Returning from remote work and learning after an extended period of time can be stressful. Whether it’s due to the COVID-19 pandemic or even after a summer break. Digital signage is a simple and great way to communicate new protocols and changes with your students or employees. We’re going to cover the 1.2.3’s steps of Restarting Your Digital Signage. How to restart your digital signage after a long absence and how you can leverage your digital signage to have an effective form of communication. restarting digital signage

1. Chrome Digital Signage Hardware Check

One of the easiest first things you can do is check your monitors and media players for power and internet. This can be done by visiting each monitor.  Before powering on devices, make sure they have not been water damaged or vandalism so you don’t cause a fire.  If your content is still scheduled in your Arreya channel, you should be able to see your content on the monitors, if not, there’s a few things to check.   

  • First, hop on to a computer and log in to your Arreya dashboard at *yourchannel* Once logged in, you can see if there is a presentation scheduled in the “Now Playing” section on the right hand side of the dashboard. If there’s nothing scheduled, jump to the ScheFanless Chromebox 4 ASUSdules section using the navigation bar at the top of the screen, and set up a schedule. You can find out more about scheduling a presentation here
  • The next thing to take a look at is the Devices section of the Arreya dashboard. You can get there by using the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Here you can see which devices are checking in with Arreya’s servers. Each device will list an online or offline status, and the last time they checked in or received an update. If you’re seeing devices offline, the next step is to do some further device troubleshooting.


  • One of the reasons we love Chrome devices is the ability to remotely troubleshoot devices through the Google Admin console. If you’re using Chrome devices, log in to the admin console at or if you don’t have access, you may need to reach out to your IT team for assistance. Chrome device Auto updatesThe Google admin console devices section, will tell you more in depth status information, and can tell you when the last time devices connected with Google’s servers. If you’re seeing devices offline here, you may want to investigate if network information has changed recently.  In order to provide the highest level of security and stability Google guarantees automatic Chrome OS and platform updates for Chrome devices for at least 5 years after the release date of the model. As devices age, the hardware becomes unable to support newer software and firmware that keep the devices secure and allow Chrome to take full advantage of the hardware’s capabilities. After the Auto Update Expiration (AUE), the device will no longer receive automatic updates.Restarting Your Digital Signage

If devices are showing offline in the Arreya dashboard but online in the Google Admin console, your IT or network security team may have updated hardware or software that is blocking devices from connecting to Arreya servers. You can find more information about firewalls and blocking here: 

2. Arreya Software Service Check

Returning to work after Covid-19 there were many changes to employees, so it’s a great time to verify your Arreya administration. Once you get your hardware check complete, check your Arreya administration on your Arreya account. You can find this information in your Arreya dashboard under the Management tab. Do this before restarting your digital signage.

  • Verify who is the owner, and if it has changed, make the updates or contact us to help you regain access to your Arreya channels.  If you have multiple channels, switch to a different channel and check the management for each channel.  You can assign different management levels to different users.  This allows you to administer roles to multiple content developers. Having multiple managers is a good idea. It allows your content to stay fresh, relative and gives you a back-up if someone leaves.  You can also allow content to flow in from integrations like Google sheets, Twitter, Excel, Google calendar and Google forms. Integrations from third-party data sources. Let people make changes to a Google sheet or twitter account that links to your Arreya content. They never need direct access to your Arreya channel, it will update automatically when they make changes. This is a good option for menus, stock prices, dashboards or schedules.


  • Your owner email will be the email linked to your Arreya billing account. If you want monthly invoices emailed to a different email address or to multiple emails, please contact us directly and we will make the necessary changes to your billing account.  You can call us or email us at

3. Digital Signage Content Check

Once you finish the basic setup, If you’re feeling like your content is a bit stale and want to make some new content and have some fun with your digital content. Update your content with a new template from the template library. Add photos or videos from the free Pixabay access or contact our design team to create custom content for you.  We even train you on the content so you can continue updates yourself.

  • Hop into the Presentations section of the Arreya dashboard, under the Content drop down box in the navigation bar. Try creating a new presentation from our template library or grab some media from one of our free content newsletters. Arreya is constantly adding new free content and feature updates on our blog at

free digital signage content

Here at Arreya Digital Signage our team is constantly developing new features and templates to our software service.  Our rolling updates allow you access to new and exciting updates instantly.  We want your return to work and the restarting of your digital signage to be easy and successful.