Affordable Hardware with Performance and Stability

For One Screen or a Thousand

Simply plug a Chromebit into any screen to turn it into an intelligent display to run digital signage.

Or use a Chromebox for enterprise-grade kiosks, video walls, and highly dynamic signage.

Then Run Arreya with your Chrome Device to manage, create and play the digital signage you want.

Arreya’s Pricing is Simple – One Plan – $69.50 / mo


Already Have Your Device – Order Chrome Management

Need a Proven Solution – Order a Time Saving Package

Already Have The Screen – Order a Ready To Go Device

Terms and Conditions


• An actual fully functional Arreya account with every option active
• The ability to set up, design and manage your digital signage like any subscribing customer
• The ability to broadcast and view your signs on screens and devices
No software to download or hardware to purchase
• No credit card needed

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