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Background is light blue. To the right of the images there is a large scale illustrated images of a burger with lettuce, cheese, burger, tomatoes, lettuce and ketchup. Towards the left of the screen 08/24/2023 Happy National Burger Day is written in a thick condensed font.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


White background with blue script font reading happy at the top center with stars in each side. Labor in blue letters and Day in red letters stacked below are large in the center in a serif font. Three horizontal red lines are next to Day. Five blue stars are below the text on the bottom of the image.
Labor Day Graphic Message for Digital Signage Communications
Labor Day Graphic Message for Digital Signage Communications
Teal blue background. White serif font letters at the top center read International Literacy Day September 8th. The the left smaller white italic letters in a serif font read "Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person could receive..." –Jen Selinsky. On the left a man sits on top of four large books. The person is wearing black pants and shoes, a white shirt, has black hair, and is reading a black book.
Pale green background with hot pink script letters read International Literacy Day on the center left of the image. Below reads September 8th in hot pink all capital decorative serif font. An illustation of a girl with pink skin, red hair, white shirt, and brown pants sits on a light chartreuse green couch. The person is reading an orange book. Green floor and background with orange, green, and yellow leafs behind the couch.
A light pink background. The right side reads Happy National Grandparents Day? September 10th in black decorative sans serif font. In a simple pink, red frame a man in a pink, red shirt has his left arm around and is looking at a grandpa. The grandpa looks back at the man. The grandpa is wearing a black hat and shirt.
Teal green with paler squiggly line background. White serif font letters at the center top read National Grandparents Day. At the center bottom in smaller white serif letters read September 10th. In the center of the image there is a family a small child wearing blue. Kneeling a mom in yellow and a dad in blue. Standing a grandmother in yellow and a grandfather in blue.
Purple, white, and teal gradient background. A purple and teal ribbon on the left. In purple san serif letters read National Suicide Prevention Week September 10–16. Below in with letters in a teal box reads National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: 988
Blue background with a navy blue illustrated brain split down the middle with a hand reaching down from the top of the graphic. Below the hand there is a person sitting on the ground with their arms wrapped around their legs and their head resting on their knees. Blow the person reads Together, We Can Make a Difference. World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th is written in white letters on the left.
A yellow background. A person in a black long sleeve shirt and yellow straw hat carries a basket full of purple, yellow, red and blue straw, grasses in the bottom right corner. The center of the image reads National Hispanic Heritage Month September 15–October 15 in pink, purple, and blue serif font letters.
A photo looking up at an old stone building with colorful, rainbow papel picado, paper banner garland hanging off the edge. The center of the image reads National Hispanic Heritage Month September 15–October 15 in red and green serif font letters.
Red background with white stars with blue outlines overlapping in the center and going off the top and bottom edges. A white center circle with a blue outline with white stars reads Citizenship Day in blue sans serif letters. A red ribbon with white stars in each end crosses the center circle at the bottom. It reads September 17th in white letters and a sans serif font.
Red, blue, and white gradient background. The United States of American area land map made out of red, white, and blue stars fill the image. In the center, black sans serif font text reads Citizenship Day September 17.
Light purple, lilac background. Right side of image reads International Day of Peace September 21 in white serif letters. A white dove with blue outlines holding a green leaf olive branch is on the left. A bigger paler, fainter, transparent dove shadow is behind the dove.
Light blue background. Center right of the image reads International Day of Peace September 21 in a serif font with navy letters centered aligned. On the left a teal and white globe with a navy and gold stand is overlapped with an outline of a dove in navy lines. A white dashed-line circle surrounds the globe.
Pencil drawings of orange and yellow fall and autumn leaves overlap and frame all the edges on a white background. In the center it reads Happy 1st Day of Fall September 23 in brown script font.
Beige background with an inset gold box outline. An orange leaf in the bottom left corner. One yellow, one brown, and one red leaves cover the right side of the image. Gold center letters in a sans serif font read Happy First Day of Fall September 23.
Tan, peach background. Five birds made out of three tree leaves cross the top edge. From left to right the birds are pink, green, brown, red, green. Five more leaf birds along the bottom edge. From left to right the birds are rainbow, blue, brown, orange, and pink.
Light tan, beige paper background. Pink, brown, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and red florals of various flower species frame the edges.
Pale teal rhombus pattern background. Wishing you a great Yom Kippur Sept. 25, 2023 in black decorative font in the center.
A peach tan background with white sans serif letters at the top of the image reading Alpaca Day September 26. Along the bottom of the screen, four white alpacas wearing colorful blankets on their backs, tassels on their ear, and tassels and beaded necklaces.
A blue gradient background. The bottom right is a heart made our of smaller white hearts and one red heart. With serif font on the left reads World Hear Health Day September 29
A photos of a person in a black suite and white shirt holds a red heart with a white cardiogram line on it. At the top left in white sans serif letters reads World Heart Health Day September 29
Dark blue denim background with colored pencils on the left held by two denim straps. A red heart charm is looped around the straps and pencils. Image reads Happy Back to School! in white serif letters with pink behind them.
White with pale yellow heart pattern background. A singular yellow ribbon in the center. Black serif letters overtop ribbon read Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Animated Gifs

Animated gif has a white background. In the center sans serif font letters that are white and outlined in blue read Labor Day. Instead of an'o' in labor day it was replaced with gears being moved by a wrench. The 'r' in labor swings up and down. A blue hard hat appears and sits on the 'r'. The 'y' in day is replaced with the wrench that is moving the gears above.
This is a animated gif has blue gears with a clock in the center and two arrows on a circle rotating clockwise. Text at the top reads Have a Great, and the bottom reads Labor Day in blue serif font text that is not moving.
Citizenship Day Sept 17 Arreya Digital Signage Graphic