Calendar Slideshow Widget


This release adds a new Slideshow view to the Calendar widget.  With the new view, your event information is pulled from Google Calendar and displayed as a slideshow.  The slideshow can be re-sized and styled to fit your design as an additional widget, or as a slideshow on the opening page.  You choose the transition, background color, timing, and duration (daily/weekly events).  The calendar can even be tied in with your conference/meeting room scheduling and used to display upcoming meetings for the organization.


  • Added warning in manager for when no presentation is scheduled
  • Added warning in manager when deleting the only scheduled presentation
  • Added ‘Duration’ information for Viewers
  • Added the ability to view the event timeline for a viewer
  • Added the ability to filter viewer timeline events
  • Added the ability to click on a map icon for more information (Viewers, Devices)
  • Hide ‘Date’ column in List-eez when using it for schedule
  • New Viewer datatable
  • Updated 3rd party libraries
  • Updated device registration
  • Updated device registration logo
  • Fix for schedule calendar not displaying properly
  • Fix for analytics table with multiple events
  • Fix for device registration displaying ‘Updating…’ message
  • Fix for ‘undefined’ in donor list view
  • Fix for interactive gallery on Firefox