Supporting Athletic Programs with Digital Signage

Supporting Athletic Programs with Digital Signage

Through sports leagues, public organizations like Rotary or school booster clubs there is a long tradition of giving and recognition of donations. The use of digital signage for athletic hall of fame displays and other visual experiences highlights the importance of sports and athleticism starting at a young age. Encouraging more support.

Digital Signage for Athletic Hall of Fame

hall of fame athletics digitalThe key to success of many athletic programs is spotlighting past achievements and athletes. Touch or interactive digital signage allows visitors to engage with the stories and history of a sports program. The digital content can include:

 •   Rosters
 •   Honoree videos
 •   Special AwardsTeam photos
 •   Timelines

Digital recognition can be easily updated without added expense or space. Traditional trophy cases and award displays take a lot of room.

digital yearbook touchscreen arreyaFor smaller venues and an ongoing need to support athletic programs, digital recognition makes sense. Touchscreens from 32″ up to 95″ are readily available and even video walls are a common installation.  Custom surrounds can be designed to emphasize the display and protect the digital equipment from vandalism.

Pick a high traffic public wall that will draw the most interest from the audience.

Digital Donor Recognition for Sport Venue Buildings 

Focus on supporting athletic programs has traditionally been on the older sports of football and baseball. The growing popularity of sports outside the traditional has seen a great need for more venues. Soccer and swimming has become a major part of most school and university programs. Donations to build aquatic centers and indoor soccer fields have paved the way. 

digital donor wall bubbles arreya

Celebrating donors is important for acknowledging the accomplishments but more importantly to keep donations coming in for future growth.  The push to build sports venues always sees the most donations, but an endowment will need to be made for the future upkeep.  Digital signage can help persuade visitors to give. Videos can show what has been achieved and what needs to continue.  READ MORE ABOUT: BENEFITS OF AN ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME

Inspiring Design is Foundation for Successful Project

baseball field donor recognition display arreyaWhen the players are gone and the baseball field is quiet, the donor wall is the only thing that visually inspires. Recognition displays are continually forgotten until the end. Treated as an afterthought, donor walls should be part of the overall planning process. The donor recognition should reflect the venue’s energy and future. 

Design is key in assuring the continued support for any athletic program. Even though the fabrication of the donor display is important for quality that lasts, the design is the most important piece. A poor design can visually detract from the goals of the program. It can cost more money rather than inspire giving. 

Visualizing the Athletic Program’s Achievements

Celebrate donors through visual displays that show off achievements of the athletes and the athletic program. Most donor recognition displays become the backdrop for photo opportunities at events.

Whether public or private, schools or universities donors give to programs that inspire and show longevity. If you don’t care about your donors, why should they care about your programs? Digital donor recognition tells your story even when you are not available.