizing them in front of all their coworkers and even stakeholders in some cases. Digital signs display employee of the month programs, sales contests, and customer reviews. Displaying wins for everyone to see is a great way to boost morale. It tells employees that their work matters, and that they are valued.

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Team Building

Team building exercises are very beneficial in terms of improving employee experience and engagement. A small investment of time to allow employees to get to know eachother often leads to less turnover and higher productivity. When coworkers build healthy professional relationships, they become more invested in each other and in turn, more invested in their work.

Business owners are using digital signage to improve communication and team building by allowing them to meet with each other virtually, communicate through bulletin boards, and even play games together. Team contests are displayed on digital signs throughout the office, creating excitement and some healthy competition.    

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Display Key Company Metrics

It’s important that employees understand how their performance is evaluated. Businesses are using digital signage for communicating results to employees, displaying key company metrics in real time.  Pinpoint Arreya channels to specific departments or centers to personalize digital content to the audience.  Call centers can track calls answered, development can watch real time use and which devices are connected.  Posting of safety and equipment data sheets can be easily integrated for real time statistics.

Digital signage displays sales targets, customer reviews, new leads, and any other relevant key performance indicators. Displaying metrics in real time allows employees and managers to prioritize effectively and meet their goals. 

Employee Safety

Employee safety will always be a top priority, but it’s tougher to keep people safe when they’re working remotely. Companies need tools to alert remote and hybrid employees to danger when they are not in the office. Digital signage integrates with alert software to proactively warn employees of impending danger like inclement weather, fires, or security breaches. With one click, emergency messaging is deployed to all digital signage simultaneously, keeping employees safe no matter where they are physically located. Business owners set up different emergency messages designed for every dangerous scenario. Emergency messaging includes escape routes, rendezvous points, and steps to take to stay safe in the event of a natural disaster.

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Work Calendars and Schedules

Keeping track of meetings, deadlines, birthdays, work anniversaries, and employee schedules is time consuming and overwhelming. Digital signage keeps everyone up to date through integrations with calendar software like Google Calendar, iCal, and Calendly.

Businesses can display multiple calendars simultaneously, or schedule calendars to appear at different times throughout the day.

Presentations are personalized for work anniversaries and birthdays to recognize employees and make them feel valued. Managers use digital signage for communicating deadlines and meeting times on calendars, and updates to meeting times happen automatically.

Impactful Employee Communications

Employers are making more impactful connections by using digital signage for employee communications. Digital signage extends beyond the physical office, keeping remote employees in the loop no matter where they are located. Business critical information is displayed reliably, and updates are easy to make. As remote work becomes more common, and the way we do work continues to evolve, modern tools like digital signage will continue to elevate communication.


Using Digital Signage for Emergency Messaging

Using Digital Signage for Emergency Messaging

digital-signage-school-emergency-messagingNatural disasters, security breaches, and fires cause major damage to businesses. While not every business will experience these dangerous situations, it’s important that all are prepared for the worst.  Emergency planning and management is critical. Business owners are responsible for the safety and well-being of their employees and customers.

Businesses are using digital signage for emergency messaging, notifying everyone at a moment’s notice, saving time, and even lives. Integrating alerts into digital signage has become law in many states. Along with locking doors and limiting access to buildings, the alert systems are a natural fit to keep people safe.

Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

Hurricanes devastate the coastal communities, leveling buildings and causing power outages for hundreds of thousands of people. While the damage will take years to repair, and many businesses will be reeling from the impact of the hurricane, physical safety of individuals will always take precedence over property.

Digital signage is an excellent tool for emergency messaging, because it allows businesses to alert customers and employees to impending danger. Digital signage also deploys vital information after storms have hit. Employees access content from cell phones, keeping up on the latest reports of damage and company news/updates. 

Businesses and schools need a plan to keep everyone safe in the event of natural disasters, like Hurricane Ian. Once a plan is in place to keep everyone safe, the next consideration to be made in an emergency plan should be to preserve property. When it comes to weather-proofing digital signage, one key step, which may seem counterintuitive, is to leave the displays on. While we might think we should turn them off, or even unplug them, experts recommend leaving digital signage running. This is because the internal fans will continue to run, which slows the accumulation of condensation within the device.

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Alerting Software Integration

Digital Signage for AlertsWhen disasters strike, every second counts. Through the integration of alerting software, digital signage displays emergency messaging instantaneously. Businesses save time and headache with a one click solution, displaying alerts on thousands of screens in seconds. Emergency messaging is tailored to each business and each specific situation.

For example, a school may use digital signage to set up one emergency message for a lockdown situation, a second for inclement weather, and a third for a fire in the building. Whatever the case, emergency messaging is easily customizable and effortlessly deployed.

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Key Candidates for Digital Emergency Messaging

Having a plan in place for various emergencies is key for virtually all businesses, but it’s specifically crucial for certain industries.

For schools and hospitals, digital signage is an essential tool for emergency messaging. These types of businesses are responsible for people who are more vulnerable, considering that they work with children and elderly populations. It’s imperative that their emergency plans are air tight, and that staff are able to react quickly and calmly. With the push of a button they can deploy emergency messaging to Arreya channels, taking over the content at a moments notice. When time is critical, alerting is easy.

Digital signage displays precise instructions for emergency messaging, giving instructions on what to do, where to go, and even what parts of the building are dangerous. Staff are able to take control of emergency situations more quickly and effectively as a result.

Keeping Stakeholders Safe Outside your Four Walls 

While the safety of customers and employees on location is of great concern, it’s also important to keep them safe after they leave. Businesses have more remote employees now than ever, and they need the ability to alert them to dangerous situations during working hours.

Digital signage software deploys emergency alerts to any device with internet access, not just the screens in the office. If inclement weather like a tornado or a hurricane is impending for an area where employees are located, digital signage software integrates with alert software to automatically alert everyone.

Replacing Outdated Emergency Messaging 

While sirens are useful for alerting multiple people at once, they provide little context as to where the danger is coming from or what to do to stay safe. Digital signage brings emergency messaging up to date, giving context to dangerous situations. Instead of bringing distress and panic like traditional alarms or sirens, digital signage provides clear instructions on where to go and what to do, no matter the situation. Maps and rendezvous points are displayed in the event of a fire, and directions to basements, bathrooms, and sturdy structures are provided for tornado warnings. In the case of a hurricane, like Hurricane Ian, digital signage displays evacuation routes and doppler radar.

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Preparing for the Worst

While we all hope we never have to deal with an emergency situation, and maybe we’d even prefer not to think about it, emergency planning is key to avoiding disasters. By using digital signage for emergency messaging, business owners are protecting their most valuable asset: their people. Replacing damaged property is expensive and inconvenient, but generally, everything is replaceable. Investing time and resources into an emergency plan is well worth it, and digital signage is a valuable tool in any emergency plan. Digital signage provides vital information designed to save lives through emergency messaging.