This release adds two new widgets, Countdown & Hebrew Date to our base package, along with several improvements.


First up, we have the Countdown widget.  This widget allows you to count up or down from a point in time, and display an optional message when the countdown is complete.  Some examples are “X days until Christmas”, “There are only X days until summer break!”, and for counting up – “We have been accident free for X days”.  We include options for displaying the number of days/weeks/months shown, as well as the text before and after the countdown value, and the completed message for count down timers.



Next we have a Hebrew date widget!  Requested by one of our clients, this widget will display the Hebrew date in your presentation. We have options for displaying it in Hebrew, or as the English transliteration.


Arreya Hebrew Date Widget, added with the Countdown widget in release # 110251118



All changes in this release –

  • Countdown Widget – Count down to an event, or the time from a past event.  See how to use it here
  • Hebrew Date Widget – Display the date in Hebrew, or as transliterated English.
  • Text justification options in style dialog
  • New 404 page 🙂
  • Improved offline capability
  • Clock language is now automatic
  • Website embeds return to home after inactivity
  • Fixed a mobile performance issue
  • Fixed an error with layer handling in the editor