“Arreya is the perfect digital signage price point”

Tyler Toline, Executive Director – Saunders Healthcare

Bundled with Everything You Need

Plans Are Simple and Customized To Your Needs


• Drag and Drop Design
• Cloud-Based
• Chrome Recommended and Ready
• Media Library
• Customize Messaging Board
• Free Templates
• Easy Dashboard
• Live Updates and Edits
• Easily Manage Screens Remotely
• Push Content To Mobile Devices
• Effortlessly Craft Touchscreen Signage
• Custom Design Support

How Our “Channel” Pricing Is Different From The Competition

Each Arreya subscription is a secure web channel. Simply link screens, tablets or smart phones to your signs channel. Much like a website It doesn’t matter if you have 1, 10, or 1000’s screens showing your channel. That means having many screens does NOT add any more fees to your monthly subscription. This gives you great flexibility to expand your network of screens plus it’s such a great value for distributing the same content to many locations across your building, state, country or the world. 

There's More


100% Cloud

✔ Unlimited Cloud Storage
✔ Unlimited User Accounts
✔ Free Support Phone & E-mail
✔ Free Software Updates
✔ Analytics
✔ Training
✔ Smart Sizing
✔ Offline Mode

Dynamic Content

✔ Built in Creative Studio
✔ Photo Editor
✔ Free Templates
✔ Touchscreen with Multi-touch
✔ Video Up to 4K
✔ Live Feeds
✔ Many Dynamic Widgets
✔ Google Integration

Full Management

✔ Access & Edit Anywhere
✔ Media Manager
✔ Real-Time Device Status
✔ Scheduling
✔ Instant Screen Updates
✔ Mobile View on Phones & Tablets
✔ Status Notifications
✔ Kiosk Lock Down Devices



Upfront Pricing.

No Storage Fees, No Data Fees, No User Fees.

6 Optional Premium Widgets You Can Add

[cl-flipbox front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”206977″ front_icon_image_width=”70″ front_title=”Weather” front_title_size=”25″ front_desc=”$5 / Month” back_title=”Weather” back_desc=”A visual weather app to display any locations current or projected weather forecast.” back_bgcolor=”#dddddd”]
[cl-flipbox front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”207913″ front_icon_image_width=”70″ front_title=”Calendar” front_title_size=”25″ front_desc=”$5 / Month” back_title=”Google Calendar” back_desc=”Play a Google Calendar that automates events to the current day, week, or month.” back_bgcolor=”#dddddd”]
[cl-flipbox front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”207874″ front_icon_image_width=”70″ front_title=”QR Code” front_title_size=”25″ front_desc=”$5 / Month” back_title=”QR Code” back_desc=”Generates QR images you can display in your digital sign for viewers to scan” back_bgcolor=”#dddddd”]
[cl-flipbox front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”207868″ front_icon_image_width=”70″ front_title=”Gallery View” front_title_size=”25″ front_desc=”$5 / Month” back_title=”Gallery View” back_desc=”An interactive slideshow with thumbnail previews below for easy touch navigation” back_bgcolor=”#dddddd”]
[cl-flipbox front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”207867″ front_icon_image_width=”70″ front_title=”Webcam” front_title_size=”25″ front_desc=”$10 / Month” back_title=”Webcam” back_desc=”Allows webcams to play on your digital sign through the camera’s specific URL address.” back_bgcolor=”#dddddd”]
[cl-flipbox front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”207217″ front_icon_image_width=”70″ front_title=”List-eez” front_title_size=”25″ front_desc=”$20 / Month” back_title=”List-eez” back_desc=”Displays spreadsheet data into viewable lists of columns and pages with navigation” back_bgcolor=”#dddddd”]



Powerful yet Affordable.

Google Chrome Devices will run your screens.

AOpen Chromebox Mini

Recommend for touchscreens and high performance digital signage displays. Arreya requires all Chrome Devices to include Chrome Enterprise Single App Kiosk Management License from Google.



The Arreya difference.

Here’s what’s driving customers to Arreya Digital Signage.

Real Design Software


Effortless Deployment


Time Saving Automation


Outstanding Support


• A full usage Arreya account
• No software to download or hardware to purchase
• Design signage features like a paying customer
• Ability to display content on screens
• No credit card needed