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Hot pink background with an overlayed pattern of witch hats, pumpkins, bats, lightning bolts, stars, and dots. Illustrated spooky objects make letters that read 'Halloween' in the center of the image. Zombie bones make the 'H' and 'N'. Witch hat 'A', candle 'L's, moon 'O', bat 'W', and pumpkin 'E's. Two white spider webs flank black letters in a shaky font spell trick or treat.

Background Videos

Daylight Savings November 6
Veterans Day November 11
Black Friday November 25


A photo of a wooden table clock with a white face and black numbers and hands sits on the left edge of a table. Two hand are touching the clock and moving the hands. The rest of the persons body is cut out of the image frame on the right side. On the left side of the image reads 'Daylight Savings This Sunday' in black serif letters.
Bright, solid, pink background. The top left says 'Don't Forget!' in white, script letters. Below in dark magenta, bold sans letters reads 'Daylight Savings'. Below that in smaller letters says 'ends this Sunday 11/05'. On the right side of the image is an illustration of a clock, a paper calendar, and a small women pointing at the calendar.
A solid white background with a pencil, watercolor illustration on the right side of the image is a red alarm clock. 'Don't Forget' in small white letters on a faint red rectangle is above gray serif letters reading 'Daylight Savings' on the center left of the image.
A white background with five illustrated test tubes horizontally fill the image. The test tubes each have a different color of liquid in them. In order the colors of the test tube liquids are; orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. In large, all caps, black, italic, sans letters outlined on white are in the center of the image. It reads 'National Steam Day Nov. 8th'.
The top and bottom of the image are horizontal stripes of gold/yellow. A solid white rectangle fills the center. In the white 'National' is written in bold, black, all caps, sans font at the top left. In the opposite bottom right corner in the same letters reads 'Day'. The center of the white there is large rainbow, letters reading 'STEAM' filling the entire area. Each letter has a different pattern. In order the patterns are; test tubes, gears, electrical board, paint swirls, and math problems.
The American blue background with five stars in white creating pattern. A solid white vector of the American flag is overtop and fills the center of the image. 'Happy Veterans Day!' in bold, red, sans, all caps, italic letters with a white outline sits on top and centered of everything in the image.
A distressed illustrated, gradient, watercolor illustration of the American flag waving fills the image. White, italic sans letters with a drop shadow reads 'Veterans Day' are in the center of the image.
On a black background a vintage paper stamp has 'USA' printed on it. The USA letters are filled with the pattern of the American flag, and are distressed. Over the top of the stamp, in the center of the image, white distressed, all caps, sans letters say 'Thank You Veterans'.
Drawings of pencils line the bottom of the image. The pencils are outlined in gray and are filled in with alternating shades of gold, orange, and yellow. At the top of the image in a orange, chalky, decorative font says 'National Education Week'. Below in the same font, but in gray and smaller reads 'November 13th–17th'.
Four illustrated children in various colors hold a blue banner. Their legs are not showing. In a sans font the banner reads 'National Education Week' in blue and 'November 13–17' below in purple. The background is solid white.
A white table fills most of the image, with a bright, light green wall in the background. Spread across the table are slices of round, ribbed pickles and dill seasoning. Various jars of pickles sit on the table in the tip right corner of the image. 'National Pickle Day November 14th' in dark green, rounded sans, decorative letters reads in the center of the picture.
An illustrated image of a jar of pickles sits on a wooden kitchen table. To the right of the pickle jar in white sans letters outlined in a white line drop shadow reads 'National Pickle Day'. Smaller letters of the same font without the lines below and left says 'Nove. 14'.
A close up photo of orange fall leaves. Brown cursive letters in the center of the image says 'Happy Thanksgiving'.
Orange, brown, and light green watercolor branches of leaves create a pattern in the white background of the image. In the center of the image there is a solid white rectangle with a faint outline. Five brighter orange watercolor fall leaves are horizontally across the top of the white rectangle. Below the leaves in dark orange, cursive letters reads 'Happy Thanksgiving'. At the left bottom corner of the white rectangle is an watercolor illustration of a pumpkin, an acorn, a candlestick, and a metal lantern with fairy lights in it. At the bottom right corner of the rectangle there is a watercolor illustration of a cooked turkey plated with greenery around it.
A pattern of illustrated dark and light orange fall leaves fill the beige background. An ornamental shape outlined in orange, black and brown lines sits in the exact center of the image. The center of the ornamental shape is cream. There is no words in the image.
A birds eye photo of a dusty black table top with gourds, nuts, and fall leaves fill the edges. The center of the image there are no object on the table top.
Light pink background with rainbow confetti on the bottom. A white paper bag in the center of the image reads 'Black Friday' in all caps, black, sans letters. Two black balloons attach the either top corner of the paper bag with black ribbons.
A bright pink, red background with six navy, horizontal stripes across the center of the image. Cloud shapes of various opacities in the same color as the background overlap parts of the stripes. In the center a pentagon reads Black Friday Sale in cut out letter shapes. The pentagon's center is navy with a white, yellow, and various reds as a border.
In red, swirling, all caps, serif letters at the top right of the image says 'Small Business Saturday'. In the same red the bottom right of the image sits illustrations of three gift boxes. From left to right the gift boxes get bigger.
An image of a small, wood framed, chalkboard sits on a window frame. In white chalk in various styles of decorative handwriting, writes 'Thank You for shopping Local'.
A solid black background. Filling the center of the image white chalk writes 'SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES'.
A solid, dusty blue background. White rounded bubble letters read Cyber Monday in the top center. Below in the same letters, but in a peach box reads 'SALE' in all caps. In the bottom right corner there is an illustration on a large laptop with a shoe and purse on display, a woman standing holding her credit card, a clothing rack, and a potted plant.
A solid black background. White letters, centered aligned in a scrolling serif font says 'Thank You for Shopping With us!' Below in a smaller serif letters says '(online)'.
Silhouette illustration of different styles of beards and mustaches line the top and bottom of the image horizontally. The facial hair styles are in a navy blue. The background is a dusty, light, blue color. Letters that are the same navy blue as the beards and mustaches cross the center of the image in curvy, round font outlined in white. It reads 'No Shave November'.
An image of a white sink with a speckled gray wall. A glass bottle with a black cap and black letters reads 'After Shave' and other smaller words. A wooden handled shaving brush sits to the left of the after shave. To the right of the glass bottle is the silver, sink faucet running a small stream of water. At the top of the image reads' No Shave November' in white. serif letters.
A solid, pale, sage green background. 'No Shave November' in brown letters with areas of cream in each letter are in the center left of the image. In the right and illustration of a man's face with hair and a beard blowing in the wind the right. The illustration is outlined in the same brown as the letters. The hair and beard are a muted purple.
A solid, dark, dusty blue background. In the center, slightly to the right reads 'November Native American Heritage Month' in a white serif font. Line art of dandelion seed fluffs in a dark, gold color come from the left side of the image, and blow across the image and around the white letters.
A pale yellow background. Orange, sans serif letters, left justified in the center left of the image read 'November Native American Heritage Month'. An abstract mandala made out of circles and ovals shapes in various sizes fills the left side of the image. The same mandala in five smaller sizes are spread sporadically across the rest of the image, but around the letters. The colors of the mandala are a dark yellow, bright green, and the same orange as the letters.

Animated Gifs

Veterans Day November 11 Arreya Digital Signage Graphic
'Shop Now' in white, serif letters pop and slide across the rectangle gif with the beginning of the word moving first. The background is black and switches to red.
Red rectangle moves up and down vertically from the top if the image. The rectangle has 'SALE' in all caps, bold, white letters stacked vertically. The rest of the gif is white.